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Chris Manning is a co-owner and video producer for In addition to his "LD2k" fan-video productions, Chris is working as the "Production Manager" for HS3; A Digital, Brand Strategy and Marketing company based in L.A. which represents the digital entities of numerous high-profile athletes. You can follow him on Twitter for a wide array of sports/Lakers talk!

Kobe makes finals history with 40/8/8 performance.

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LD2k's final video in the "Kobe MVP Series," enjoy watching all of his jams from his magical 2007-2008 MVP season!

Kobe Bryant selected as cover athlete for NBA 2k10!

The next installment of the "Kobe MVP Series" focusing on 28 minutes of Kobe's "And 1" plays from his MVP year of 2007-2008!

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Phil bans cell phone use during finals.

Pietrus talks about stopping Kobe Bryant and his new shoe change he may go with.

LD2k's newest video, "LIBERATION: The Ballad of Kobe Bryant"

Lakers were not prepared to win a championship against the Boston Celtics last June. However, head coach Phil Jackson says the team will be ready this year, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

President Obama picks the Lakers to win the NBA Finals.

LD2k's "Kobe MVP Series" The first video is "Three's"

LD2k's "Kobe MVP Series" The first video is "Defense"

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