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Well, I’m sure that by now all of you here on this great website have begun to act a little strange, spent restless nights tossing and turning, and cursed a little more often than usual. It’s totally normal… Ever since I have had a knowledge of loyalty, I have not met or known anyone as loyal as Laker fans. “I beg to differ!” may yell a Kings fan, or a Spurs fan but I just shrug and prove it. Sure the Kings arena has been known to be the loudest arena in the NBA.

I can’t seem to shake the notion that it’s the aggression that the fans carry from fielding a losing product all these year. Heck, if my team reached the playoffs for so many years, but had absolutely nothing to show for it, I would yell obscenities all game long, and rattle my bell till my hand fell off too. But I digress…

I remember, the first time I actually got into the Lakers, sure I had watched games before then, but never had I felt the tingly sensation I felt when I saw my Lakers determinedly come back from a 16 point deficit, and win a game capped by the infamous alley-oop between our Kobe Bryant and Mr. Shaquille O’Neal. It opened my eyes to Laker basketball, and to its loyal fans. Seeing the game unfold on television and witnessing how fan loyalty and adoration, you might say, played a huge role in switching momentum to our side, ignited an inner fire within me. I haven’t missed a game yet, and that was years ago, and I don’t plan on missing any game anytime soon.

Year after year, the Lakers had fielded a great product, whether it be an entertaining product or a winning product, it didn’t matter. Of course, winning is the most important thing but as a real NBA fan knows winning one championship is easy, but to keep on winning on a consistent basis is the hardest.

Players move on, as well as owners. Teams improve, internally or by trades or free agent signings. However, throughout all these years the Lakers have stayed constant and put forth a great product. So, as you can imagine, these past few years have been a struggle for the fans. We have fielded mediocre teams and have struggled mightily, with the only constant sure thing being Kobe Bryant. It is not that we are bandwagon fans, it’s just that when the fans are used to greatness, mediocrity is a slap in the face. Maybe we’re spoiled, but that’s a good thing and a compliment to the Laker organization. It means that mediocrity has never been accepted nor excused.

These struggles have mired the fans in a hole, a hole where all we hear is idols asking to be traded, dissing their teammates, and salary cap restrictions. For a while I wondered, where are the Lakers? This team that’s here is certainly not the Lakers. The Lakers would never accept this losing. I wondered, is there any hope, any ember still burning enough to light the fire again?

Well, I suddenly found that ember, that light. One night while cursing the Lakers front office, and reading fruitless online rumors, I came across a comment posted on some blog. It mentioned a certain website called GetGarnett.com, and how good it was. Having nothing better to do, I went to the website. Bam!

First thing, I am bombarded with is a nuclear bomb in the form of the now famous, Do Something And Do It Now video. As the short video played, the hairs on my arm stood up. I got chills watching the transitions between Phil Jackson, Steven A. Smith, and finally Kobe Bryant with the finality of his statement. I was left in a state of shock, and that was just the intro to the website. I pressed the Enter button on the bottom of the video and that was it… I was hooked.

Day after day, morning, afternoon and night, my hopes have rested on a simple website. When my hopes for a winning team are dwindling, I go for my fix. I read the rumors, hope and dream for this Laker nation. It might sound silly but I have found the ember that my inner fan fire needed… my fire is burning, and burning good.

Do Something And Do It Now!

  • Fatty

    My first impressions coming to getgarnett.com were the colors. It should not have impressed me, but coming from LATimes it did. AK removed the colors so as not to offend the Laker Haters.

    Immediately, like you said,I felt I was home. A sight not only with proper colors, but a site that actually …gulp…likes the Lakers, and wants the Lakers to improve. …. a site that is devoted to seeing the Lakers that actually honors our players and doesn’t degrade them…A site that has moderators who really love the Lakers, that doesn’t pretend that the Lakers are there team, and then stab them in the back as often as they can….a site that promotes good Laker debate, not a Jerry Springer mentallity that relishes in hatred for profit….a site that has scruples, a lost value on the LATimes “So-Called” Laker Blog,

    Thanks for the blog Daniel. It reminded me of the privilege we have as contributors on Getgarnett.com Keep up the good, no great work, guys. The Lakers and there fans owe you a great gift of thanks for all the hard work you do.

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  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Great read Daniel!

    And thanks Fatty! We really do try our best to keep the site top notch both with the content we put up and with the graphics we worked hard on. I love the vibe on the site because it screams Lakers. I want people who visit to instantly know who we represent. We do our best to put up anything we feel effects our team and love to have the members contribute with their own articles. The site was built in a day. As soon as I got on the phone with LD2k and Nugget we came up with the entire structure of the site and how it was going to work out… from the into video to the blog. We all share the same passion here. I’m thrilled that a site which I thought of out of pure frustration turned into such a positive. For that I can thank the rest of the staff, contributers, and members.

