Lakers fans!

We are nine games into the season and the Lakers are an impressive 6-3 with the toughest schedule of any NBA team.

Let’s start by taking a look back at my post-game analysis. Every night I do my top three Lakers as well as my Smush of the Day or STD. I came up with a scoring system which gave first place each night 3 points, second place 2 points, third 1 point, and the STD -1 point. Below you can see the totals which shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Kobe is off to a great start, doing more than just scoring, most noticeable is his defense. Both Bynum and Farmar have given the Lakers exactly what we needed off the bench. Bynum has been consistent every game and Farmar has helped us with crucial runs during games. Odom comes in at 4th, but remember, he has only played four games now. Cook has -6 points, which should come as no surprise.I will continue this tally all year long to see how players progress and follow up with articles every 8 to 10 games.

Now it’s time for the comments section. How are you all feeling about the 6-3 start? How do you feel about the rotations? Should any Lakers be getting more or less playing time? What do the Lakers need to work on most? Can we put the trade talks to rest?

Let us hear it Laker Nation!

  • lakerreality81

    the lakers are doing pretty good but in reality they are never going to go beyong phoenix! boston will steal this year’s title and san antonio is really strong. it seems the lakers will have a quick exit. however i am still a lakers fan because i no that bynum and farmar is our future. go Lakers!!!!!

  • lalakerfan

    whats the point of this scoring system? bring back fatty’s game predictions

  • GET JO

    It’s about time we get a solid bench rollin and you can see the upgrade just by Sasha n Cook not getting as much PT anymore. We’re still just a “JO” away from a championship contending team.

  • Steve Avery

    [Comment ID #17448 Will Be Quoted Here]

    There is no point. I was just summarizing my top 3 of each night and giving fans an opportunity to discuss the first 9 games as a whole. I have nothing to do with Fatty’s pregame sorry.

  • Jack

    6-3 looking at the teams we bet, I love it. Let’s make it 8-3 and I would love even more to see lakers- boston back in the finals. I always wanted my lakers to win with this very Lakers team developing, and I am seeing that right now. Will we need any more hand to win a championship?that’s another question.

    Rotations look fantastic. It’s what zen master does best. PT, I leave it to Zen himself. It’s stupid that we discuss, I think. Now that we have a deep bench, players should fight for their spot, I like the fact. Saying so, I do want to see Mihm a little more.

    To better up, I can’t really comment right after a game with a bad team playing back to back. But any idoit can say you: its the TURNOVERS. Miss 15 shot, have it blocked 5 times, but stop this nuisance 20 turnovers. Western conf. teams are going to punish us bad for these “stupid-givaways.”

    Trade talks??? Whom you kidding? That’s the last thing on my mind. And I beleive that should, for right now, should be the same for everyone associated with Lakers winning.

  • LakerNation1

    thats cool that you actually do all this during the game. id be too busy just being into the game let alone have time to tally up points.

    i love how the smush of the day’s acronym is conveniently STD. it makes things so much worse haha.

    i love how everything is going so far. its really fun to watch when the team is playing smooth and consistent basketball. the only gripe i have is with cook. i used to support cook, but watching him play makes me cringe. i dont get how everyone can feed off each other’s energy, having a good time, and smiling and enjoying themselves and cook not being able to get into it. he looks like hes out of shape, and hes not playing with the same passion as everyone else is. i think he needs to get a Wade check like shaq and wake up.

  • Skim.

    Phoenix is a great team during the season but they can’t win a championship. I think the Lakers are the same. Last year we lost a lot of games in the season because of injury. If it wasn’t for the injuries I think we would have had a great season record too. Yes i believe we are starting this season very well right now. We should have won another game or so but the fact of the matter is we can’t win a championship with this squad. This will only keep Kobe happy for a while. But so far we are doing great. Go Lakers~!~!~!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #17449 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Offseason for sure it’s going down!

  • tommyboy

    It’s just too early to tell right now. All the news, media and fans are so excited and shocked about lakers winning 3 games and in a row, bench scoring more than 70 points, but it’s way too early in the season and we have to just wait and see. Everybody is getting hyped up right now but will see about that. I am a dying hard laker fan but it’s way too early to say anything. Watch if lakers lose 2 games from here and everybody will say, ” what’s wrong with lakers”?trade Kobe this and that and bunch of BS!!!. People and my fellow laker fans, let’s be take a deep breath and see what will happen this year. Thank you. TommyBoy from Down Town L.A.

  • Ticked N’ Playful

    People, please….enough about trying to get JO here in LA….he’s not that good, Kwame owns him. I kinda like Ronnie in there.

    BTW, Lamar looks gay in that pic.

  • Ticked N’ Playful

    People, please! Stop pleading for JO to come over here. He is not that good. Kwame owns him. And, I think Turiaf looks good on that 4 spot.

    BTW Lamar looks gay in that picture.

  • foxxy


  • kingkb24

    -12.5 percent LOL


    Why is Cook getting any playing time? You’re better off bringing Rambis off the bench. Turiaf needs to get better quickly, so that Crappy Chip Cookie can get his favorite seat back…the end of the bench.

  • ab4sure

    Only reason cook gets time is that they want to keep LO at the SF position.

  • drake hunter

    Can anyone explain the Lakers early season success??
    Is it Phil Jackson’s best coaching job thus far? Kobe Bryants tenacious defensive presence? I don’t think so!
    Its because Kobe doesn’t care since his trade demands. Ironically its Kobes selfishness that has led to their success. How’s that?? The fact that he wasn’t playing his ball hog style is due to him trying to prove to management the Lakers are nothing w/o him! That very reason has freed up other players to play looser and more successfully. Without the pressure of impressing Kobe and playing the way Kobe expects, these group of Lakers are looking and playing more like a team. Everyone knows Kobe has a voice in the Laker organization so can you imagine playing for 2 coaches?? Yes, TWO coaches. Phil & Kobe. Having 2 opinions & demands on how to play basketball. Now the Lakers look as if they are stepping it up and creating their own mark. They are coming out of Kobes shadows to give the Lakers a fighting & consistent chance to win daily. So far so good. So Kobe, just go on thinking the Lakers won’t succeed w/o you taking over so that we can prove your big head wrong!!!

    Yours Truly,

    Need a new favorite team guy.

  • Steve Avery

    interesting take…