Monday, September 22, 2014
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This should come as good news to those quick to press the panic button when it comes to athlete surgeries. According to Luke Walton,...


Last night, Dr. Jerry Buss was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. On behalf of Lakers fans everywhere, we want to congratulate him on an unprecedented legacy he has left our team. As our logo reads, "In Buss We Trust." Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Jerry!


8 years to the day of his passing, we remember Chick Hearn.


Thought we would leave you with a nice Sunday treat. This Kobe vs. Miami Thrice plot is only going to thicken, its going to be good! Great video by Bigtexx007.


As you probably know, the Lakers 2010 Championship DVD is available today! Now half of you reading are probably rushing to your local stores, or iTunes to pick it up... yeah, we understand. Fortunately, we have our hands on a few copies of the DVD's and since this website can't function without you all, we're sharing.


Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski is the first to report that Matt Barnes has reached a 2-year agreement with the Lakers. Welcome to L.A. - just remember, Kobe didn't flinch.


Well, he wasted no time with this one. Strike while the iron's hot, I guess! Adding onto the flurry on post-Game 7 Ron Artestmania -- Here's the official video for Ron Artest's single, Champion. Thought's on the video? Besides that it was quickly put together, please.


For those who are still a little weary of today's Lakers Championship parade -- here's some last minute info you should read before leaving your house (if you haven't already).


You heard about it during his postgame interview, you heard about it again somewhere else, and at some point, you probably told yourself that you want to listen to it. Ron Artest's latest single is here, and its rightfully named "Champion." We've heard some of Ron's previous singles -- including such hits as Get Low, Fever, Georgetown Girl, and everyone's favorite Workout.


Our Champions made the rounds on late night TV after the Game 7 victory. Kobe, Derek, Ron, Shannon, Josh, Sasha, and DJ were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live, while Pau Gasol was chatting it up with Jay Leno. Here's the team on Jimmy Kimmel, very funny stuff!


For the 16th time in their glorious franchise history, the Los Angeles Lakers have become Champions of the Basketball World! Stay tuned to...


Throughout this years Playoffs, hours before time-off of a closeout game, we’ve put up this same video; and every game we have closed out. We started posting this video knowing that Phil Jackson makes the team watch this before closeout games, and it’s become sort of a tradition here. The following scene is from 1992’s Glengarry Glen Ross. Here’s to hoping for one last close out.


Life's a game of inches, and when you add up all the inches -- that's the difference between winning and losing. One of the more inspirational sports speeches given by none other than Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday.


At times, it's easy to forget how good of a defensive team the Lakers can be -- which is likely attributed to the high level of defense Boston has played in stretches during these Finals. BasketBreakdowns shows us what the Lakers are doing right!



The past season for the Lakers was one of the most painful things to watch. A new era aims to change that. The question is, however: Why should we believe?