Friday, February 5, 2016
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Jonathan Hernandez


The higher Blake Griffin’s chin continues to rise above standard, 10-foot NBA rims, the lower Lamar Odom’s chances at making the all-star game become. And in all likelihood, barring a league-wide decision by all of the coaches to award Odom with a lifetime achievement bid, it will be Blake Griffin taking Lamar Odom’s place in the 2011 NBA All-Star Game here at Staples Center come February. There’s a bit of sad irony to be had here if such an occurrence does indeed happen, for it was about 11 years ago that Lamar Odom was in Blake Griffin’s same exact shoes, being fitted with those same lofty expectations as a rookie, wearing that exact Clipper jersey, being billed as the franchise’s savior - one of the most versatile 6’9 forwards to ever grace the hardwood floor. The fact that LO could potentially be replaced in the All Star game, being held in Los Angeles of all places, by this 6’9 rookie prodigy who’s excelled in the role that he was never quite able to uphold in his 4 years with the Clippers – it all just adds a bit more insult to injury on Lamar’s part. At least he got his extra shoves in against Griffin the last time the two faced off, right? I just hope Lamar doesn’t let the inevitable disappointment get to him for too long, for as is the case for someone who plays for the Lakers instead of the Clippers, Lamar’s got ‘bigger fish to fry’ anyway – it’s the Laker who’s usually aiming for something greater in the end. In Lamar’s case, it’s that Sixth Man of the Year award, not a fleeting All-Star bid, which should be holding the most weight in his mind.


Athletic, young guard. Sports a bunch of tattoos. Comes off the bench. Can leap out of the building and into your heart. Great three-point shooter. Has the ability to go on hot streaks. Lots of potential. Adam Morrison, right? No. But close. If you had given me those descriptions in a game of Taboo two years ago, I would have confidently yelled out ‘J.R. SMITH’ while simultaneously jacking up 10 make-believe three-pointers 50 feet away from your face to further mimic J.R.’s distinct style-of-play (while also probably helping some other group in another universe win their game of NBA Charades). These days however, I’m more inclined to yell out SHANNON BROWN anytime I hear anyone use such adjectives to describe a certain NBA player. Except with Shannon, you’d also have to include the words ‘grounded’ (ironic choice of words, I know) and ‘dedicated’ to his list, while also adding ‘head-case’ and ‘enigmatic’ to J.R.’s. Oh, how the tides have turned. Just this summer, I recall a few Laker fans trying to devise new and creative ways of packaging Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton alongside some delicious, sweet treats in order to obtain the talented, yet troubled, young guard out of Denver. With the way Shannon has come out of the gate this year shooting and playing like a perennial Sixth-Man-of-the-Year candidate, however, it’s made the thought of ever even desiring J.R. Smith seem down-right insane (fitting word for him, I know).


From Mike Miller, to Tracy McGrady, to Raja Bell, to Jeremy Lin, to Jeremy Lin's mother, Nancy (I don't know if this is her name, but it sounds right, Nancy Lin), never has Laker Land quite experienced such a frenetic, all-over-the-place kind of summer.


What do you get when you add-up the respective jersey numbers of Pau Gasol (16), Andrew Bynum (17), and Adam Morrison (6)? That’s right - 39. Yes, the same number that the Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics by in the 2008 NBA Finals...


If anything’s been made clear over this past week regarding our team’s stellar play, it’s not that we don’t need Kobe – it’s that we don’t need Bynum. So…Bynum for Bosh right? Not quite. Think less raptor, and more bull. What? Chicago Bull. Make that bulls. For the last several years, many Laker fans have fanatically clamored for the services of Kirk Hinrich, and only up until this year have the stars come as close to aligning as they ever have before in this pursuit, as the Lakers now have at their ready-disposal the expiring deals of both Morrison and Farmar while the Bulls have on their end a strong desire to clear some extra salary cap space for this summer’s free agent fest. And in all actuality, adding a capable defender and solid shooter like Hinrich would only further cement our Championship-repeating chances and alleviate some of our deficiencies in speedy-point-guard-defense. But my question is…why stop with one Captain? Could it be, in our mad haste and obsession with the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, we’ve totally forgotten about another effective captain who was once able to man his own ship full of wild animals in the midst of a great storm? Why yes, I’m talking about that crazy, animal-loving-son-of-a-gun, Noah. Joakim that is. Why not, along with our quest for Kirk, also snag the much-needed services of the tough, gritty, and passionate Joakim Noah? Essentially the deal would then become: Bynum, Farmar, and Morrison for Noah, Hinrich, and whatever fillers are needed to compensate for the discrepancy in Bynum and Noah’s contracts (with Noah still being under his rookie contract of about $3 mill. a year for the next 3 years).


The former 3rd overall pick of the 2006 draft, Adam Morrison, hasn't gotten much run this season (understandably) for the loaded Lakers, and the...


Four and one – that would be the Lakers’ most recent record on their first extensive road trip of the season. It could also just as easily describe the number of healthy fingers Kobe’s been working with on his right hand in comparison to the one bummy finger that he’s been forced to adjust to on the very same hand...


Here’s a mini-recap of all the players and events that proved noteworthy of mention in my mind this preseason...


You knew people were going insane without Laker basketball when the latest Laker-related news coming out of September had Ron Artest singing (and I use the term loosely) Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” on the karaoke magic mic and Lamar Odom suddenly passing a different kind of rock to Khloe Kardashian after only a few weeks of ‘practice’.



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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