Kobe not even in the same conversation as Jordan?

Sports Illustrated: Barkley had interesting comments on Kobe Bryant’s penchant for last-second shots. He said that some of Kobe Bryant’s game-winners are lucky. What are you going to do when he hits a 20-foot fade-away jumper? Barkley said that the Raptors played good defense against Bryant earlier this week but he hit the game-winner any way.

Barkley said that Bryant isn’t in the conversation with Michael Jordan as the greatest ever. Barkley said that the Lakers “play with no sense of urgency” and only won the title because they had more talent then everyone else. Barkley said that Bryant’s Lakers wouldn’t have a chance against the great Bulls teams.

— Barkley has been very impressed with the Dallas Mavericks. “They’re in the conversation with the Denver Nuggets against the Lakers,” Barkley said. “Clearly the Lakers are the favorite. But Denver and Dallas are right there.”

  • http://twitter.com/leexv Lee

    barkLey is an ass.

    • http://lakersground.net lakers4life372417

      sir charles makes a good point. lakers need to play with a sense of urgency.

      • http://sportzguy sportzguy

        playing with urgency has noting to do with comparing micchael~kobe

        • http://lakersground.net lakers4life372417

          who cares about who’s better kobe vs. mj? that will always come down to a person’s own opinion.

          I was just commenting on what is MORE IMPORTANT.


  • mr.laker19

    I love Barkley as an analyst. But I cant take him serious on this topic because we all know he is attached to Jordans sack. Kobe will be in the conversation with Jordan when his career is over so he needs to come to reality with this

    • masmik

      how can u love barkley as an analyst?? the guy knows nothing. how can u say its a lucky shot because it was made over a well played defensive play. what a moron.

      • Kobe “3peat” Jordan

        He can say it was a lucky shot, because Charles could never make that shot. Ego’s run big when your an athlete. If Charles says that Kobe is in the same conversation. Think about how that would reflect on Charles, seeing as he lost to Jordan in the Finals.

  • Kobe “3peat” Jordan

    That’s funny, because Barkley isn’t even in the same conversation as Kobe.

    In fact, the only conversation “Sir Charles” is in, is the conversation pertaining to players who had a shot in the finals and blew it. That and who’s the most embarrassing drunk sportscaster who blows his money and doesn’t pay back 6 figured debts to Vegas lone sharks because he thinks he’s a somebody.

    Charles will never know what it’s like to be call “Champ” unlike when he gets called Chump.

    • Eidraq

      charles barkley is in the same conversation as lbj…

  • trippleocho

    I stopped listening to this dude a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago. He’s the biggest reason why I don’t watch TNT overtime anymore.

    • http://www.singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

      I agree with you “tripple.” I no longer will watch any TNT show that Features Charles Barkley for as you stated a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Mainly because he is a jerk, a butt head, and a looser. If you ask me he should have been taken off the air when he did all of that big talk about not being a role model for kids. The guy is a complete bozo.

    • stucktrader

      really? it's they are hilarious… that's why i watch them. if anything, that's why they have Kenny and sometimes C-Web. They actually contradict Barkley, not to mention, humiliate him on a regular basis.

      Barkley has his points. But it's all opinion…

      I do remember him picking the Lakers to beat Boston in 2008 Finals, saying: “They (Lakers) have too many weapons…”

      So, there are times he sides with the Lakers…

      This year's Lakers are just inconsistent. However, they play up to their opponents. That's one thing West's & Magic's Lakers didn't do…

  • awesomerob24

    dude needs to get off jordans sack already

    butt buddies


      he’s on lebron nuts

  • Rollin

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda…. How many rings does this dude have again?!?

    Rest my case…. go have another drink Chuck!


      jealous is the reason

  • Lil Bro

    Jealous of Kobe might win more rings. That dude had 0 ring.

  • Matt from Dallas

    Barkley has never liked Kobe and is like best friends with Jordan, i would expect this down syndrome alcoholic to say some bullshit like this

  • gugy

    Kobe is close to Jordan but we only can consider GOAT at the end of his career. If Kobe matches or surpass the amount of titles, then he could be the greatest.
    In the end is:”only time will tell”

    As for Barkley, he entertains me but he for sure has a tip on the shoulder for players that are champions.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    barkley doesnt anything about championships he needs people to complain about him and be fired he is biased an plays favorites

  • lakerbunny


  • gary_beat_e_z

    Yeah because Kobe is better than Jordan, put the defense now in that era plus players are stronger and faster these days

    Jordan is the over rated

    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Green Flannel

      woah! lol. this was the 80’s (the era of tougness) and the 90’s (the beginning of modern defense) it just looks like it because he gets off some of the easiest shots ive ever seen since kobe. did you hear me world? SINCE KOBE!!! he IS in the same talk. but this is all talk. let kobe finish his career.

