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The NBA GMs give their take on who the Top 3 Defenders are, with Kobe's and Ron's names coming up a lot.

A reporter asked Kobe if he'd trade Pau Gasol for Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade and Kobe rejects the idea.

Andrew Bynum will sit out the Preseason, but he will travel with the team.

Phil gives his thoughts on the Miami Heat's trio and how they will do.

According to Chris Broussard, the Lakers are on Carmelo Anthony's list of destinations.

Two New Zoom Kobe VI color ways have been leaked.

Kobe's comment in the Game 7 post game conference fueled the Celtics to sign Shaq to get back at Kobe.

The Lakers signed big man, Russell Jicks to their training camp for a chance to make the team.

The 17th of September is Phil Jackson's birthday.

Mark Cuban think the Dallas Mavericks can beat the Lakers, saying they are a deeper team than the Lakers.

Ron Artest rolled with Kanye West and crew to the concert, but he gave his ticket away to his daughter, leaving Ron with no seat.

Matt Barnes was arrested for domestic violence charges, and his fiancée, Gloria Govan said she disagrees with the arrest.

A CD of "Chickisms" was released with his book of memoirs in 2004 and this CD included a rap song by Chick, mixing his Chickisms.

Ron Artest is planning to sell his championship as a fundraiser, using the money to put more psychologists and psychiatrists in schools.

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