Just like Ron Artest, it seems like B. Diddy also wants to be part of the Purple & Gold since his already interviewing for the job. Do it, Mitch! ;-)

  • magicbalala245

    Alright you guys posted up my video that i found on the net

  • Lakers 24 7

    PG – Baron Davis
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Ron Artest
    PF- Pau Gasol
    C – Andrew Bynum


  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    i liked more the ron artest interview, and i prefer artest to come to this team, we are good at the point guard position…

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD

    no need for baron. he’s a great player no doubt, but too expensive, even if he takes a pay cut. and plus lakers are fine at PG with fish and farmar and next year sun yue. now lets focus on getting that championship NOW!

  • http://lakers.com lakers8181

    PG – Baron Davis
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Ron Artest
    PF- Pau Gasol
    C – Andrew Bynum

    BARON DAVIS COME TO LA!!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.


    That is the way I see it?

  • LakerFan24

    Why fix what is not broken? The lineup consisting of Fish, KB24, Odom, Gasol, and Bynum is obviously and arguably the best lineup in the NBA today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Why load a roster with so much talent that can obviously break the mix of good things. Look at the Denver Nuggets for example…they are loaded with talent and defenses presences, but yet can not find their way out of the first round of the playoffs. Let us all take a look back at the 2004 Laker lineup…Payton, Fisher, Bryant,Malone, and Oneal. That was considered the team to beat and blow away the NBA Finals…and what happened…4-1 is what happened, to a team as mediocre and balanced as can be. Adding Artest and Davis would push this team in a different direction, and not the direction Kobe wants to go in. This team works and seems to be better than any other Laker team in this decade. Again; WHY REPAIR OR FIX WHAT IS NOT BROKEN. Keep this lineup as long as possible and ride the purple and gold wave. Go Lake Show. Beat the Celtics!!

  • http://forum.philboxing.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=85408&st=0&sk=t&sd=a jimbraddock

    Cant be stopppp!!!

  • xtro

    We need toughness and defense. A-R-T-E-S-T.

  • Michael_23

    Baron is a better skilled player than D Fish. But I feel D. Fish’s leadership and professionalism is more important than Baron’s skills. Talent alone doesn’t win championships as we saw in 04. We are good in every position come next year esp when Drew gets back.


    I don’t care who we get in the offseaon whether B.Davis,Pietrus,Artest,TJ Ford(he’ll be traded),etc.ALL I care about RIGHT NOW……IS GETTIN’THAT ‘CHIP BACK TO LA,NOW!!!

    TONIGHTISTHENIGHT.com,My fellow Lakernation-ites…are u ready….I said are u ready………….ARE U READYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,HELL YEAH!!!

  • mikedeezy2k8

    Nah baron gonna go to the knicks

  • ricky

    all this talk about baron davis or ron artest joinging the team is nonsense. 1st reason is that it will overload the team so much so, that it wouldn’t be fair. it would be like watching an all-star team vs a regular team which too me is just asking for too much. 2nd reason, how would the team be able to afford such players. sure…they can take a paycut, but how much? other than winning, very good players are also interested in making as much money possible, thats part of the business.

    if the lakers want to improve the roster, instead of making all these crazy trade proposals for top notch players, i say the team just stick to free agency, signing veteran players, and look to acquire good solid role players. solid role players are what makes a team in my opinion, other than the superstar(s) of course. guys like trevor ariza, luke walton, jordan farmar, sasha vujacic, ronny turiaf, etc… we need more of those type of players more than we need a ron artest or baron davis. we already have the MVP kobe, gasol, odom, and bynum.

    the team should focus on getting guys like corey maggette if he opts out from the clippers or other players who aren’t superstars but are very good players in their own rights. these players can sustain a team while the superstar(s) take a break and they can also take charge because they are still good players themselves being stars for their previous team.

    lakers should get corey maggette if he becomes available, the guy can score, force his way to the foul line, slash to the basket, and play solid defense. he can backup either SG or SF. he’s not a superstar, but he’s not just another role player either, he is a very good starter and thats what the lakers can look to add to deepen the team. and plus, he’s not as expensive as the other guys but performs just as well in my opinion. we can also use another PF but im not sure who is available at the time. all the team really needs now is another SG/SF and a PF.


    Hey ricky,thanks for reminding me about Maggette,I knew I forgot somebody.I’ve been talkin’ about getting Pietrus for so long.

    PARTYINLA.com,Mitch will make sure where in the same position next year NO MATTER WHO HE PICKS!!!

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/2008/06/04/baron-davis-interviews-kobe-bryant/ abukar

    ge baron davies


    What a better story than this one:

    Baron Davis comes back to Los Angeles, the city where he was born, to play for the Lakers. Loved by Los Angeles sports fans when he led the UCLA Bruins, he takes the PG spot for the Lakers, with Derek Fisher as his backup. The Lakers win 4-5 Championships in a row. #5 retired in the rafters of Staples Center next to #24…

    Call up Kobe, I’m sure he’ll want to do anything to get you after the severe beating he took by the Celtics.

    Lakers in 2009!!!

    Mitch…. DO IT!!! Stop being a pansy and make this move. You will be looked upon as a genius for YEARS instead of the guy who couldn’t put together that one final piece and Kobe never won another championship because of you…