Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski is the first to report that Matt Barnes has reached a 2-year agreement with the Lakers. Welcome to L.A. – just remember, Kobe didn’t flinch.

Yahoo!: Free-agent forward Matt Barnes has reached agreement on a two-year, $3.6 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Lakers expect to receive a signed contract on Thursday night. The deal will pay him $1.7 million next season and give him a player option for $1.9 million in 2011-12.

The Cleveland Cavaliers had guaranteed $7 million over two years with a team option for a third season, but Barnes wanted more guaranteed money to sign with a non-championship contender. Cleveland refused to improve its offer and ultimately was willing to let Barnes go to a lower bidder.

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  • Junya10

    Yes best offseason!

    • Junya10

      I really won’t believe it until I see him at the press conference!

      • hehatemealot

        The Heat have nothing on Lakers. Bring it Bitches!

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    I hate Barnes as a person but I have to say he is a pain in the court. If Kobe agrees with him coming then it’s all good. Bring him and let’s kick @ss!

  • Frelsi_Brazil

    Bring the 17th!

  • richtown

    Artest and barnes on the same team …..omg

    The rest of the nba’s booty cheeks just clinched up. Not even denver would want to piss these dudes off

  • Sal jimenez

    We got this go lakers

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Team completed offseason went well. Bring it on Miami!

  • Heber

    Now, do we still bring back shannon brown? I dont think the lakers will want to pay more than 2 million to bring him back.

    • Team_ME

      Well we do need another guard I say bring back Shannon we do need a dunker.

  • letsgolakers

    Hell YA!! I am happpppy! I know Miami just said, OH SNAP!!!

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Fu-ck Miami,
    I doubt they will make the finals. The East will not bow to the 3 stooges.
    I think Orlando will make the finals next season. Just a hunch. Specially if they are able to land CP3.

    • enrique

      there have been rumors about shaq goin 2 atlanta, the hawks have been contenders but have come short due to lack of size, well, shaq will slve that problem, i could see it being lakers hawks in the finals

  • Heber

    From Matt Barnes……
    “Its official I AM A LOS ANGLES LAKER. I wanna thank u for all ur patients and understanding. This is a dream come true!!! Good lookn Kobe
    10 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ”

    Welcome to LA!!!!

    • Lakers_The_Truth

      If Barnes wrote that on Twitter he must go back to School immediately. LOL

      • Heber

        HAHA I know right!

    • wowlakers

      English 101

    • Ronin99

      If you click on his Twitter link, it still has the Magic wallpaper. I am sure it will change to the Purple and Gold…lol! Another enforcer on the Lakers next to Ron-Ron. NBA…be afraid…be very afraid… The Heat better get some vasoline…be ready to assume the position…because they are ready to be fucked “Laker” style!!! Awesome and Mitch for President.

    • Laker101

      I didnt know he was a doctor, who here sent him patients?

  • lakers0828

    Well Now I believe He will be a Laker this will be good for the Laker definitly.

    • PRLaker

      this is being a great off season, i think everybody over reacted to what miami did, think about it, we have an advatage over them at the point with fisher and blake, kobe can kick d wade’s ass any day of the week. Ron, i wont say he’s better than princess james but will make his life a living hell, expecially now that we signed barnes.
      Pau is a better player than bosh and drew is better than any of their centers, and our bench is definetly better than theirs, i smeel 3-peat!!!!

      • PRLaker

        uhh, i smell 3-peat not smeel, my bad

  • KOBE_24

    Excellent move. AMAZING OFF SEASON mitch. We upgraded defensively. Picked up some vetrans and we will look forward to winning again!

  • kisofdeath

    tho i liked trevor and shannon as players. barnes and artest had the right mindset. not about money

    trevor wanted more, got screwed.
    shannon opted out wanted more money, likely to get screwed as well.


      good move mitch i say we let shannon go like i said we needed to get rid of our whole bench accept Lamar.