  • KindSir

    He’s right about some things though, the Lakers definitely don’t play with any sense of urgency, and probably would get destroyed by Jordan’s Bulls :'(

    • iamthetie

      No they wouldn’t. You’re telling me this team wouldn’t get pumped to play what is arguably the greatest team in NBA history?
      Think how dominant Kobe would be if teams couldn’t double team him prior to the pass? Jordan played with a set of rules that pretty much made him unstoppable. Plus Jordan wasn’t knocking down game winnning shots with only three fingers.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY


    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Green Flannel

      the beginning was 138 but then the rest was 1/2. no matter how much the media dislikes kobe, they still talk about him. not as much as lebron of course but he still the third most popular player behind lbj and d12

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      he’s been where and done what? idiot

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      lol cry baby cock sucker lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHfOq0tKazk

  • LC09

    hahahaha ohhhh wow..i like barkley wtf man dayummmmm i guess me n him on diff terms..y do ppl keep bringin this up kobe n mj kobe is kobe n mj is mj leave it at that wow barkley talk bout how u guna TRY to lose that weight stop hatin on kobe

  • gofeedtina

    barkley is a dumb ass. He shouldn’t even be talking, he has zero rings. He’s not even in the same conversation as Kobe. Barley is an old fat fcuk who needs to hop off Jordan and LBJ..Oh and by the time its all said and done, Kobe will be better than Jordan..

  • mr.clutch101

    Luck doesnt happen SEVEN times Chuck, he should analyze that sh.it and also I know everybody thinks the Lakers are fu.cked because they dropped a couple games but thats just them following a trend. Lakers are a different team in the postseason.

    • Eidraq

      during the houston series, all these “analysts” hopped off of the lakers’ and said they would no longer say LA is the team to beat..once again, they’re saying the same things..can’t wait for the playoffs

  • awaker85

    This is the same idiot that said he would vote Joe Dumars and Dennis Johnson into the top 50 of all time over Kobe Bryant. In fact of all the “professional” analysts they polled, only Sir Charles left Kobe out of the greatest 50 of all time. He’s always been a Kobe hater.

    But for the record, Kobe’s really got to improve his efficiency level if he wants to be considered GOAT, or even cement his place as greatest today, cuz Lebron is knocking on the door HARD.

    • Eidraq

      no championship for lebron…definitely not knocking on that door yet

      • yash

        i dont even hear footsteps.
        wow ive been commenting so much. im sorry but i just wanna get shit handled here. im sorry bbut this is one way im gettin some frustration out. I APOLOGIZE
        im sorry even if it is too late to apologize

  • Batz

    He’s a Kobe Hater and a known fool. No one should take him seriously. He’s only on TNT because he’s a former player and is easy to make fun of. I doubt any of his co-workers take Charles or his opinions seriously.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    KOBE may never be GOAT but will always be RAT.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Green Flannel

      139 1/2 = 140

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva
    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      what a joke! just like you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHfOq0tKazk

    • Toni

      So how much does LeBron pay you to go on Laker blogs and add you stupid **s opinions on?!?! – Do you not have anything more better to do than irritate the living sh** out of us laker fans?!?!

      Go sing your praises to the “King without the Ring” on his blogs as I am sure most of the media journalists are!

      All I can tell you about your “Prince” is that he is an arrogant a**hole!!!

      KOBE IS WAAAAAYYYYY better than Queen James!!!!

  • iamthetie

    The difference between pure luck and skill? Consistency. Kobe has knocked down 7 of these so called “lucky” fadeaways. Besides, isn’t Charles the same guy who keeps saying the Magic are the deepest team in the league? Is he trying to argue that the Magic weren’t a deep team last year? Make up your mind Chuck and give me a break.

  • comeflywithme

    knocking down game winners with only 3 fingers on the shooting hand? and Chuck zero rings called it lucky? lmao.. I just can’t stop laughing at what Chucks says about Kobe.. damn! perhaps he doesn’t even know what it feels like for Kobe to be there with Michael as the greatest ever to play the game!

  • Trem

    How many rings does he have? oh yeah none. Just another Laker hater hating lol

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Who’s conversation IS he in then? Idiot.
    “Whoa, Kobe can almost be compared to LeBron James!! Amazing guy…” That seems to be the limit of how far any Kobe-hater seems to want to go with these comparisons.

    LeBron, Wade, Melo, Roy, and many others were compared to Kobe Bryant a few season into their seasons because of how great Kobe is. This is absolutely ridiculous Barkley says that Kobe cannot be compared to Jordan at all.
    “Lakers won last year only because of their talent.” Thats crock; if the playoffs last year showed one thing, its that talent wasn’t everything! Why were the Lakers pushed by Houston and Denver? That isn’t a testament to their talent, its will and determination that is required to win a game. Talent obviously isn’t everything and it can only get you so far.
    As for the “not playing with urgency”, I wholeheartedly agree with him on that. Dallas and Denver, and possibly even Utah, can become big threats in the Playoffs for the Lakers.

    I, for one, see this response from Barkley as a reflection of Kobe’s greatness; a great player in history draws not only constant praise but also criticisms for his play and standards ~ this, however, is what sets the great apart: they have the will to disprove an opposing person’s critique and use it as an unquenchable drive to continuously get better. Kobe DOES get to be in the same conversation with Jordan; the better between to two (in my opinion) was Jordan. HOWEVER, remember that any of these comparisons between players in different histories is completely arbitrary. What I mean is that only the end result can be honesty compared and contrasted; Kobe’s career is not over yet.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    Maybe someday the kobe can beat out Magic and be the greatest laker, MAYBE.Michael JORDAN NEVER EVER IN THE SAME BREATH…..

