Friday, September 19, 2014
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The Lakers and Time Warner Cable have reached a deal with DirecTV to broadacst Laker games! After two weeks, the Lakers are available to nearly all Pay-TV subscribers.


After openly campaigning for Phil Jackson to be the next Lakers coach, Magic was quiet for two days - finally breaking the silence with these tweets.


Though Phil Jackson is the greatest coach of all time, Mike D’Antoni could be a better fit for the Lakers. For the Lakers and Dwight Howard, “Showtime” should be the future. For the present, it should work just fine as well. With Mike D’Antoni, the Lakers are not mortgaging their future for the sake of the present, as they would be with Jackson. D’Antoni is qualified to lead them now, and positioned to transition the Lakers into the future.


As the losses pile up to start the season (1-3, and 0-8 in the preseason), the prevailing word of out the Lakers mouths is that bringing together this superteam will be a “process” that will “take time.” Anxious fans are told to relax, for the team will figure it out in time. But is it true? Does it take time for great teams to come together? Looking back through recent Laker history, and superteam history suggests otherwise.



The past season for the Lakers was one of the most painful things to watch. A new era aims to change that. The question is, however: Why should we believe?