      • Laker101

        Now if we could figure out how to ship Sasha and Walton to Pluto…possibly on the same spaceship

        • reader

          lmao that was funny

  • rizzo

    Mitch Kupchak for President!

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    TLN this new background is cool but is screwing up big time on Safari. Fix this sh-t

  • #1lakersfan

    I told ya he was gonna be in a lakers uniform next season. If ya don’t believe me read my last bloq, its all there .

  • eboK

    Lets go LAKERS….

  • DCLakeshow

    Great Job Mitch. I like this pickup. I just hope that he leaves all of that, “Twitter drama” with Shaqs ex wife behind him.

  • Popcorn

    I almost don’t believe it. Wow this is crazy. Welcome Matt Barnes to the Los Angeles Lakers. Go Lakers go.

  • tradesasha

    welcome to the lakeshow matt barnes. Kobe will get a ring for you just as he did for artest..!!

  • Drake Ramoray

    Welcome to LA prick! Just remember to kiss Kobe’s shoes before you walk in the locker room. Happy that you signed though because as a bballer, you all right in my book. Bye Shannon Fucken Brown. I hate you and I’m glad to see your no talent ass gone. Just say thank you and leave quietly because you won two rings playing for the Lakers.

    Great offseason, the last act I would like to see Mitch pull off is offering Sasha + 2nd round pick to Hornets for James Posey to be Kobe’s backup. The Lakers will be set for next year with Caracter and Ebanks filliing out the last two roster spots.

    PG – Fisher / Blake
    SG – Kobe / Posey
    SF – Artest / Barnes
    PF – Gasol / Odom
    C – Bynum / Ratliff

    Walton, Caracter, Ebanks……..!

    • Victor

      Honestly, I think Mitch should go after Okafor with Sasha and Luke….the salary matches up and the Hornets wants to get rid of that contract… Luke will be a saving for the Hornets if he retires.

      • sergio

        Powell and Mbenga aren’t coming back- Powell is heading to Atlanta to back up Josh Smith.

        With Bynum+Pau and Ratliff+Lamar, and evenutally Caracter backing the bigs up, the frontline is set.

        But the last move the Lakers MUST make, is resigning Shannon Brown. Artest/Barnes/Walton/Ebanks’s skills sets dont allow any of them to play many minutes at the guard positions and power forward position, mainly because of Artest’s need to guard opposing teams star player (usually a shooting guard/small forward), Barnes inconsistencies in 3pt range, Walton’s lack of defense, and Ebanks inexperience.

        This means that the only guards will be Fisher/Blake and Kobe/Sasha. We need to sign Shannon because Fisher (37 yr old) and Blake (30 yr old) may not be able to defend the young point guards in the league. It is also a priority to cut Kobe’s minutes next year. Therefore, there is a need for an explosive COMBO guard with huge potential on the defensive end, to back up Kobe and keep up with point guards that burn Fisher/Blake. Sasha is great but he is too inconsistent to be a solid back up to Kobe.

        Onto of all of this, without Shannon, the most athletic players on the roster (excluding the rookies) are Kobe and Barnes. Both are 30+ in age, therefore the Lakers are in desperate need of Shannon’s freak athleticism.

  • Touch ME

    Somebody touch me I am so excited geat pick up for a great price unlike Raja Bell, Barnes wants a ring. Glad things wroked out.

    • Lakerland_Nostradamus

      Fu-ck you hater!

      • Schism

        You need a hug, Big Boy!!

      • Touch ME

        You dont have an underscore in your name nice try poser

      • HATER

        I’m HATER so what’s the problem. HAHAHA

        • HATER

          Once again it’s on in Lakers Nation. Can you say 1,2,3-PEAT!!

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      what r u talking about?
      barnes was about to sign w raptors because of money just like bell
      fortunately the deal had cap problems
      get your facts straight bro
      they all follow money
      as i and you would too


      Sorry… I think that I’ll be TOUCHING_MYSELF!