    • lakers2000

      Maybe, someday, you will get a dog and name it life. That way you will finally have one (a life, that is). Why do the haters continually bring this crap up. Can we please let Kobe finish molding his legacy and then we can say where he ranks all time? I love the fact that he is sooooo damn good that he draws the haters to our site to remind us that they exist! Don’t take it bad, just take it. Can’t wait for the parade. Go Lakers!!!!

      P.S… Work on getting a diploma, fool.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Green Flannel

        do not encourage him.
        just count with me. 141
        so close yet so far a million yes.

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva
    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva
    • Toni

      Maybe you can tell LeBron and the rest of your “peers” to WITNESS Kobe winning another Championship Ring this year! = 16 Rings!!!

      Honestly, this guy has nothing better to do with his time!

  • RockstarsoftheNBA


  • ampatuan

    charles is a pig!!

  • kevin 0


  • TheLakerGenera11

    *Sigh* let’s put some things in perspective as some previous posters mentioned #1 Barkley is a well known HUGH Kobe hater and any opperrunity he gets he blast Kobe for the same things he gives Lebron a pass on I.e. Not having help to win, shooting the ball more then necessary, and being a “competitor” and not congratulating the other opponent. #2 Kobe was born not only at the wrong time but he was nvr able to win ovr the crowd bc he was a considered threat to most records. Especially after that colorado incident bc it gave ppl a reason to hate him. #3 we’ve all been poisoned psychologically to analyze Kobes evry move nit pick rather then appreciate no other player goes through that type of scrutiny. He makes game winners and the abc crew says well he actually has a low percentage if you compare him to yada yada yada, blasphemy if they said that about Jordan or lebron and lebron has made less compare Kobe wit ppl in The leauge as long as he let’s get technical there not comparing him to melo and bron how they pull Kobe back not push him up. How they have magic ask KOBE when are you gonna pass the torch? Who the FU*K r these ppl ! They’re posioning our heads man….No one blames Shaq for the split but evry1 is quick to blame Kobe, evry shot he makes it angers the audience evry championship he earns ppl look for reasons as to how he aquired it. No one says wow celtics needed 3 allstar starters all star reserves and a styme defense to win they just marvel at the celtics win. No one says anything about shaq needing Wade to take ovr that finals…and that f’n team was built for 1 run at the chip similar to clevland now. Neway Kobe through all of his issues LOVES the game of basketball but so many analyst can’t stand him. When Kobe became the alltime lakers leader in points mike wilbon said with authority Kobe is not better then west Kareem wilt Baylor or magic so I don’t know why were having this discussion. The lazy eye guy says but if Kobe gets another ring then what? Wilbon responds he’s tied with magic…it will take a lot for Kobe to be the greatest laker. (granted magic is point blank magic but here’s the bs) Stewart Scott then says what if Kobe gets 8-10 rings will he be considered the gr8test laker? Wilbon says maybe. MAYBE??!!!! WTF is that I apologize nation for my long post and rant I’m sure no 1 is reading this but like you all I get so burned up that no matter what Kobe does it is nullified in the eyes of sports writers. Kobe is #2 to no 1 he is the most popular most downloaded, most watched his jersey is the highest grossing, the most villified and lastly the superstar who gets the least calls amongst the stars such as Wade melo and bron etc. I can keep going but I’ll just leave with this when the dust settles and the smoke clears and Kobe leaves the leauge then and only then will ppl say man I miss Kobe, not Lebron but man I miss Kobe he was cut from the last cloth of the golden age of basketball just yall wait and see these new cast of characters are just cutting Checks…sorry for the long post nation I just hate Charles constantly taking pop shots at Kobe.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Green Flannel

      i read it. lol.
      i love it when ppl like you put so much passion in their posts. kobe is the last of his kind and i can truly say that i am a WITNESS.

    • Eidraq

      agree with you 100%

    • Michael

      Like the saying goes, “You never truly appreciate something/someone till its gone.”

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      this one should be an article…
      agree 100%
      haters don’t even comment on this comment
      respect this…

      • islandgirl

        I took the time to read your article and it is fantastic! – Like the old adage goes” “You never miss the water until the well runs dry”!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    I super apologize nation for the long rant believe it or not I could have kept going I’m sure no1 will read what I previously wrote but I’m tired of ppl comin at Kobe it boils my blood and I don’t even know the guy! I just like fair play that’s all and I don’t see it from writers refs the leauge analyst I don’t see it it’s disgusting.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Green Flannel

      keep going i want to hear what you have to say.

    • Eidraq

      i second it

      • trippleocho

        Me too.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      copy and paste your first comment and finish it brother… then email it to TLN this should be an article and they can even title it.. “The Rant from the General”… this is how we all feel and you somehow have been able voice OUR opinion… keep going!!

  • BigBottomBry

    Barkley is just trying to start crap and keep his sorryass name in the news. Even HE don’t believe that dumbass statement. Just by the mere fact that the comparison ALWAYS comes up means that Kobe is in the conversation. Go have another taco….or ten, Charlie.

