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The Los Angeles Lakers won the amnesty bid to sign Carlos Boozer.

Could Joel's twitter be a sign of things to come?

Lionel Hollins

The Lakers have interviewed two coaches with a third interview scheduled for Tuesday. Could one of these three coaches be Mike D'Antoni's successor?

Is Kobe Bryant the reason why Pau Gasol may stay?

It's official. Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni has resigned from his duties.

With Pau Gasol unlikely to return this season, have we seen the last of Pau Gasol in a Lakers uniform?

Will Mike D'Antoni return next season as Lakers head coach? It could be closer to reality than we thought.

Steve Nash's return is possible for next Tuesday night, if he can get through Thursday's practice.

Kobe Bryant expressed his feelings on multiple topics before the Lakers' MLK Day game.

Jordan Farmar just needs some more time to get back to himself.

Pau Gasol was sluggish due to an ankle injury in Kobe Bryant's return.

The Lakers have waived rookie forward Elias Harris.

Carmelo Anthony believes Kobe Bryant's Achilles is the key to the Lakers future.

Laker great Vern Mikkelsen Passes Away

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