Ball Don’t Lie: They’re not dead yet, San Antonio could win three straight to take the series and while I would be surprised, I wouldn’t be shocked. Let’s face facts, though: the Spurs are more or less finished.

That part, though we picked the Lakers to win and know exactly why the team has San Antonio in a 3-1 hole, still seems a little shocking. Knowing the game and understanding the science is one thing, but it’s still a weird sight to see Mike Tyson on the canvas, eight seconds into a ten count.

We’ll get into the particulars of the game later, hopefully a few hours away from the thought of the refereeing vicissitudes has mellowed your edge just a little, but for now we should remind ourselves of why, exactly, these Spurs are on the ropes.

(Can you believe we’re heaping this much reverence and working under these sorts of conditions regarding a team that has won exactly one NBA championship in a row? Yes, Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich have established a Spurs dynasty – of sorts, and I’ve no interest in getting into what exactly makes and doesn’t make a dynasty – but this isn’t some team wrapping up the tail end of a three-peat. That’s says more about the Spurs than us, I think, that they’ve earned that sort of respect.)

The Spurs, as presently constructed, are getting so little, from so many. From the bigs to the bench to Manu Ginobili at times and Tony Parker in relation to what he usually does against teams with point guards on the wrong side of 32 (no 30-point games for Tony, ‘ere), the team is living off of its defense, Tim Duncan, and scraps.

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  • Billy Kupchak

    The Spurs are D-O-N-E! :D