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The Big Fella is about to get some big recognition. On the heels of Shaquille O'Neal's retirement last season, the Lakers had announced that the team would in...

Kobe and everyones favorite Spanish rookie, Ricky Rubio, exchanged some friendly words... errr... trash talk following Sunday nights Lakers win over the Timberwolves.

According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers have contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers about acquiring 4-year point guard, Ramon Sessions.

Super cool English business mogul, Richard Branson, thinks he has it allllllll figured out. Wrong. Once you reach the top, there's another top. The Virgin Group CEO is about to get a reality check in level 7 of the #KobeSystem. You're welcome.

The Lakers lack depth. The Lakers lack productivity from the point guard position. The Lakers lack scoring. If you were to take away anything from the first 19 games of this current season, those three would likely be high on that list. But there might be a solution -- one in the form of a 30-year-old guard who was once famously known for yelling out the name of a Japanese heating device while shooting. Hoopsworld.com's Alex Kennedy reports that the Lakers are eyeing Gilbert Arenas. The Los Angeles Lakers have expressed interest in Gilbert Arenas, according to sources close to the situation. The 30-year-old is an unrestricted free agent after being amnestied by the Orlando Magic last month. No signing is imminent, but the Lakers have reached out to the veteran point guard. League sources say that Arenas would love to join the Lakers. He grew up in Los Angeles and is interested in playing for his hometown team. He believes that he can contribute in Los Angeles’ backcourt, which currently features an aging Derek Fisher, injured Steve Blake and inexperienced Darius Morris. Arenas and Blake played together for two years with the Washington Wizards. If health and conditioning are a concern, Kennedy mentions that Arenas dropped 20 pounds during the extended off-season, helping prevent any issues with his surgically repaired knee. Arenas' stint in Orlando may be a cause for concern. The three-time NBA All-Star struggled off the bench and was frequently in Stan Van Gundy's doghouse. But his 17 point starting average last season with both the Wizards and Magic can add a much needed spark that the Lakers desperately need. It's worth noting that Arenas is good friends with Dwight Howard, a player the Lakers are widely known to have interest in, and according to reports, now at a crossroad with his Orlando teammates. Dwight pushed for Gilbert to get more playing time last season and was opposed to the team using it's amnesty on the 6'4 guard. The question is, are we expecting too much from an amnestied player?

Level #4 of the #KobeSystem takes us through explosion. Until Tony Robbins starts wasting everyones time... again. How much of your time did Tony Robbins waste?

When he was younger, Kobe used to just attack quick. But the #KobeSystem is about adaptation. Aziz Ansari gets a lesson in early success. We'll learn more when we reach level 2. Are you on the #KobeSystem yet?

Where do you go from the top? You go over the top. In this latest spot from Nike, Kobe Bryant guides the successful to becoming ultra successful.

The Black Mamba walks us through the science behind his new Nike Zoom Kobe VII's.

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What does Kobe Bryant know about stand-up? Everything.

Kobe and Gasol, the two-man tandem that have the Lakers to back-to-back World Championships -- arguably one of the best in franchise history. Laker Nation is giving you a chance to show if you can correctly guess both of their contributions.

Is it a Christmas miracle? Possibly. Merry Christmas, Laker Nation! Enjoy a full day of NBA basketball!

Through the absolute madness that has transpired within the last 24 hours, many wondered where Kobe Bryant stood in all this. With Lakers training camp beginning today, members of the media wasted no time asking the Lakers superstar about the now nixed trade for Chris Paul. Lakers reporter, Mike Trudell quotes Kobe on his take...

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