  • nick

    I LOVE IT! Barnes might have to get a hold of RON RONS Dr. THIS SHIT IS GOING TO GET CRAZY! BRING ON THE HEAT !!!!!

  • Jase

    Matt Posted on Twitter 45 min ago – “Its official I AM A LOS ANGLES LAKER. I wanna thank u for all ur patients and understanding. This is a dream come true!!! Good lookn Kobe
    43 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ”

    Looks like Kobe hooked it up!!

    – LakeShow4Life

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    What a great day for Laker Nation! It’s about to go down next season. I can’t wait! Let’s GO!!!!!!

  • Sasha4Lvp

    yea! lakers are having a great offseason. we got a pg, a forward and a center. well done…well done.

  • #1lakersfan

    The deal is sign, welcome to the best team in the nba, the godfathers of basketball the real kings, the los angeles Lakers…. sooo wooo

    • PRLaker

      the lakers are the best team in sports period.

  • D-Fish on the wing

    Could someone explain to me how he’s a good pickup?
    I checked a few of his stats…he doesn’t look too convincing..

    • Sasha4Lvp

      Defense, above average 3 pt shooter, athletic. u need more?

      • Miggs

        Shannon, although he is flashy, his basketball IQ is not as good as Barnes. Not only bball IQ but playing D as well.

        Great upgrade for the bench. Our whole bench just got better with these 2 pick-ups today. WELL DONE!!

    • enrique

      stats dont say much

      • D-Fish on the wing

        Thanks for the input…I just haven’t seen too many Magic games, didn’t know too much. Aren’t that many highlights of him on Youtube, (just the ones of him trying to make Kobe flinch, hahaha) so all you can really do is look at stats if you were in my position.

        I’m looking forward to seeing him in a Lakers uniform. The more scrappy defenders, the better.

  • #17 put it in the books

    The Lake show without a doubt is the best defensive team in the NBA…..
    The new bench mob is killer. Forget all that CP3 stuff we don’t need him were good to go.

  • 242LakerFan

    Another scrappy defender with a warrior mentality in a Laker uni. This signing plus getting Ratliffe as the third C and those rookies make this off-season a huge success!
    Kam Pashai tweeted the best line earlier. “If you can’t flinch ‘em, join ‘em!”

  • http://lakers gwforum

    hell yeah!! now a 3-peat is automatic!! LAKERS BABY!! fucc boston,orlando,miami,& anybody in tha west! BOW DOWN 2 tha LAKE SHOW… WEEEST SIIIDE!!!

  • lakerfan106

    Wow !!! I can’t not believe this
    PG Fisher
    SG Kobe
    SF Ron Ron
    PF Pau
    C Big Bynum

    PG Blake
    SG/SF Barnes
    SF Ebanks
    PF Lamar
    PF/C Character
    C Ratliff


    • NBAmazingKB24

      lol im really starting to feel sorry for
      Luke and Sasha…
      its like they don’t exist
      lol damn.

  • rickermeter

    our bench (with bynum) is probably a starting lineup in the nba lol!

    • PRLaker

      not only that, they coul probably win 40 plus games on the east and make the playoffs

  • 242LakerFan

    Artest via Twitter: Matt has the heart off a lion on steroids wit extra chest hairs and three testicles screaming ” Adrian “!!!!!
    I couldn’t have put it any better. LMAO!!!

    • HATER

      That’s good stuff. Win another ring for the KING. KOBE that is. All others are just pretenders to the thrown. Get Phil’s 4th 3-PEAT

    • KMizzale

      Art just went aggro on his Twitter – DAMN who knew Ron ron became a pulitzer caliber writer on twitter lol. Ron is like the Ric Flair version athlete of twitter.

  • KOBE_MVP_11

    barnes wellcome los angeles LAKERS!

  • Touch ME

    SINCE THE BARNES SIGNING. I have recieved so many hugs except from Lakersland Nostradamus. He always tries to hurt my feelings the 1st chance he gets. No matter how much love I show him he puts me down. But ill love him no matter what. Lakers for life NATION !!! Except when we play bad.