    Again, thanks for the kind words guys… we truly appreciate it.

  • lakerbob

    I like all other Laker fans find this site to be comforting. We all want to see our team get better and adore the players that we might like. It is nice to be at a place where bashing our team or players does not happen. It is a healthy place for our sanity. Maybe all these good things will lead to some kind of news that we can get our teeth into. Right now is killing me like I’m sure it is the rest of you. I feel like I’m in a dry hole. Keep dribbling those water drops until something major happens. I need a fix bad.

  • Ignard

    I’ve been a Lakers fan since i was 9, i’m 36 now, this is nothing compared to what we went through from ’91-’95, those Randy Pfund years. We’ve got a good team, some how some way someone needs to get these cats some hearts, take ‘em to see the wizard or something.

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  • LakersFirst

    [quote comment=”8198″]I’ve been a Lakers fan since i was 9, i’m 36 now, this is nothing compared to what we went through from ’91-’95, those Randy Pfund years. We’ve got a good team, some how some way someone needs to get these cats some hearts, take ‘em to see the wizard or something.[/quote]

    Awww yes, the Randy Phfund years!!! Ignard is absolutely correct, the Laker squad now isn’t nearly as bad as those years when we cheered for players such as Sedale Threat, Cedric Ceballos, Elden Campbell, and even players such as Lloyd Daniels (if you true Laker fans remember Lloyd Daniels, then you are truly a hardcore Laker fan and I’ll be you a beer).

    I am 29 and I remember those treacherous years. Be thankful kiddies that you didn’t go through those terrible years.

  • Lakerboy248

    Ignard is right. Our team can possibly be a 4th-5th seed in the west and do some damage. However, I just think that Laker fans(including me) are in fear of losing Kobe, which amplifies our needs to win a championship right away. Whether its KB and KG, KB,LO,and JO, or KB and Pau, we want to WIN NOW. But this whole KG thing is getting us down! Who cares if we don’t get KG, Just do something to get a championship. Like Ignard said 91-95 was a WORSE situation than this. If the Laker fans got through that, I’m sure us Laker fans can get through this with hope, prayer, and patience. I can feel something just waiting to happen. Now lets just wait and hope for the BEST.


  • chunchun

    vote 4 kobe on espns whos now july 20

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Fred A.

    I like this artical it is so true.
    When I first saw this site, it made me feel good to give me hope that KG was comeing to L.A. Then I saw the video. I was almost crying. The video sound and as Kobe, Phil, and Steven A. was talking it was powerful. It was so powerful
    it felt like the whole world was falling apart for my team
    known as the LAKERS. Then I press enter at the bottom of the screen and saw articals and commets. Then it took a little bit stress away from, cause I know I am not in this situation alone!!!!!!
    But anyway I would love to get JO with out giving up Odom that will be nice. The reason why is that Minny’s GM’s are so wishy washy, stupid, and igorant with KG.

  • Brett

    Pretty neato. Yay!

  • http://gmail.com Mark Caseas

    Thanx Fatty and Daniel,
    I love you guys!! You guys are the thing that makes my penis stand up. Fatty make a trade-o-meter for Raef LaFrentz. He is a good center, or at least better than Kwame. We need depth at center baby.
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • http://gmail.com Pedro La Pacas

    Yes we need to forget about getting Garnett and JO. We need to explore the idea of getting Artest. Just listen to this lineup…

    PG – Fisher/Crittenton
    SG – Bryant/Evans/Vujacic
    SF – Artest/Walton/Thomas
    PF – Odom/Turiaf/Cook
    C – Bynum/Mihm

    Trade – Farmar/Brown/Radmanovic for Artest/Thomas

    Signs – Fisher & Mihm

    This lineup would be much better because defense wins championships, and Artest is a great defensive player and is a 20 point scorer. Plus we get rid of Kwame’s Contract & VladRad’s big contract and we can sign other Free Agents/Mihm.

  • nyla

    Nice article.

    I found the LA Times’ blog last year and loved it. You could talk to other fans in the game threads then discuss it the next morning. Unfortunately, its gotten infected with the KL’s of the world, and I can hardly stand going over there anymore. Thankfully, though, you guys made this blog and made visiting a blog enjoyable again.

  • http://LOL ZACK


  • Rpoc

    Heart AND Talent

    Being sane would be a bonus.