    • Eidraq

      the five buck box, it rocks, it rocks

      charles barkley is like a cheesy gordita crunch to munch

  • http://am570 phil buss


  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva
  • James

    Man Jordan was in a different era then Kobe, Kobe has to play athletic defenders that are quick compared to the people who guarded Jordan and this era is way better in my opinion i watched Jordan since 1991 and difference is just there are better players now. If Jordan played in this era he wouldn’t even win 6 NBA Championships, At the most he will win 2.

    Kobes era 2000-2010

    Kobe: Duncan, Shaq, KG, Dirk , Lebron , Wade , Anthony, Howard, Bosh , Kidd , Billups , Durant , CP3 , D.Williams, Roy,Y.Ming,R.Allen, Pierce, Iverson, Carter, Tmac, Amare Joe Johnson, and the list can go for ever.

    Jordans 1990 – 1999 : Larry Bird(He was old already), Ervin Johnson(when he was not in his prime), Patrick Ewing, Isiah Thomas, Hakeem Olajuwon, Joe Dumars, Dominique Wilkins, John Stockton, Karl Malone , Gary Payton, Joe Dumars , Reggie Miller, David Robinson, Mutombo and more.

  • J

    I agree….stupid ignorant Lakers fans/Kobe fans…..

    And don’t get me wrong…I’m a Laker fan ALL the WAY and a HUUGE MAMBA fan….if you see my basketball sneaker collection, you’ll see huge amounts of Kob sneakers!

    BUT y’all that think that Kobe should be in the same breath as Michael need to kill youselves…seriously. GO WATCH HOOPSENCYCLOPEDIA23’s videos of Mike on youtube and see the BASKETBALL IQ that Mike has over Kobe.

    Yes, Kobe makes hard shots…but that also means he makes lucky shots. ALMOST ALL OF MICHAEL’s GAME WINNING SHOTS ARE PURE! He doesn’t just chuck shots hoping that it’ll come in. He makes them easier by doing fundamental things…luring them in or slightly pushing off of his defenders. EVER SEEN THE LAST SHOT for HIS 6th?! How the hell does Mike get so open?? He’s the best. He’s the master. Mamba said it himself too!

    Mamba will be the number 2 to Mike’s number 1. Simple math guys…Barkeley knows it well too…Air Jordan sliced his ass in 1993!!

    • AssButter

      lol at people putting jordan on a pedestal.

    • Eidraq


      • hello world

        well J i guess i should kill myself because i actually see what you don’t see about kobe. kobe’s iq is the best i have ever seen (even mj’s). kobe and michael give the most intelectual and in-depth post game interviews. ppl hardly understand what they are saying. im not saying i do but i just know the iq of these guys.
        on another note; aren’t we putting kobe and mike in the same breath as each other? same sentence? im not comparing because that is not what kobe or mike ever wanted. they never wanted to be as good as someone, or better than someone, they just wanted to be the best. and that is what they are; the best.

        • hello world

          oh yeah J. are you saying kobes shot not pure? he is the best example on how to shoot. Sqaures up, elevates, realeses, and follows through. i use his techniques and im an excellent three point/ mid range shooter.

  • Robert

    ahhh don’t worry about it. Years from now, when Charles is no longer working for TNT, all the ESPN writers are gone or retired, and everyone forgets about them, and basketball documentaries look back on the greatest players ‘ever’, Kobe will top the list.
    There is simply no player like Kobe now, and after a couple more rings, even Magic will concede greatness to Kobe (well, he already did, but Kobe doesn’t have his 6 rings yet).
    In the meantime, Charles will be on a documentary that is ‘the greatest players that ‘never’ made it to the championship’, and he won’t even top THAT list. All the current Kobe haters will change their tunes years from now, and act like they never said a bad thing about Kobe.
    But I tell you, right now, they are going to regret not relishing the greatness of Kobe. We in LA are lucky, because we enjoy every minute of it, and he belongs to LA. The haters are busy hating to enjoy it. They will regret this.
    Their loss, our gain.

  • rlstar

    I just don’t get his statement. How is it lucky when Kobe makes those type of shots time and time again?

  • Robert

    Charles is just repeating what Phil said after one of those shots, a few weeks ago. When asked about Kobe’s shot, Phil replied, ‘he’s very very lucky’. Now, Phil said that sarcastically. Kobe practices at 5:30 mornings, and is the most dedicated Laker (if not player in the NBA). Kobe practices those shots, and hundreds of others. Constantly.
    Kobe is the ‘real machine’. He’s Terminator 3000. T’aint luck. All skill. There’s nobody like Kobe.
    Charles, eat your tacos. They rock they rock. Even with no rings, they rock they rock. No championship you bring, they rock they rock. Crunchy gordita, and let me think, your comments stink. Even Lamar’s got a rock .. a ring, a rock. No rocks for you, Charles.

    • Eidraq

      lol, nice rhyme

    • yash

      lmao and you only said that cuz u suckin on MJ’s ….k

  • Marwan Marzina

    You never know what you got till its gone.
    So Barkley, watch how you will take back what you said when Kobe’s done. Hopefully, he wont be done for 5 or so years.

    • Marwan Marzina

      People didnt really appreciate Jordan till he was gone, because there hasn’t been (till Kobe arrived) someone close to his level.
      When Kobe’s gone, then they will say to Kobe what they said to Jordan because there will be no one on Kobe’s level after.

  • http://youtube.com/mrterrific100 Mr Terrific

    People dont realize guys like Jordan have literally made Millions of shots over the years during their OFF-SEASONS.