    • HATER

      Don’t be gay. HAHAHA

      • Lakerland_Nostradamus

        hater is right you are a f-a-g!

  • barnes is good

    we have the tattoos to fight denver.

    • NBAmazingKB24

      i was just thinking he looks like he belongs in Denver.

      • 3 Peat Time


  • Schism

    Farmar, Brown, Mbenga, Morrison, and Powell replaced by…. Blake, Barnes, Ratliff, Ebanks, and Caracter.
    Powell ran around in circles for 3mins a game, and Morrison wore a suit. I don’t know if Ebanks and Caracter will turn out much better, but they couldn’t be any worse.
    Ratliff is a definite improvement over Mop-up Mbenga, as he can provide 10-12+ quality back up minutes for Bynum to rest, and let Pau play more PF as he prefers.
    Barnes over Brown is a no brainer…cheaper too!
    Blake is a more consistent PG than Farmar, but I still wish Jordan the best in NJ (btw.. I went to Taft High also, so school pride runs deep)
    Plus Payroll isn’t too much more than last season, so I’m sure even JBuss’s wallet is pleased.
    Good off-season all around… I’ll be looking at some good Laker Defense in 2010-11, and come June!

  • Hunt4Six

    This is official!….Their pics are on the Lakers Official website!….Matt and Theo, welcome to L.A.!…..Welcome to Victory!

  • TeamMorrison

    I really cant wait to see when Barnes, Kobe and Artests are on the court together playing D. Kobe on the point, barnes on the SG and artest on the SF. The sound of that scares me. Bring on the east!

    • enrique

      kobe won’t b playin point, however, i could see this happening

      on offense
      PG Lamar
      SG Kobe
      SF Barnes
      PF Artest
      C Gasol

      on defense
      PG Kobe
      SG Barnes
      SF Artest
      PF Lamar
      C Gasol

      • INGRAM

        Game, Set, Match!!!

        • gameplan

          excuse me lamar on defense? even on offense he’s not worthy to be there!

  • Darth Vader

    Now if we could only dispose of Luke and Sasha

    The circle would be complete

    • Schism

      Sasha can still provide some overpaid minutes during those long road stretches, to give the regulars some needed rest… at least for one more season!
      Luke will look good wearing a suit!

  • Zen and Tonic

    In Mitch we trust.

  • lakers2000

    Wow Mitch, What took you so damn long? LOL. Great off season. I was turned off by Barnes earlier thinking that he was using the Lakers to get more money. I have never been more excited to see some basketball!!! I’ll bet Kobe is chomping at the bit to play with the deapest team he has ever been on. Think about it. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers2000

    Ooops. Besides olympic basketball in reference to deepest team. (I even spelled that wrong I’m so excited. LOL)

  • http://lakers gwforum

    Good shit Mitch!! Welcome 2 L.A!! Matt Barnes& Theo Ratliff!! The offseason is complete. Go Lakers!! Repeat 3-Peat!!



    • LbC Ya562

      I like the sound of that Sasha/Delonte trade!!! I can see that happening! and Cleveland would have a contract off the books after next season…. How long is Delonte’s contract for??

      • tradesasha

        u sure u guys want delonte west on the team? he might mess around with players’ wife and mess up the team’s chemistry…we don’t need that

        • andy2000

          lmao i dont think you want to bring in delonte west. players mom going west.



    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      Yeah Delonte is clutch when he’s open. Do that trade so he can avenge LeBurn and the Miami if we play them in the Finals

      • KRILL

        I would do the trade, since Cleve is so adamant on trading or getting rid of him.. SHIIIID, I ‘d do it! If they want Sasha, West is more clutch- why not?

        • gameplan

          west is a good idea vs, his son james lol!

  • BarcaLakerfan4life

    nobody will be stopping the lakeshow now since the bench has just got even stronger.

