Vic Jacobs

After almost two decades as a TV sportscaster and radio personality in LA, Jacobs refuses to be obsolete. The most inventive and metaphoric broadcasters continue to move, as he often says, from darkness to light...thriving in a city that still hasn't decided to embrace or dismiss him. Vic is currently one-third of the Loose Cannons from 12p-4p on AM570 KLAC as he adds his flavah of English and Spanish and mixed in with Yiddish and Martian--just a reflection, he says, on the melting pot culture of Los Angeles.

Vic The Brick gives us his interesting thoughts post Lakers/Bucks game. Feelin' YOU!

Vic "The Brick" Jacobs gives his thoughts after the Lakers victory over the Chicago Bulls.

Vic The Brick shares his thoughts on the Lakers roadtrip, and shares a haiku!

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