Bold statement by Charles… yet I tend to agree? Your take?

FanNation: TNT’s Charles Barkley says that no other team in the NBA has a third-best player better than the Lakers’ versatile Lamar Odom. Fans of the Celtics and Spurs probably would disagree, Odom’s stellar productivity in Pau Gasol’s absence notwithstanding. Ray Allen, the Celtics’ third-leading scorer, is an eight-time All-Star. Manu Ginobili, not even a starter, is the Spurs’ leading scorer.

  • mauriceaj

    i totally agree


    Barkley is a Genius because neither Manu or Allen can facilitate like LO.,should’ve stayed in PHX.

  • OdoM7

    Gotta love chuck! :-)

  • AndrewT

    The Round Mound of Rebound got it wrong. Lamar Odom’s not our third best player, Bynum is (and Bynum can move pass Gasol in the coming seasons). It speaks a lot about how good the Lakers can be if Lamar Odom is your fourth option.

  • MILO

    What is up with all these haters on ESPN talking sh!t about Kobe skp bayliss needs to suck a dick and stfu

  • xtro


    u be on my fave 5 all da time, baby!

  • RoWyN

    Coming from Chuck….I guess that should mean a lot.

  • ab17

    chuck is weird,at the begining of the seasons he’s talking all this c r a p that the lakers are gonna do bad and kobe is a big baby for demanding trades and now he is praising the purple and gold!..

    its a beautiful thing..

  • Lonestar848

    Odom had two huge games against the undersized Warriors, so what?
    Let’s see if he can be consistent…

  • silentassassin

    Manu is better than odom, who is a little better than ray allen.
    I would rather rely on ginobli than odom for a big game or at the end of a game. He just scored 40 a couple weeks ago, and more importantly, he should have been finals mvp a couple years ago. He’s one of my least favorite players, but give him his props.

  • Tim

    Odom IS the 3rd best player, Bynum is not better than Odom, Odom will always be more talented than Bynum, but Bynum will produce more

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Lameezy fo’ sheezy!!!

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #30755 Will Be Quoted Here]

    commn’ guys. How can y’ll like Chuck??? He is just an unsuccessful Phoenix suns guy. One of the main reason why he never let Phoenix win anything. Always got into trouble off the court and on the court, and right now gets paid to comment of players trying to win for their team. Chuck is only an over rated good regular season player. Chuck is on TV, because he has always been on TV for “infamous reasons.” And o’ btw, does he really know what he is saying most of the time? He sounds retarded most of the time.

    I dont care what ever he has to say. How can he complain about Kobe’s game when clearly he has never been in the position.

    and as far as odom goes, I LOVE Odom. Sorry Sir Charles, Odom will soon win a ring, which of course, you never got to know the feeling.

    How the hell is Manu third player option? If he was playing for Chuck’s team, he will be the number one option. Look at the numbers this season charles, and tell me how manu is third best in that team?? And yeah, that same team who looks like Barkley is not too much aware of, has a player called somthing like Tim Duncan, which played the same position Barkley did, and guess what Tim will go down as the great power forward to ever play the game.

    Did you guys knew Barkley once said: sports star are not role models. (ehhe… surely. no wonder he has so many troubles with the law.) I seriously think Barkley should stop comparing my Kobe, and Lamar and even Lakers for that matter. I don’t feel comfortable listening to comments made by someone inferior than our great Laker players.

    This is my grudge towards Barkley for what he did to Kobe. stfu chuck. just keep calling wade, and say nothing about my Lakers. You never won a championship, and it isnt fair you teach us how to handle our team.

    one more pain to u chuck: thankx. if it weren’t for you, Houston could have won a championship in 96-97. you never let you team win man. see…if u weren’t in that great team, houston had a better chance against bulls, and they would have stopped MJ at 5. Just look at chuck’s team mates man. He had great lineup.

    Now, one last with no sarcasm. thank you so much for never playing with the lakers. If u did play for our Lakers, we wouldn’t be as proud for our history.

  • ab4sure

    Jack houston never played the bulls. WTF are u thinking. Also, parker and duncan do a pic and roll… duncan and parker are first and second option or pass to Manu who is a third option.

  • Jack

    Barkley was in a veteran Houston team that included two of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players, Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler. But, due to injuries, Barkley missed a lot of games. They lost the west finals to Utah, who went on to face the bulls. Of course, I didn’t see all these games live, but looking at videotapes and knowing the talent of Barkley, Houston might have been a better matchup for the bulls.

    And I think Manu has stepped up his game to already become no. 2 option for the spurs. he’s the leading scorer for his team. I know Parker was final’s mvp and all, but how can the leading scorer of a team be 3rd option??

  • ab4sure

    How can barkley be blamed for not giving them a ship??? Can’t blame a guy for injuries, and would they have beat MJ’s team… i don’t think so… keep your grudge against him… and for whoever criticizes your idol, you must have alot of grudges. Also, points scored do not determine who is the first option, 2nd option, etc… Byron scott was the leading scoring for the lakers ship in 87-88.. doesnt’ mean he was the first option, …. first option is who do you go to in crunch time and lots of times that player ends up getting an assists because he is double teamed. So yes your number three option can be your leading scorer especially if your playing team ball. Who cares about options in the first place??? if your playing team ball it is basically irrelevant.

  • hernando valenzuela

    i wonder what it woud be like if lamar was PG

  • T-Dub

    He would get ripped at least 10 times a game!

  • Odom the worst player

    Odom has really started to play ball.