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The league rescinded a flagrant 1 foul on Shannon Brown, committed on Omri Casspi.

Andrew Bynum participated in a full court, 5 on 5 practice session for the first time since surgery.

Kobe Bryant was ranked first on Sporting News' Top 50 Players list.

Pau Gasol hopes to play on Friday but a strained hamstring may prevent him.

Pau Gasol tweaked his hamstring against the Grizzlies, after the loss to the Rocket saying it's sore.

Andrew Bynum shortens the timetable for his comeback, saying he feel good after a practice session.

Devin Ebanks will miss the game vs. Pacers due to a stomach flu.

The Lakers were because of the faulty shotclock that stopped the rhythm for the Lakers.

Bynum said he plans to rejoin the team within 3 weeks.

Shaq says the Celtics are the best team he's been on, being better than the Lakers.

Stan Van Gundy gives his outlook on Phil's comments about Pat Riley taking over for Erik Spoelstra as the Heat coach.

Andrew Bynum has been cleared to jump and dunk.

Andrew Bynum's return was pushed back because he won't be practicing with the team for at least another 2 weeks.

Skip Bayless doesn't like Kobe's participation in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops ad, thinking Kobe crossed the line.

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