He is back in the Free Agency market. If he takes a paycut, he’s welcome in LA.

News10: Matt Barnes found out early Tuesday morning his deal with the Toronto Raptors had fallen apart, putting the Sacramento native back on the NBA free agent market.

“I had a deal, I thought I was going to Toronto yesterday but part of the sign and trade fell through,” Barnes told News10’s Bryan May.

Barnes who played with Orlando last year was supposed to have a two-year 10 million dollar deal with the Raptors, but the Magic could not afford the contract to the make the trade happen.

However, the Del Campo High graduate still remains a hot commodity on the free-agent market and is still talking to several clubs.

“Cleveland is in there, Miami, the Lakers, and we are still talking to Toronto so we will see.” said Barnes.

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  • nath

    10 mil over 2 year and his agent mentioned Lakers @@. Well, we won’t see Barnes in Lakers uniform next season.

  • #1lakersfan

    The Lakers are very smart when it comes getting what they need. If the Lakers offer more years and some what more money I have a good feeling the Lakers might actually get Barnes. Barnes will help the Lakers bench a lot next to Odom. Lets work with the Guy and he will be a Lakers guaranteed.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      unfortunately not even 1 chance to get him
      he wants 10 mil for 2 years
      we have 1.8 a year available
      forget barnes
      he ll go to the team that pays $$$$$$$$

      • #1lakersfan

        The Lakers have the money to sign him trust me. I would be shocked if they don’t sign him at this time.

        • daboss1848

          explain . . .

          • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

            He wants sign-and-trade. Technically, we can get him back by offering Shannon Brown a similar contract, and trading Brown for him straight up (given that Magic wants him). This is possible because we still have Brown’s bird rights. We can offer Brown up to 5.8 mil a season.

        • daboss1848

          Jack, i understand the s&t scenario . .. i wanted the #1lakersfan (#0salarycapunderstander) to explain the ridiculous “The Lakers have the money to sign him trust me” statement.

          • http://www.kevinsmoore.com Moorepower310

            i would say that we would have to do a sign and trade. And the trade being Walton who’s salary is close to 5 mil per year.

    • PRLaker

      uhhh, whatever

  • Michael

    MITCH get him now!!!!

    • Odom the worst player

      Would rather have Tracy McGrady

  • http://nba.com John Robertson

    yah me too… im not expecting that they will get Barnes for that kind of money remaining…

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    he’ll end up in cleveland… all they have to offer is about 3 million… toronto and mia can only offer about 1.3 and the lakers have the rest of the MLE about 1.8, mia has no state tax so its about the same money as lakers, while toronto has a higher tax… he’ll be playing in cleveland

  • Popcorn

    If the Lakers apparently can’t get Lin due to $$? I guess it’ll be near to impossible to sing Barnes. WTF happened to machine; that year that the Lakers went to the finals against Celchicks(the first time) he was doing very good but after that he can’t do sh!t. Maybe just maybe he’ll play for another Lakers contract again this coming season.

    Another thing that is dragging the Lakers financially is LW’s contract I can’t believe how long that contract is why? is the question.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      because of game 2 vs the pistons in the finals… he and kobe won that game… he was playing great as a rookie with 4 HOFers on the court around him… mitch got too excited to lock him up long term and figured he might as well lock him up at about 4 to 6 mill a yr rather than let him become a restricted free agent and have to match 10 to 12 mill… at the time it was not that bad of a signing… injuries have really hurt luke’s progression and that contract looks absolutley horrible right now…

      • babak

        dude what are you talkin about? Sasha wasnt on the lakers that year with malone and payton..trippen

        • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

          LUKE WALTON!!… you’re trippin

    • KM

      Lin is a paper chasin kid.. of course he will seek the best deal available. But Matt Barnes? C’mon son.- I mean seriously yo, if he helps the Lakers win a 3-peat, Kobe his 6th, and help Phil retire Matt will have a job in the NBA for a lot of years. The stipulation with the magic was the sign and trade — those could always go wrong- a last second change of heart by the offerer and other things. Seriously the Lakers should offer this cat who can rebound more than Shannon whatever the Lakers offered Shannon + MLE then we can get a vet.. this cat is worth it I checked his stats for the playoffs.

      PPG 6.4
      RPG 4.7
      APG 1.4
      SPG 0.7
      BPG 0.2
      FG% 0.400
      FT% 0.850
      3P% 0.375
      MPG 23.3

      +3″ height advantage which phil loves
      Mitch get this done NAO!!!

      • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

        uuuhhh… the MOST THEY CAN OFFER IS 1 point 8 MILL
        lin grew up in Nor Cal and it was his dream to play for the warriors can’t blame him… and on top of that can’t blame him for “paper chasing” he wasn’t even drafted…
        magic can sign and trade barnes but can only sign him for up to 1.9 million and the raptors promised 4 million… i hear it was his agent who messed up by saying it could be done, but the magic don’t have his bird rights because he only played one season for them…

        • Tony KM

          get off my nuts homie I did say he was paper chasing because of the same reason dummie. OFC he was not going to join the Lakers for the MLE he’s a kid and trying to get PAID. HOlla holla for that DOLLAa


    If the machine breaks out again w/ good numbers this year, I’m going to hate him. I would only offer yearly contracts. As far as Luke, what can I say. He sucks. Ya ya, he has a high basketball i.q., he can pass, he gets the offense moving but so what. For what he gets paid, I’d rather have a stupid i.q. guy, that can’t pass but will EITHER play tremedous defense or offense.

    • nath

      Dude a stupid IQ guy can’t do that, name me 1?

  • Str8 Ballin

    I still dont forget wat he did 2 Kobe!! Get Tracy and Shaq….

    • KM

      Dude, all he did was feign a pass then said he respected his game: SI.com: ” There is also that ineffable something known as will. Earlier this season Orlando’s feisty Matt Barnes was standing close to Bryant when he feigned throwing a ball at Bryant’s face. Bryant never even flinched. “That scared me a little,” Barnes said later. “I mean, that wasn’t even human.””

      He respects Coby.
      He wants to be a Laker-Respects them enough to consider their offer eventhough it’s lowballed more than others.

      • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

        hahahahahah @ barnes quote… honestly when he did that and i saw the replay i was like “damn how the h3ll did he not flinch!!???”…

      • 242LakerFan

        Seriously, man! I had to watch that over and over again and Kobe barely even blinked! That had to scare Barnes! But seriously, how many guys over the years have tried to intimidate Kobe and ended up respecting him because he refuses to back down? He’s warrior! Barnes is a hot head, but he’s one of those guys you only like when he’s on your team. I could deal with that.
        It’s not going to be easy, but if Mitch can pull this one off, I would welcome it.

        • Spectorman818

          i saw that and it scared me a little too. that’s just cold blooded on kobe’s part. he’s almost impossible to intimidate mentally. it really isn’t human.

  • Keith

    I am surprised the Clippers do not go after him. Don’t they have money to offer? I want him on the Lakers, but he wants the most money. He is just using the Lakers to drive up the money he can make. Mitch should pull the offer to him. But what happened with Lin, the big rumor is Golden State is getting him with less than 500k. Why would he want to go there when with the Lakers he can win a ring and get the same money.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      he can’t USE the lakers to drive up his cost… if anything by talking to the lakers he is driving down his cost cuz the most we can offer him is 1.8 if he really wants to get paid he would only talk to teams who have MLE money and cap space… clippers, cavs, NJ, bulls, pistons..

      • KM

        My thinking here is just the fact he is considering contenders [still]. While he was going for the best available offer in the market {reason why he opted out of his deal with the Magic; only for the Magic to acquire Q Rich}. My feeling here is he wants a long term deal or something that evens up with his 2yr/$5M contract ~ I say 3yrs or 4

        • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

          i say offer him a 4 yr deal with a player option after the first yr… and a team option after the 3rd… for 1.8 plus the 8% raises… if it doesn’t work out… he won’t be untradable…

      • Keith

        I know we can offer only 1.8, but he is showing that he has other people interested. He tells Cleveland it will take more than 3 mil a year or he will take 1.8 and play for a contender. Hell he wanted to go to Toronto for 5 mil, he is only about the money, just using us and others to show they have competion

        • Tony KM

          TMAC twittered that some of his options are Clippers.. bulls, heat, lakers and that it could change tomorrow morning “its the NBA lol” as he cited. ~_~

  • Colin Beatt

    S&T Sasha for Barnes?

    • daboss1848

      our only legit shooter for a punk?

      • Jake Gasol

        Sasha? You mean not even one of our 4 top shooters for someone who can shoot as well or better than Sasha and play feisty defense?…. Yes.

  • daboss1848

    Winning is not important for Barnes – money is.
    He chose to go to TOR – this is not a man interested in winning at this point in his career, he is trying to secure his financial future right now.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      don’t think he could pass up 3.5 million more a season at this point in his career, can’t blame him… 1.13 million to get with contender for a year, which he did last year or 4.5 million a year for the next 2 yrs… it was a no brainer bro…
      BTW did a little research IF the lakers signed blake to a contract that has 8.5% raises and is back loaded then they actually have about 2.3 million to spend… if it is flat with no raises though then its 1.8 million…

  • Jhong721

    Ugh.. you would take $8 more too. Barnes needs to get paid.