  • Cyrus

    Like Fatty, I am an immigrant from LA-Time Lakers’ blog as well. I never felt the true spirit of Lakers’ fan nor did I feel welcomed there. I wasn’t “enlightened”overnight or instantly at GetGarnett; it was a graduate transfer. Reading the topics and comments, I felt the unconditional care for our beloved Lakers, exhibited by the Blog Masters and almost all members. It isn’t just about getting Garnett, this site is about Lakers, and Lakers are much bigger than any single player. Garnett or no Garnett, this is Home-Sweet-Home for all true Lakers’ fans.

    I have been a Lakers’ fan for over 25 years, I remember the glorious days of Magic and Kareem, I also remember that Black Thursday (Nov.7.1991) when Magic announced his retirement due to HIV infection. Those fans who are old enough to remember that, would know how I felt. I stood by my team for over a quarter of century, through thin and thick, win or loose. We didn’t have internet and blogs those days to share our feelings and thoughts.

    My affection for Lakers is very precious to me and I don’t let some faceless haters hurt it. Surely, haters find their way here too, but thank to our alert webmasters they get shot down before they can cause any harm. And that’s what I like most about this place; they don’t hesitate to kick out disturbed visitors who mostly have personal issues or are from competing teams like Suns.

    I have trusted the GetGarnett.com with my deep love for the Lakers and I feel good about it. I know I am among the fans like myself; Young and old, black and white, locals or from other cities, we all have one thing in common; we all are true Larker’s fans and we call a place called GetGarnett.com home to our affections, worries, ideas and many happy days ahead of us.


  • http://www.getgarnett.com Fred A.

    Odom is not big enough for the PF position.
    But we should get Artest and make this deal
    To Kings:
    Lakers first Rounder 2008

    To T’wolves:
    Lakers first rounder 2009

    To us:

    Then trade (S. Williams/Mckie) for (S. Blake/Boykens)

    This sounds great!!!!!
    Bryant/Evans/S. Blake

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!

  • Conor

    Hell yeah. Lakers Nation Is nothing more than a big family!

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Fred A.

    I forgot Sasha.
    Change S. Blake for Sasha
    Then change this trade for(S. Williams/Mckie) for (S. Blake/Boykens) into a trade Mckie for Boykens.
    Add to that I think I solve this puzzle!!!!!!!

  • Cyrus

    Fred A.

    Shammond Williams and Aaron McKie are NO longer members of the Laker’s team.

    Try ESPN trade machine at:
    It has been updated to 07-08 salaries recently, have fun.

  • KEEPbynum

    someone should post something about kg being in LA tonight. he was at a tennis tournament where james blake was playing. a sign or just coincidence?

  • Cyrus


    KG has a house in Malibu and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been seen in some event.
    Anyway, where did you hear that?

  • Rpoc

    Yes it’s a sign…. that he’s on vacation.

  • steve

    Thankyou to all the staff at getgarnett.com..Every morning the first site i visit is getgarnett,after reading everyones posts then i visit the rest.Keep up the good work..you are miles ahead of the rest..go lakers

  • KEEPbynum

    true. i forgot about his house hahaha. damn. now i feel pretty stupid. but ya. cbs news. jim hill was talking about it

  • kgmvp

    Just getJO and somebody from the pacers then will just have to keep JO healthy will be good if JO is healthy

  • Lakernut

    Hell yeah thats been the best Read ive seen here in a while Daniel! Dude If GetGarnett.com was a hot chick I would bone the S#it out of her!lol.GetGarnett.com id more addictive then myspace

  • G_Man

    Remember People the Blog Masters at the Times are from St. Louis. (and ESPN….YUCK) They have no connection with the Lakers whatsoever, other than being hired by that stupid newspaper to run thier blog.


    I found out while I was at work about Magic and cried my eyes while listening to the radio while driving home that evening. This team has had my heart for over 27 years now. And thanks to Kcal and Fox Sports, Ive been extremely happy to have seen just about every game they have played over the last 10 to 15 years. Before that it was all Chickie Baby. I Really miss that man. Hes the one that got me so into the Lakers. His love for this team is what made me a True Laker Fan. So many memories its crazy.

  • TheMagicMan32

    i like the new simpsons heading

  • http://getgarnett.com sugar

    we are ‘LAKER’ ‘NATION’ there aint nothing like it!! can i get a ”WHAT’ ‘WHAT!!

  • THeGreatOnekb&kg

    LAKERSNATION stands on top alone when it comes to loyalty. No matter What happen, even if we dont get different players, we well be screaming loud “Lakers, Lakers, Lakers” at every home game. WE R The BEST!!!

  • laker2421

    Nice read. Thank you to the GETGARNETT staff this truly is the best Lakers website.