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It was a chaotic first season in the purple and gold for Matt Barnes, and according to the L.A. Times, it won’t be his last.

“I’ll be a Laker next year. I want to win. It’s a great opportunity.”

Barnes has an almost $2 million player option on the table to spend another season in Los Angeles. Matt spoke with the media following this afternoon’s introductory press conference for head coach Mike Brown.

Apparently, he’s not over the Lakers unexpected loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

“The bitter taste in my mouth from here on out drove me to not want to go anywhere else. I want to come back to right the ship.”

Strangely enough, Barnes was the only current Lakers player in attendance today for Brown’s media introduction. In his first year with the Lakers, he averaged 6.7 points and 4.3 rebounds in 19 minutes per game.

  • Anonymous

    Good look for Barnes. He knows the other title contenders out there in the NBA aren’t necessarily going to be looking for a 3 player of his caliber this offseason. His best chance to win is here with the Lakers.

  • aniken

    He is very underrated in the fact that he can do so much for this team, he is very athletic, he hustles, he can shoot the 3, and he is as tough as they come. You guys will be shocked at the things he will be able to do for the lakers next season. We didn’t see anybodies skills used because the triangle really messes up players offense, but Mike Brown is fully capable of unleashing your talent and maximizing his players skills to the fullest.

  • Richard

    If Mike Brown is going to bring a renewed effort and emphasis of DEFENSE to the Lakers , then having Matt Barnes on board for another season will be helpful. 

  • Anonymous

    Good move, Matt. Last season was tough because of the injury and him not being used to that. But I am sure he will come back next year in full force and with even more confidence after now having spent a year with the team. I am sure that he will be a big factor in the upcoming season.

  • YK Lee

    I love Barnes’ comment here:

    “I’m still sick,” Barnes said. “I haven’t watched a second of
    basketball. I haven’t watched SportsCenter because I know basketball
    will be on there. I’m still hurt thinking about it. One, the way we
    exited and two, me not being able to help.” 

  • xtro

    leett’sssss goooo! 

  • 123KID

    I think with him being injured and with the whole triangle offense, it just brought his level of play a tad bit down this year. But with everyone getting much needed rest and everyone starting off a new system, then it will be very exciting to see how things work out. I hope this upcoming season, Barnes will become that knock down shooter and pesky defensive player we’ve seen before.

  • laffsatu

    if you could just miami and dallas to vanish…

  • Motamustang15

    Good player hate his haircut

  • Only good teams get Rings

    With Browns insistance that Kobe will be gone and Walton taking the point, Barnes can slide to center after Gasols trade.  Go Purple! 

    • Kevin

      Go play in traffic you got damn faggot

  • Gary Marsh

    I will be happy to have Barnes back next year; although we need to do some serious retooling.