Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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Jason Riley is the executive director of LakerNation.com. He also pens a regular opinion column, Out of Bounds, and is the co-host of Voice of the Nation: Fastbreak. He currently splits his time in Los Angeles, CA and Carlsbad, CA.


The playoffs are set; and Riley and Manning are back with their thoughts and predictions in this mega-playoff extended edition of Basketball Taboo.


Years before Pau Gasol breathed life back into the Lakers organization, Derek Fisher cemented his crunch-time legacy and Kobe surged into the GOAT conversation… they were there. Pinched between generational periods of Boston sport-hate, disgust for the overconfident Denver Nuggets and the hushed arrogance of NBA poster boy Kobe East (Lebron James)… they were there.


Jason Riley and Chris Manning are back for Episode #5 of 'Basketball Taboo'. This week, they talk Mark Cuban, Lebron James, Rasheed Wallace vs. Ron Artest, the Lakers playoff chances, Kobe's injuries, Bill Simmons and, of course, get to your questions in an all-new Taboo Mailbag!


Jason Riley and Chris Manning are back with Episode #4 of Basketball Taboo. This week, the guys talk Lebron James to the Clippers, the Lakers playoff match-ups, Ron Artest vs. Trevor Ariza and respond to your questions in a brand-new Mailbag segment.


The Lakers Nation is such a spoiled and self-important fan base – and if you’re offended by that, you’re really just proving my point. In all fairness, we have inherited our egotism from the franchise we passionately support – and why shouldn’t we feel a certain sense of entitlement?


My celeb-gossip connoisseur girlfriend has the inside scoop on the daily adventures of Hollywood’s elite. Every once in a while, she will drop me a story that doesn’t leave me feeling like J.R. Smith after an English exam when she’s done. This morning, she read me a piece of an interview from US Weekly (I’m told that’s a magazine) where the following exchange with Lamar Odom happened:


The NBA season is starting to pick up, and that means it’s time for another ridiculously long mailbag! Send me your questions, comments and anything else you want to rant about.


Last Sunday, shortly before Kobe committed aggravated burglary in Boston (the highlight of my NBA season thus far), I remembered all over again how much I hate the Boston Celtics. Just the sight of Paul Pierce getting tangled up with Ron Artest right before tip-off evoked irrational thoughts of rage that should certainly have me at CVS picking up my Paxil prescription.


I talk an awful lot about overly emotional Lakers’ fans – primarily because I am a recovering one myself. If I were to create an F-Bomb Usage Chart that spanned the entirety of my life, it would look something like this:


I can be a superstitious person, but only when it comes to sports. I remember one specific occasion where I forced my superstition on the other ill-fated members of my family. During a game against the Mavericks back in 2002, I wardrobed all of them in Lakers’ gear before tip-off.


Most of us secretly (or not-so-secretly) thought the Lakers would do the NBA schedule like Jason Voorhes does Spring Break. Of course, we weren’t alone in our observations. Reggie Miller predicted the Lakers would start the season at 20-1. Kenny Smith predicted a healthy Lakers team to challenge the ’96 Chicago Bulls regular season wins record (72-10). 8/10 NBA.com analysts and 19/20 ESPN.com analysts picked the Lakers to win the West.


Merry Christmas, Lakers Nation! Don't forget to send in your questions and/or comments for January's Out of Bounds Mailbag! (via e-mail, tweet or the form...


It’s been a crazy week in the world of sports. A superstar athlete cheated on his wife? Are you serious? That’s as surprising as Rasheed leading the league in T’s (again) with 10 after tonight’s mini-tantrum (the highlight of my night). I really am trying hard to avoid writing a column about Tiger Woods. I think the best way to do that is to kick off my random thoughts by talking about the real player of the decade, Kobe Bryant.


Boston-loving sports columnist Bill Simmons' had a lot to say about Kobe and the Lakers in his latest column. What do you guys think? Is Simmons' starting to see the light?



With the Lakers off to a poor start, trade rumors have begun to swirl around Kobe Bryant, leading many to speculate if he'll leave for greener pastures. Kobe puts those rumors to rest in his interview with Yahoo Sports.
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