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Yao will undergo precautionary CAT scans tomorrow.

Kobe passes Larry Bird in total playoff points!

Artest says Celtics took the Lakers manhood. Well Mr. Artest, prepare for us to take yours.

Ron Artest continues to cry over the "Kobe elbow" that hit his throat (despite our on spot coverage and analysis with video proof that he never did get hit in the throat).

One writer looks in at the Fisher hit and analyzes what it meant to the team and fans.

Fisher will be suspended for one game. Kobe will receive a flagrant 1 but will NOT be suspended.

Bynum says his problems are "mental, not really physical."

Despite Rockets Fans and Artest's complaints about being hit in the throat, new evidence proves he never was.

Source: Fisher Likely Suspended For Game 3

Caption This: Artest/Kobe edition.

Nation Discussion: Will there be suspensions?

Elie Seckbach, The Embedded NBA Correspondent, was asking fans about their thoughts on the MVP and Kobe only receiving 2 votes. Jaime & I both ran into Elie at game one and we gave our two cents.

This makes you wonder - is the brace really hindering his play or his his knee truly not ready?

Ron Artest claims he is the worst basketball player in the world and he may need to find a job at Burger King. He obviously was joking but this proves our theory - he is nuts!

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