Marwan Marzina


Phil Jackson was asked if he would continue coaching in the future and he answered by saying this is his final year as a head coach.

LeBron James talked about his signature and why they cost more than Kobe's, saying that his shoes are better than Kobe's shoes.

Many rumors are circulating about Dwight Howard looking to join the Lakers in 2012.

Bynum's knee hurt his knee against the Toronto Raptors and reports that after practice, his knee is still sore.

Andrew Bynum reports soreness in his knee after the game, but no swelling.

Kobe sprained his right pinkie finger against the 76ers and will play through the pain, against the Raptors.

Kobe sprained his right pinkie finger against the 76ers on Friday, X-rays were negative.

Bow Wow calls Kobe an "average" player and goes on to say that LeBron always beats him on Christmas.

With the Spurs and Mavericks owning the Western Conference this early in the season, should the Lakers be worried?

Andrew Bynum's return could be delayed due to canceled practice before playing against the Nets.

Avery Johnson compliments Kobe on his Jordan-esque game, saying he could be ahead of Jordan.

Kobe said he is not ready to pass the torch to anyone.

Ron Artest will be donating his 2011-2012 salary to charities to benefit mental health awareness.

Andrew Bynum expects to play on Tuesday against the Washington Wizards.