  • LbC Ya562

    When I heard he finally signed with L.A. I couldnt help but grin…. Man, Good off season. I think we can do even better next season!!! Bring on the 3 stooges! I mean Big 3….. I can already taste the 3 peat!

  • nick

    So we now have 11 players under contract. We can have 15 with 2 being inactive. Who gets the other 4 Spots???? I hope we get Shannon back! and sign the 2 Rookies. One more spot left for?

  • Westcoast B!tch

    How the fuccc does Barnes get $1.7 mill a year, but yet there’s been all these other bums getting 4 or 5 mill a year and Barnes is a way better player than those dudes. Lakers got a fucccin steal! Finally Kobe can get some fucccin rest during the reg. season!

    • LbC Ya562

      lol exactly!, Sasha needs to get traded, Luke need to retire.

  • 123kid

    omg what a scary @$$ bench. that bench is an easy good enough sub .500 starting line-up.

    -ebanks, caracter, and sasha

    WOW!!!! not only did we just make our bench the strongest bench for this upcoming season, but we also added 2 promising and highly rated rookies for the future. great job laker FO!!!

  • kb24isthebest

    wow i didnt want to get my hopes up like the whole thing with raja and he actually signed wow this is GREAT! but i just hope they keep shannon

  • Bharath Venkat

    While the Lakers will most likely not be in the Chris Paul chase, they have signed important role players to help them next season. I have written an article for my blog ( about the Lakers off season moves. Here is the direct link to my post:
    Feel free to comment on my blog.

  • JAY

    im lovin the roster from top 2 bottom… lets get this 3-peat!

  • highflyer

    if u guys realize these past two championships we have won with little or no bench help and now with this much help… its gonna be so great to watch kobe n pau laugh their ass of as blake is passing the ball to odom dunking-barnes raining threes-and ratliff swatting shots left and right

    • kb24isthebest

      hahah thats so true i mean everybody says our bench is not that good, i mean its good but its not amazing and now it just got 10x better, i couldnt believe it wen i read this, he actually wants to win and doesnt just care about money like bell
      and after bell told kobe hes not coming he tried even harder to get barnes and he did it!!! and i heard hes helping barnes find a new house but anyways this is really good news we just need to be patient next time becuz mitch KNOWS wat hes doing

  • reg

    Matt Barnes :-))

    • NBAmazingKB24

      why do you keep posting this thing!
      GTFO! go advertise somewhere else.

    • damnflip

      puta-ina-mu, stop posting this sh!t. puto

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    FUCK YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Barnes is great, good D good 3points, rough playa
    MItch did it again
    great pick up!
    barnes and theo we are set
    lets go get the 3 peat for PJAX

  • NBAmazingKB24

    Great bench improvement!
    I like our line up so far. Nothing but + from the bench so far.

  • trippleocho

    Well all I can sat is DEFENSE. Lets trade Luke for someone with offense, he ain’t gonna be playing anyway now.

  • John Robertson

    Nice one we are now becoming a total defensive team….

  • daboss1849

    Barnes will backup Kobe and Artest. Sasha and walton will never see the court…

  • Robert.

    I thought Barnes was exceptional ever since he was on the ‘run & gun’ Warriors that beat the Mavs a few years ago (in opening playoffs round, 8th seed).
    This is a perfect pickup, and a perfect situation! Barnes wants to play for a team that will crush the Magic. This is his chance. Also, he can get a couple of rings and be a part of the great Lakers legacy.
    Kobe wanted more ‘D’ on the team, and GOT IT! Barnes is tougher than Bell, so he’s gonna be a menace to other teams.
    We really need a nickname for our new ‘attack dogs’ – Kobe, Ron-Ron, Barnes – a defensive juggernaut.
    And, we NOW have a deep bench. This is our answer to the 3 stooges. They don’t have a chance. Even in a few years, if they start to get role players, it will be hard to stop the current version of the Lakers.
    Can’t wait to see Barnes & Ron-Ron ‘choke’ the Heat!!! BRING IT ON! I’m looking forward to the next 5 years when Kobe & the Lakers break new records, and become the Greatest Player and Greatest Team ever! This is our time. We are fortunate to have this. Thanks, Kup!!!

