Steve Avery


At the beginning of the season if you told me we were going to be playing the Jazz in the first round, I would have been upset, thinking we had the 4th seed and were playing the 5th seeded Jazz.

It's been awhile since the Lakers controlled the game from the beginning and blew a team out.

What is it with Portland? We just can't win there!

Man, I missed him. Bynum is back! He is definitely missing a step, but it sure beats this offense two weeks ago...

Talk about a game of runs. Lakers blew it open several times but the Clippers kept coming back. Luckily, the better Los Angeles team got the last laugh as the Lakers pulled away for a 88-85 victory Sunday night.

More March Madness with the Lakers as they hung on to another game full of streaks.

The Lakers continue to impress in the second half of road games with their 57th win tonight in Detroit.

As March Madness opened up tonight, this game fit right in. It was a game of runs, of good teams blowing leads but hanging on (UCLA).

We lost. How? To the Sixers. At the buzzer. What a depressing game...

Another solid road win for this Laker team. The Lakers defense tonight was solid all around with good rotations especially in the paint.

This game just got more exciting my the minute. Unfortunately I had to watch the game without volume, so I missed all the fun with Kobe and Artest, but this was a thriller.

Three straight road losses for the Lakers with tonight's being the worst of them.

Another typical Laker victory. Sluggish start, build up a lead, slowly lose it, but win the game. A familiar script leading to a victory at home Tuesday night.

I never thought I would see the Nuggets hold a team to under 30% shooting for a night -- let alone the Lakers! It happened though and it was ugly.

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