  • http://youtube.com/mrterrific100 Mr Terrific

    People dont realize guys like Jordan & Kobe have literally made Millions of shots over the years during their OFF-SEASONS.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    you can say what ever you want about the lakers or KOBE, they got no balls to come after you….that series aganist phx when mamba just quit playing,SIR CHARLES was the only person to SAY IT.whats kobe do, texts him?.really?thats your paper hero………….

    • hello world

      way to speak up for yourself Chuck.

    • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

      142?… or 141?..

    • yash

      whats the point in playing when your team doesnt want to even try

  • mytiman

    Until Kobe surpasses Jordan’s six titles, he won’t be in the same level as His Airness. Jordan has 5 compared to Kobe’s 1 (It was even a close contest between him and Chris Paul; Jordan never had competition during MVP races). Plus, Jordan went 6 for 6 in the NBA Finals. Kobe’s gone 4 for 6. And 1 out 4 Finals MVP. We have to accept these hard facts. Let’s just enjoy what the Black Mamba is doing for the Lakers and his determination to win his 5th.

    But for the record, I strongly believe that Kobe can win his 7th title. IF THAT HAPPENS, then we now know the answer to the never ending Jordan – Kobe question, who’s better?

    • bc18


    • yash

      “Lebron james is the best player” – charles barkley with or without alcohol. but its mostly with alcohol since he still has a lot of it stored in his belly. You know you never listen to a fat drunk biyatch
      Shaq wouldve never won without kobe. most of the big men needed some other star to win a title. kobe was that star. if kobe was on the team without shaq he wouldve had a better statistical year and wouldve been much better than what he is now.

  • mytiman

    Plus, the 72-10 Chicago Bulls will just over match the current Los Angeles Lakers or the 2009 NBA Champs version. It won’t even be a close battle. Let’s not forget how these guys dominated the league and decimated 28 teams (Indiana was the only nightmare they had during that season, losing by an average margin of 5 points)

    • bc18

      TOTALLY AGREE again

  • mytiman

    At the end of Kobe’s basketball career, it’ll still be like this: 1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant

    Again, until Kobe surpasses Jordan’s six rings, there should be no debate on who’s better.

    • bc18

      TRUE DAT

      • http://sportzguy sportzguy

        Nobody is debating that. An if your 2nd behind Jordan, like theres a problem with that?????????????????????????????????????

        • mytiman

          There’s no debate in that? Huh. So I’m guessing the “who’s better, Kobe Mamba Bryant or Air Jordan” debate is just something I started, eh?

  • lakerman1

    Charles is only on TNT to provide Comic Relief. Kenny Smith rarely agrees with anything he says. The only reason Charles is an analyst is so that viewers will tune in to hear what crap comes out of his mouth. Just listen to his commentary nothing intelligent said at all. Kenny is much more knowledgeble then the round mound. Barkley should stick to making rank pathetic rap Taco Bell Commercials which he also not good at and for his money he is totally out of shape unless he spends it all gambling and getting toasted.

  • lakerman1

    Another thing is when he was face to face with Kobe regarding the Phoenix game he completely changed his tune. Barkley is a big coward, he would change his tune if Kobe challenged him on it. Charles has been confronted by other players before and has no courage outside of the studio.

  • https://openid.aol.com/opaque/4bdde368-2b97-11df-8b9f-000bcdcb5194 onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Dude quite hateing.Kobe is probably as good as Jordan or better,
    Barkley when Jordan was in the league all the talent was on its way out. Pistons ,Lakers,Celtics all out of the way rebuilding. C mon they played Houston,Utah for
    two champioships the league was so weak Jordan retired came back and still won.
    No way could he do that today. League is way harder.
    So Barkley wake up dude Kobe era has and will be looked at as a tougher time.

  • willmo

    Sir Charles as usual is bitter because every team that he went to ended up tanking because he could never up his game when it counted. Jordan will always be the best, but after him you can certainly put Kobe’s name in as 2nd best shooting guard off all time. As far as Kobe’s last second shots being lucky, well every last second shot has a bit of luck in it. His only true point is that the Lakers haven’t played with the sense of urgency but come playoffs time they better or else it will be a long summer. Barkley is a joke as an analyst and if you watch the way he is treated on the TNT show, he is the butt and I mean big butt of all the jokes from the other guys, all they do is make fun of him. he is kind of like the Jimmy the greek of our time and oh look he happens to be an addicted gambler as well. The east coast bias will always play a big part in sports, especially the NBA. In the 80’s you saw Larry Bird in all of the magazines and the covers would read “best player in the NBA” and yet Magic had as many MVP’s as him and won 2 more titles but yet never got the respect outside of L.A.


    Barkley… don’t you have more booze to drink, more whores to sleep with, and/or more gambling debts to settle? Why don’t you keep yourself busy doing the more IMPORTANT things in your life than to comment about Kobe and the Lakers?

    You are the worst basketball analyst ever! Don’t you know that you’re the Paula Abdul to the Randy Jackson and the Simon Cowell of the TNT group? Both Kenny and Ernie just roll their eyes every time your mouth opens, just like Randy and Simon does when Paula used to be on!

