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Dwyane Wade didn't take Phil's comments regarding the Heat too lightly, thought Phil was playing mind games in an attempt to coach the Heat next season but went on record and said Phil can't coach the Heat.

Matt Barnes says he expects to participate in running drills next week.

Phil Jackson agrees with Jerry West's comments about the Lakers being 'too old to play defense well.'

Jerry West says the Lakers have been getting too old to play defense.

Shannon Brown confirms his marriage to singer Monica.

Mark Cuban came out with a statement, saying he 'likes Phil a lot'

Theo Ratliff participated in some conditioning drills on Thursday and is expected to return to practice in about a week, after the Lakers return from their road trip.

Andrew Bynum's 2nd technical foul received against the New York Knicks on Sunday night was rescinded by the league.

Matt Barnes has a torn meniscus and will require surgery.

Kobe will have his hands and footprints immortalized at the Grauman's Chinese Theater during the All-Star weekend.

Lamar Odom's left shoulder has been sore since hurting it against the Suns.

Bill Walton told Luke to retire in the summer to avoid a future of back pain but Luke refused.

Kobe didn't take any offense to Phil's comments on Kobe 'screwing up' the game.

Phil Jackson blamed Kobe for the blowout loss against the Grizzlies, for playing one-on-one.

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