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Ron Artest responded to Doc Rivers' comment about the Lakers not beating the Celtics while they are healthy.

Doc Rivers claims that the Lakers haven't beat the Celtics yet, claiming that they haven't beat the Celtics' starting 5 yet.

August 23rd marks the birthday of Kobe Bryant!

Ron Artest will be changing his jersey number from 37 to 15, the number he wore at St. Johns High School

Bow Wow, confident the Miami Heat will win the Christmas game, has bet $25,000 on it against George Lopez, who says the Lakers will win, with the money going to charity.

Dr. Buss shares his thoughts on the Miami Heat and also thinks that this Laker team could be the best Laker team he's ever had.

Magic Johnson has expressed interest in owning a larger piece of a franchise, wanting to be the one that runs the show and if it means leaving the Lakers, he will do it.

The 51st birthday of Magic Johnson is celebrated today.

Newly inducted into the Hall Of Fame, Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone give their opinion on who the NBA champions will be, both picking the Lakers.

The Lakers have signed 43rd overall pick, Devin Ebanks, and 58th overall pick, Derrick Caracter, to a 2-year deal.

Shannon Brown officially signed the contract on Wednesday to return to the Lakers, saying it was an easy decision to return.

Lamar Odom answered some questions about how long he intends to play in the NBA, with the answer being around Shaquille O'Neal's age.

The NBA released the schedules for the teams with the Lakers being the highlight of the schedules as the champs are set to defend their title.

Steve Blake has impressed many scouts and trainers in the previous years in workouts and drills and he will really help the Lakers.

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