monsterN.Y. Post: It was every Lakers fan’s favorite parlor game in June, in particular the span from the 5th through the 17th, or any time anyone saw Kendrick Perkins and Leon Powe bending the rim: what would Andrew Bynum do?

It was a question tinged with regret and self-comfort as Angelenos watched the physically superior Boston Celtics bully their way to the championship last spring. Bynum, the Lakers’ gifted, brawny young center, was still recovering from knee surgery and was forced to play spectator during the N.B.A. finals.

What could Bynum have done, with his muscular frame, his active feet and his 7-foot-3 wingspan? Bynum wondered, too.

“Yeah most definitely,” Bynum said. “Especially watching the game in Boston where we lost pretty badly, you were able to see a lot of things.”

Answers are coming soon, albeit under significantly less important circumstances. The Lakers and the Celtics meet next week, on Christmas, for the first time since Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett bathed themselves in cigar smoke and Champagne.

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