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Ron Artest suffered an injury at home injuring his head and left elbow. He is NOT expected to play tonight vs. the Kings.

Pau Gasol took a major paycut to help keep the championship caliber team in tact.

Kobe has scored more points on Christmas than any other player in the league today.

The new LD2k video on the Kobe/LeBron X-Mas day match up!

Hot Rod thinks Kobe is the best in the game, is seeing how many games would qualify him for a ring if the Lakers win it all this year.

Pau Gasol and the Lakers agree on contract extension!

Kobe named player of the decade by the daily dime.

Nation Discussion: Who is the team of the decade?

Bryant has answered all questions over the years, except for 'How can he top this?'

Kobe is like MJ as one writer points out.

Is Kobe NOT the clutchest player? One statistical system says so.

A cool insight into Phil's designing of Kobe's game winning shot against the Bucks.

Artest said he wouldn't mind fighting Ben Wallace on pay-per-view.

An in depth article on longtime trainer of the Los Angeles Lakers, Gary Vitti -- who has held the job for 26 years.

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