  • lakerjay

    first off we wont be able to sign him regularly we all know that.and if he wanted to take less money to win he would of sign with us already.and the magic dont have enough money to even sign him which makes a sign and trade impossible.what the lakers need to do is trade bumb 1 and bumb 2 (luke and sasha) for darft picks or cash.then we can go after the players we want.and please offer tmac the vets min to play for us if he say no good.but if he signs great we have nothing to lose.

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    I posted this above, but it’s all squished.
    Barnes wants money. This is possible via sign-and-trade. Technically, we can get him back by offering Shannon Brown a similar contract, and trading Brown for him straight up (given that Magic wants him). This is possible because we still have Brown’s bird rights. We can offer Brown up to 5.8 mil a season. Another scenario is that we can package Walton with draft picks for Barnes via sign-and-trade.

    • tHE ONE!

      i really hope ur right! maybe even add sasha! im tired of these guys! one is always injured and the other one (Sasha) plays like a chicken with his head cut off, he always commits stupid fouls by reaching and is a streaky a** shooter! Barnes is a nasty player on defense! I like the way he got on Kobes face last season! thats what we need! ITS NASTY TIME!!!

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

      If they add Sasha (with Walton), they will be overpaying Barns (close to 10 mil a season). By the way, Sasha played well in the playoffs (aside from the Dragic incident).

      • Toby Bryant

        Well, it’s true Sasha can play D, thats known, but what if you added Barnes + Sasha tandem with Blake running point .. that’s about as sick a defensive bench as I’ve seen

    • kisofdeath

      um you forget their end of the deal….

      the whole reason the Toronto deal was because Orlando couldn’t front the 10 mil for 2 years to SIGN him

      they only could offer him 2 mill, he has no bird rights with them

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Save the money and offer it to Shaq. Ebanks will fill this role just fine.

    • laughoutloud

      get off shaqs nuts man

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Not sure if I like Barnes but if there is a way to ship Luke and Sasha out, I am all for it.

    • Schism

      Luke isn’t going anywhere except maybe a buyout, or a injury cap exemption. Luke is owed $17M over the next 3 years. No team would make a trade for a bench player with chronic back spasms just to eat $$.

  • mr.laker

    What if we could get rid of Luke/Sasha for Barnes. MAJOR upgrade. But im dreamin again as usual. Barnes/A.I./T-Mac…. ONE has to come to make me feel good about this offseason

    • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

      If we manage to package both of those guys in sign-and-trade, we’d be able to offer some guy like T-Mac a 10 mil/season contract. That being said, New York Knicks probably won’t want to be on the receiving end of Luke and Sasha.

      • Jake Gasol

        No we wouldn’t be able to offer T-mac or anyone else 10 million

      • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

        Did you even read what I said? I said it’s possible via sign-and-trade, as long as the outgoing salary is similar to the incoming salary. Knicks have cap space. IF (emphasis on IF) Knicks wanted Sasha and Walton, they can sign T-Mac for 10 mil/season, trade it for Sasha+Walton’s contracts (combined of 11-12 mil/season).
        That being said, it is unlikely because Knicks aren’t looking for those 2 players.

  • Leo

    Doubt he’ll be a Laker. He’s going to where he’ll get the most money. Can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.

    • Lakers_The_Truth

      He is just a role player and wants to make sure he can get the most money. Some players on the NBA are like that and they just want to make sure they will have enough $ for the rest of their lives.
      Can’t blame the guy.

  • lakers2000

    Screw Barnes! Next.

    • Schism

      Next: Larry Hughes…?

      • lakers2000

        As much as I hate to say it: Shaq. He would be key in defeating the evil 3.

        • laughoutloud

          C mon man, stop withShaq. Kobe doesnt want him. You think Kobe wants to give shaq more rings. lol

          Get off Shaqs nuts people

          • KRILL

            he isn’t coming hes out of our price range.. Tony Battie was the next big cat, but he’s signed, and Andre Iguodala is talking with clips so lakers are resigned to getting kurt, and tolliver (younger better upside than Kurt).

  • ilikebasketball

    fuck matt barnes.
    he’s a straight a-hole. nothing else.

    he never delivers
    and let’s his anger and grudges in the way of his focus.

    i’m not impressed.

  • Tony KM

    Two things about Matt Barnes: Either he is a sleazy bball player, or a shrewd businessman. Either way he’ll do whats right for him and his fams.. He’d be a right fit with the open lanes, he could just slash out, tho he’s known more for his D style, and long range shooting. I’m sure the Lakers braintrust will get him a deal that makes sense to both, but not nowhere near that brinks truck.. The pitch is simple: Win a title with Cob – take it leave it.

