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Chris Manning is a co-owner and video producer for In addition to his "LD2k" fan-video productions, Chris is working as the "Production Manager" for HS3; A Digital, Brand Strategy and Marketing company based in L.A. which represents the digital entities of numerous high-profile athletes. You can follow him on Twitter for a wide array of sports/Lakers talk!

Kobe talks about his health and how he is feeling!

The Panini Group, the NBA's exclusive trading card partner, has signed four-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers as its official company spokesman and global trading card ambassador.

Andrew Bynum says his knee is 100%; despite having to wear a knee brace for the rest of his career.

LD2k's first video of the '09-10 season kicks off with his goal this season; Vengeance to the Boston Celtics.

The Lakers have signed forwards Tony Gaffney, David Monds, Mickael Gelebale and Michael Fey, as announced (on Monday).

Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony went head-to-head in a game of "NBA 2K10" on Xbox 360.

Andrew Bynum is pumped for the season and ready to rock and roll his way into the All Star Game.

LeBron James joined "The View" and talked about the Lakers.

Olajuwon said Bryant reached out to him for help with his moves in the post.

Phil Jackson spoke with the media beginning at 2:00pm. Check out live updates from Lakers reporter, Mike Trudell!

Paul Pierce declares the Celtics as the team to beat and guarantees a championship.

Ron Artest says he will take the blame if the Lakers don't repeat. The man is ready to win.

Phil knows how he will use Ron Artest.

Kenyon Martin believes the Nuggets are better than the Lakers.

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