Marwan Marzina


Lakers not looking to make a major trade this season

Kobe will play with the bad ankle against Celtics

Ron is ready to cause havoc in Boston.

Magic Johnson and Elgin Baylor among the best rookies.

Phil is 2 wins away from surpassing Pat Riley for most wins in franchise history.

Kobe agrees with those upset over the Nike ad.

Being an All Star snub will make Andrew Bynum work harder.

Kobe tweaks his ankle and plays the rest of the game.

Breakdown of Artest's and Ariza's seasons.

Ron Artet says plantar fasciitis subsiding.

Ron's feet seem to be healing and he doesn't feel symptoms of concussion.

Ron scored a season low 2 points in Indiana but was effective on defense

Sasha stays positive over sporadic playing time.

Kobe is healing up from his nagging injuries.

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