  • Toby Bryant

    LMAO stop hating on every trade rumor you dipsticks- Lakers front office know what they are doing. Trust me, I’m sure he will fit right in- Phil Jackson can handle all sorts of egos. Coaching staff will let him know whats up, Coby/Fisher tandem will sort him out, easy as pie. Dennis was exactly the same way as Matt, but Matt does it more for show than D. Either way I like his defensive rebounding which can give us a lot of fast breaks, and he can steal the ball + 37% from deep + 3″ height advantage. I can’t knock him for trying to take the best deal out there though.

  • Duvie


    haha remember that? that would be funny if they will be teammates

  • Get It 2gether!

    Hey, I am not getting my hopes up on this one. No FA is coming here. Unless, Mitch got something up his sleeve. As it stands, the Lakers have a weak bench. Hopefully, the rookies have a great training camp. And Phil gives them playing time.

  • kobez



    Teams he wants to go to include LA LAKERS!


    • lakers2000

      Never gonna happen.

      • BIG 3
      • NBAmazingKB24

        Never say Never!
        Queen, James, and Bosh
        I thought this would never happen…

        • NBAmazingKB24


        • KRILL

          Agreed, cp3 ‘s inner circle said “he won’t be wearing a Hornets jersey next year” – it means one of a few things, Lakers lose their love of Bynum and take on Okafers youth and minus 2 inches height advantage but he can jump like a MOf0, can rebound and D it up. Besides yo, cp3 has a buncha upside, and Lakers would compete neck and neck with the Thunder, and Lakers went to 7 with C’s cus Bynum was in foul trouble all the time, thus rendering him nearly useless (was injured-_-). Gimme tolliver for the remaining mle, gimme cp3, gimme okafer, and lakers get rid of a coupla bad contracts while getting rid of an injury prone legit C. But Coby has done it with C’s all his damn life.. except the k brown experiment, that was bullocks dont worry fisher, artest gasol kobe and phil jackson have owned basketball for ages and will never relinquish an nba title for as long as their legs can help them walk- they always know how to use their god given talent to pull through

          • daboss1848

            in 2007, we were also told KB would never wear a Lakers jeresey again . . .

  • kobebyrantfinalmvp

    Barnes suck we could do better

  • lakerjay

    its funny people say we can do better then barnes.lakers fans are spoil.hes a good player and average about 9 points.what do you expact for a bench player.rite now the only move we made was blake.and he cant defend.atleast barnes can defend and wont make mistakes.barnes would fit lovely with blake lamar off the bench.the question shouldnt be if we should sign him but if we can.then we need a vet big man.that can give us about 15 minutes off the bench.

  • jonb

    funny. If he wants money then its obviously cleveland but sources say he is leaning toward contender. If thats the case then y not just cross out the heat because we can offer more than the vets min. unless their damn no tax state evens it out. Even then he’d be 3rd string with james and miller already singed. who knows but i hope it works out in the lakers favor, he’d certainly help our bench.

  • GT-kobe

    It would be nice, He would help our Defense allot, so when we do Face Miami, Boston and Atlanta, He would help Artest and also kobe by defending. But who would u Prefer Barnes or T-Mac.

  • BIG 3
    • NBAmazingKB24

      Just thinking about having CP3 in Lakers uniform
      gives me the chills…
      He is my top 2 PG. Damn only if it will happen…
      want this to happen w/o giving L.O. though
      Im just a greedy Lakers Fan lol…

  • lakers0828

    Im still not convinced Top Role Players Like Barnes or T-mac will be in a Laker uniform even though they show intrest I still expect the Lakers to sign back Shannon Brown and another Big so we will see what happens.

  • lakerfan106

    i read on kevin ding twitter barnes is deciding to sign with cleveland for 3.5 million or with the lakers for 1.7 for 1 year

  • letsgolakers

    Barnes considers signing with Lakers

    By Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports 1 hour, 27 minutes ago

    Unless the Cleveland Cavaliers raise their current multiyear offer to Matt Barnes(notes) on Thursday, the free-agent forward plans to sign a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    The Cavaliers are offering as much as a three-year deal that starts around $3.5 million a season, but Barnes wants more money if he’s going to sign with a non-championship contender, sources said. Barnes would take a $1.7 million deal to join the Lakers.

    Barnes had a two-year, $9 million deal with the Toronto Raptors fall apart when the Orlando Magic didn’t have enough salary-cap room available to do a sign-and-trade.

    Barnes averaged 8.8 points and 5.5 rebounds in 81 games last season for the Magic.

  • Sir