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      you are little too optimistic
      5 years?
      this team is built to win for the next 2 years (1 for sure, the after pjax one is really tough to vision)
      after that, if heat are not injured, will be their time
      kobe getting old, cant win if kobe stops being kobe
      unless mitch pulls out another miracle

    • Robert.

      Really tired of the ‘Kobe getting old’ talk. Go ask Kobe if he thinks he’s ‘getting old’. This sounds like an ‘espn’ comment.
      Pau getting old? Bynum getting old? I don’t think so.
      With the current roster, and future ‘better’ rosters, the Lakers will be the team to beat for a few years. The plan is to have a stellar team for Kobe’s ‘possibly’ remaining years, and I say at least 5 good years.
      I think Miami is more on the clock. Both LeBron and DWade carried their teams for 7 years, and DWade suffered major injury already. LeBron hurts his pinky, and he’s out a few days. He’s also a ‘football’ style athlete (larger frame), which (as we know in the NFL) doesn’t work for too many years. Also, their style of play will lead to a quicker burn out. They are not built for 1/2 court – their style will be speed, run & gun. That tends to fizzle earlier (see “Phoenix Suns” for reference).
      So, Miami will be ‘peaking’ while the Lakers are still in charge, and then it will be ‘their turn’ after Kobe retires (or, is closer to retirement).
      I’m actually looking forward to the Lakers beating Miami for a few years. It will be an exciting time in the NBA



  • JOSH IN DA 310

    Matt BArnes is going to be interviewed by Jim Rome at 11 am in about 4 minutes..its on AM 570 radio

  • JOSH IN DA 310

    Listen to MAtt Barnes with JIm ROme at 11 am about 4 minutes and listen to what he’s got to say..HURRY
    AM 570 Jim Rome SHOW

    • KRILL

      Im recording it rite NAAOW- Get in the jungle NAW

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      Just heard it. Well come back to L.A. Matt Barnes

  • JOSH IN DA 310

    On JIm ROME Matt said Kobe texted him ” Anyone crazy enough to mess with me is crazy enough to play with me!” Kobe..

    • KRILL

      he said that 1, did it basically he said “it’s on let’s get it cracking”

  • mr.laker

    Love love LOVE this offseason! We shed some major dead weight. But for some reason i would still want shanon back. Is it even a possibility?

  • gus26

    what these moves did was solidify our TEAM… it hasn’t made our bench crazy good or anything like that but it is much improved… the bench has gone from a bunch of “me” first players to guys who know their roles… everyone has a purpose… i don’t see them extending leads but i see them doing something even more realistic and what a bench should do… they can maintain leads and be dependable… how many times did our bench throw a lead away last year and starters had to come back?… too many times… great offseason.. hats off to you mitch… i am in aww

  • http://lakernation gwforum


  • AFRA

    Matt barnes first interview as a laker

  • jbn

    i think this is awesome, LaBrat james guarantees 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 championships in miami and all the hype is happening in miami but everyone seems to forget about the lakers!! LA is quietly having a very good offseason 3 PEAT LaBrat is a bitch : )

  • In LA We Trust. (D UP LA)

    Were good to go guys

  • In LA We Trust. (D UP LA)

    We need one more scorer of our bench, or maybe another Defensive scorer, like Wesley Matthews. He had a big role in the Jazz series, defending Kobe with everything he’s got and a potential buzzer beater too. He also had a good scoring output in that series, so he’s not a bad pic kup for the “Soon-To-Be-3peat-over-3heat”.

    • In LA We Trust. (D UP LA) 3peat over 3heat

      what do you think guys? any violent reactions?

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    This is a good pick up if he can play hard defense.

  • L.Alaker_show

    cant wait to see barnes and artest d sum ppl up

  • jose de jesus

    lets go lakers!!!

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