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Jason Riley is the executive director of LakerNation.com. He also pens a regular opinion column, Out of Bounds, and is the co-host of Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak. He currently splits his time in Los Angeles, CA and Carlsbad, CA.

In today's State of the Nation, our writers reflect back on the passing of Lakers' owner, and Los Angeles icon, Jerry Buss, and look ahead at what's in store for the Lakers after the All-Star break.

So far, Dwight Howard hasn't lived up to his potential with the Lakers. Does he deserve all the criticism he's been getting from fans and the media? David Brickley and Jason Riley discuss.

With the season hanging in the balance, how does Gasol's injury effect the Lakers, and what can they do to fill the void left by Pau's absence?

After injuring himself during the 4th quarter of last night's win, the Lakers have confirmed that Pau Gasol has a partial tear of his plantar fascia and will miss significant time.

Is the Kobe system the right system for the Lakers? More importantly, will Kobe continue to play distributor? David Brickley and Jason Riley break it down.

Despite the Lakers third straight win, Pau Gasol sounded off to the media about Mike D'Antoni's decision to bench him during the 4th quarter.

David Brickley joins Fox Sports Radio: Tampa to break down the Lakers season, and sound off on the job Mike D'Antoni has done with this roster.

Is the Lakers '12-13 season over? What are the fates of Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and Mike D'Antoni? Is Jim Buss to blame? We answer the five questions that will determine the Lakers future.

The Lakers snapped their losing streak at Staples Center on Friday, but after the game, Kobe Bryant shed some light on the learning process for fellow All-Star Dwight Howard.

On the latest episode of Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak, David Brickley and Jason Riley ask the question: If you owned the Lakers, what would be your very first move?

In maybe the most anticipated game of the season, the Lakers host the Miami Heat at Staples Center tonignt (7:30pm PT). Our staff of writers tell you exactly how it will go down, and who comes out on top.

After convincing wins over the Cavs and Bucks, are the Lakers finally showing signs of turning their season around? David Brickley and Jason Riley discuss. Be sure to watch the video for your chance to win a Lakers titanium bracelet from Phiten!

With almost half the season gone, the Lakers continue to struggle. Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak hosts David Brickley and Jason Riley try to make sense of it all.

In just 34 games, the Lakers have managed to extinguish their fans optimism. Instead of being a season of excitement, it's turned into a season of excuses.

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