    First of all, you slur like MOTHER FCUKER! You speak like you look and move… like a fcukin slob! Next, you’re not even in the same conversation as Karl Malone, you’re more in the conversation of a… Anthony Mason! Except, that dude was in way better shape than you ever wished you could be in!

    Kobe’s Lakers’ frame of mind is not a direct result of whether Kobe is on the same level as Jordan or not. Jordan had control of his team as a dictator because he never got any sh!t from it! Not Phil, not the owner, not the media, nobody! Kobe can’t demand sh!t from anyone without someone like you saying that he’s a prima donna! See, the players and the media is not the same as it was back in yours and Jordan’s day.

    Media access is so prevalent now and so immediate that everything gets scrutinized under the microscope, so don’t go around pretending you know what the hell you’re talking about you big ol’ tub of sh!t!

    Kobe should be mentioned in the same conversation, because Kobe is basically the same mold as Jordan. Jordan had better control of his players than Kobe, but that’s not just on Kobe, that’s on his teammates, Phil, and the organization. The later 2 has to back Kobe up on that and perhaps tell Pau to STFU about getting more touches ( he should just make the gimmes and his fcukin freethrows down the stretch!)!

    Kobe has a way bigger arsenal of offensive weapons than Jordan ever hoped to have. Kobe needs to play more consistent defense, because Jordan was pretty much shut down any time! If Kobe had the shooters that Jordan had, then his assist numbers would be way higher than what it is now.

    So, you see, Charlie, Kobe is in the same conversation as Jordan. I’m not even claiming that he’s better. I do think that he’s at least a 1A to Jordan’s 1!

    So, stop all this jealousy hate talk! Kobe’s about to get his 5th ring! And you Chuck, have how many? Oh yeah, NONE! So, stop ball washing that degenerate gambler you call the GOAT and go practice your golf swing with him, because you both desperately need it!

    • lakerman1


  • Robert

    He’s just bitter that he didn’t win any rings. He was a good player back then, but totally overshadowed by MJ. The 90s was a decade of ‘so-so’ players, except for MJ. The 2000s has a great crop of ‘great’ players, including Kobe, LeBron, DWade, etc. MJ stood out because there was no one even close to him.
    But the media has several players that they can prop up, to try to denigrate Kobe. However, not ONE of those, even MJ, scored 81 points in a game. That will never happen again.
    One commentator on ESPN said (probably accidentally) that Kobe is the best ‘mid-range’ player in the history of basketball. This is true. His skill level is off the charts.
    I believe that at this time, he is ‘still’ playing through injuries. But he is far from finished, both being a great player, and being a champion. If the media keeps playing him down, he’s gonna go out and win at least 3 more. He ‘drove’ the team to a championship last year, and will do it again (with or without Phil).
    Kobe will win the war against all the haters out there, especially the big one (I’ll put Charles ahead of Bill Simmons, who hasn’t been squawking lately – in fact, I think he has even conceded somewhat to Kobe’s greatness. Now that his beloved Celtics have taken a nosedive, there’s no need to harp on the rivalry).

  • Zindarion

    Sucks to be Charles Barkley

  • http://www.facebook.com/thejahjah Green Flannel

    people said it was defense wasn’t as good. Jordan is great plus the fact that most teams were still in the process of modernizing defense. if jordan played back in the early 80’s or today he would not be as good.
    i dont really want to compare the two because it is so hard because of where they came from.
    .i’m just lucky we get to see kobe play whether ir not you hate him.
    kobe is the last of his kind. we all know that; the others will realize it in the end.

  • zaytoven

    since when was charles allowed to hate on people with rings? get back to being a non funny “dumbass” analyst. charles barkley typical kobe hater.

  • http://sportzguy sportzguy

    It’s not about Kobe being in Jordan class, maybe he not but what he is in, is this. A class all by himself. Don’t compare Labron or Wade ect….. to him

  • Justin M.

    Jordan and Barkely gamble together in Vegas all the time, Barkely ain’t gonna say something to ruin his and jordan’s friendship. Watch, in 20 years, when guys like barkely are in retirement homes, and all of us are 30-50 year old range, Kobe will be considered better than Jordan.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Barkley is right,
    in fact kobe cant compare stats wise with mj
    only thing kobe has better then mj is the 81 points and the longest consecutive streak of 40 and 50 games

    on everything else, mj stats just kill kobe
    for all of us kobe fan, we have to realize that
    kobe and mj had careers that in some way were the opposite
    mj, went in a team that sucked and since day 1 he has been the 1st option
    mj was pushed by nba and writers as the best

    kobe, at 17 years old went to a team with shaq who was the most dominant player in the league and had to play as second string for many years

    kobe besides the first few years has been portrayed as negative by writers and nba never really pushed his image

    so unfortunately kobe will never be, for whoever is not a lakers fan, better than mj
    unless he wins 3 more titles (which is not gonna happen)

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      of course saying the way he says it, and saying his shots are lucky…is pure hate
      and sincerely does not make sense
      kobe is amazing
      imo top 5 of all time
      and definitely will be in conversation regarding goat, even though it will be a easy win for mj


      I’ve always thought the same thing, as far as Jordan was handed a team and Kobe had to earn his way to start! That goes the same for LeBronze! It’s easier to take over and do what you do when the team is given to you, but when you (Kobe) had to work your way into the rotation of the team then everything is scruntized!

      But looking at pure stats in ludicrous! Stats alone doesn’t translate into dominance! Jordan played in a time when the stars were in the twilight of their years. The only premiere defender he had to face was JOE DUMARS! C’mon! Kobe not only had to contend with NBA’s top 50 in Jordan and Pippen ( both still in the heights of their primes ) but Charlie Barkley, Clyde Drexler ( twilight of his career ), Karl Malone and Stockton ( not twilight just yet ), he also had to face off with A.I. V.C. McGrady, Wade, Melo, and LeBum! He not only outshined the oldies, but kept the newbies in check and showed them that they were not up to par with him.

      Kobe has out dueled everybody that’s come across his path, with the exception of Jordan. I would say that Kobe got the better of him, but since Jordan didn’t meet Kobe during his prime, I’ll say that it was a draw.

      Again, with all the young bucks, the teams were built around them from the get go, that’s not the case for Kobe. So, if stats are so important to some people, then they really should factor that in. Imagine if Kobe had been given the reigns of a team from the get go… his stats would be off the charts!

      So, as far as dominance goes… Kobe would have to be the man! But as far as GOAT… I believe that it’s 1A and 1B, Jordan and Kobe! Everyone else is a distant second.

      • kobe-wan kenobi

        call magic distant second sorry is definitely STRETCH
        i sincerely still think magic is goat
        but the world has been fed up about mj so i guess besides few lakers fans that followed magic and know what was his real value for the lakers (more than mj for the bulls if you go to see what those teams did when the 2 stars left)


          It’s definitely not a STRETCH. I’ve lived through those Celd!ck battles with our general. He was definitely the man that drove our great Lakers machine, but Magic was a distant second to Kobe. Magic’s general sense as a floor leader and getting everybody involved is not the thing in question, and that’s the only thing he’s got on Kobe. Kobe’s tenacity and intensity, his work ethic, his killer instinct, his clutch shots, his shooting, his drives to the bucket, his shut down D, his offensive arsenal, etc… That’s what makes him 1A or 1B to MJ and everybody else is a distant second! I loved our MJ (Magic Johnson), but he couldn’t do half the stuff that Kobe’s displayed and Kobe’s not even close to being done yet! His legacy is still growing while Magic’s already passed. And your argument for what happened after Magic left vs Jordan is a non issue because it just depended on what team he had at the time. Had Magic left while Worthy, Kareem, Cooper, Byron was still on the team, the Lakers would still be a great team. Had Jordan left before Pippen, Paxon, Horace Grant, that team would’ve sucked too. Had Kobe left with Smush, Brian Cook, Brian Grant, Kwame, LO on the team that team would’ve been below the Clippers. If Kobe left now, the team would still be a playoff team. So, that direct comparison doesn’t do anything but to figure out who should’ve been the MVP for that particular season.

  • yash

    Charles if you wanna talk doodoo about some one who is WAY better than you in almost everyway(basketball and also financially) You wanna get some rings when you talk crap about a guy who won more than you and led the team to a championship, when you do that you can talk crap about kobe. the only way you can get there is by a video game(maybe, but your terrible at that just like ur golf swing).
    You say that lakers wouldnt beat the MJ bulls? just cuz u couldnt beat em doesnt mean other teams can beat em. Cuz Bulls would get destroyed when Lakers play that team. mainly cuz they can throw it to the post and its easy points. rodman may get some blocks but he doesnt have offense. so bulls offense is coming mostly from jordan and pippen and garbage points from rest of the team.

  • Marwan Marzina

    He only said this cause Jordan bought him a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    barkleys drunk again,

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    fuck chuck! and fuck jordan too!

  • Popcorn

    4:31. Even Michael Jordan doesn’t consider himself the best ever. From the mouth of his airness.


    check^^ that other part and listen to what Jordan says about stats and championships. Jordan was ahead of his time; in his prime he made other great players of his era look semi-great hi was ahead of them in terms of athleticism, skills and on top of that his will to win . He worked hard to get to the top and once he was in that top he never looked back; there was not nemesis for him and the great teams were already past their prime. Back then after the great Piston, Celtics and Lakers teams there was not other athletic guys like in today’s game. There was no one like say: Wade, LeBron, Tmac, Carter, Carmelo, or defenders like Bowen, Artest, Possey, that could play head to head against Jordan. There was not teams like the 2000-2003 Lakers, the San Antonio championship teams or even the 2008 Celtics. The Bulls never play the Houston Rockets of Hakeen, Drexler, Maxwell,Horry, Kenny Smith, Sam Cassel ,Othis Thorpe in the finals. Jordan had on his side one of the top 50 players in NBA history and one of the greatest one on one defender in the history of the game; Pippen. Pippen was so good that the year that Jordan left the Bulls they only lost 2 games more at the end of that season .On top of that Jordan’s Bulls did not have personal ego competition between them. I have heard that yeah there were egos clashes but back then was very different that today’s media, where superstars can’t say shit without being recorded and exposed to the media. Jordan IMO was the best of his era hands down. Also Stern, Nike, the media, reporters and just about everyone promoted Jordan. I don’t see anything wrong with that but it got to a point that Jordan was just untouchable in games, he will get the calls because the refs seem to be in love with the guy. Kobe and the Lakers of the threepeat ships were more liked by the reporters and Stern. Unfortunately for Kobe after he made the mistake of his life (Colorado); the hate against Kobe just went like x20 from reporters, broadcasters, I perceived even dislike from the refs that even today it shows. The haters enjoy that. Let’s be clear there was always IMO some jealousy against Kobe from some people in the media especially Barkley and some others that were always looking for an excuse to say that he was only that good because of Shaq. Kobe worked hard to get to the level he got to and Shaq just hated the idea of Kobe becoming the leader of the team. After Shaq was traded it took the Lakers GM a long time to put a caliber championship team around Kobe during that time Kobe play IMO the best he could with what he had just to get to the playoffs (Lakers missed the playoffs the first season without Shaq). But once he had that key team mate (Gasol) and role players they made it to the finals but we lost to the Celtics. No one can say for sure that the Celtics would’ve win if the Lakers had Bynum healthy and Ariza healthy 100%; unfortunately Gasol and Odom simply disappear and Kobe and the whole team play 5 against 8 especially in Boston. Stern wanted to make it easier for 3 hall of famers to secure a ring. Well we all know the rest the Lakers went back to the finals and RING.


    Shaq is selfish^^ . Lol

    I don’t know if Kobe will win more regular season mvps but I’m very sure at least for this season he wants another finals MVP bad. Kobe’s career isn’t over yet and IMO what really separates Jordan from everyone is the will to win. If Kobe has the will to win 3 more rings then according to Jordan what matter most is RINGS at the end. If that happens Barkley will have nightmares.
    The funny thing is Barkley knows Kobe is in the conversation but the fat ass refuses to admit it because he has never liked Kobe.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    LOL barkley is just jealous of kobe because barkley never won a championship and kobe has 4!

  • lakeb


    • B Holland

      you are smoking something.

  • wisache15

    Kobe is not the greatest! the lakers would get smashed on by the bulls

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    no doubts, really

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      reply to wisache15

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    To me barkley doesn’t deserve to be called an allstar if he didn’t win a championship… Fail

  • jas83bball

    all yal sound DUMB as shytt lol.
    all yal MUST be laker fans, talkin this bs.
    kobe aint n the same convo with clyde drexler lmao.
    he aint even the greatest LAKER ever! so how yal goin discuss him with mike ?
    put kobe n the convo with who’s the best since mike left. thats what convo he belongs in.
    understand that JORDAN got ALL his rings with the BULLS on his BACK!
    if it wasnt for SHAQ, kobe would have ( 1 ) ring, and thats the 1 he just got last year with basically the whole damn western all stars on his team.
    long as mr bryant has that all star squad, he can win (10) rings, his head will still be catchin the drips of sweat from Jordan’s sack.
    respect and salute the GREATEST! MJ changed the whole damn game!
    so much, they thinkin bout changin the league sign feat jerry west, to jordan’s sign!
    when they do that 4 kobe, then holla!

    • lakersover8ed

      finally some one who knows basketball speaks the truth

  • lakershow2010


  • Jay

    It might be time for Phil Jackson to step down it looks as if the players have lost respect for him as they have really got into to a rut after the all star break and seem like they do no want to repeat as champs. I think a team like the Spurs could pose some serious problems for them in the 1st round and just might sweep them.

  • Kobe24Chauncey1

    Wtf charles barkley is drinking something. First off the last couple of years he has been saying that Kobe bryant is the best player in the world. now that kobe chooses to slow his game down in order to prolong his career he jump right onto lebrons stick. Kobe bryant is the best to ever play the game. even Phil jackson said that kobes skills were superior to mjs. Kobe has the best fade away jumper of all time and the best jump shot period. Kobe has to compete against stronger faster players. maybe the level of compettiveness isnt as high but the skills and atheletic ability does more than make up for it. jordan on really had comp in the late 80's with detroit and soon as they retired and hit the 90's thats when he bagan to shine when they were no guards to compete with him. i can on think of one guy Penny hardway that could have had the ability to comptete. the rest were bums and the 90s were all about big men. Shaq, Hakeem the dream, patrick hewing etc.. and the eastern conference has always been weaker than the west. kobe has way more comp than lebron. the east is weak and im tired of ppl making it seem lebron has no team and kobe just has everyone. lebron has just as much talent as kobe on his team. Kobe has the most skil ever. lebron is the most atheletic but thats a different story. just because u can dunk doesnt make u great. And kobe the black mamba His cluthness. THE MOST CLUTH PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS. the shots he makes are unbelieveabble. Now to his 81 point game Most amazing performance ever. ppl say jordan could have done it.. Well why didnt he? ppl say the raptors were weak. ok they were. but its not like every team jordan played were the 88' Detroit pistons. He played against non atheletic white guys in the 80's earlier 90's. look at the white guys now. however KOBE BRYANT IS THE BEST EVER and for charles barkey. He is a guy that jumps on the baan-wagon. He said denver and mavericks can beat L.A yea he would now that they are winning but early in the season and even last season right before the post-season he said that denver didnt have enough talent and the mavericks were to soft. now look at him. but i love denver and think they are the only team that can beat L.A but charles man idk u shouldnt be an analyist