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And today we face DAAAAA BULLS.

WSJ: Kobe Bryant has earned millions from celebrity endorsements with Coca-Cola Co. and Nike Inc. Now, a small Swiss watchmaker wants in on the...

... We're starting off the game with multiple fouls to give.

We're proud to present a special St. Lakers Day edition of TLN Live!

With all due respect to Irish people everywhere -- I cannot wear green, and if you're reading this, I know you can't either.

TLN Live: Lakers vs. Mavericks

Were you wondering what exactly the Kobe/Artest exchange was about?

Trevor will become the third Laker SF to get a run as a starter this season. He can bring some defensive tenacity to the starting lineup, but will bench production suffer?

TLN Live - Lakers @ Spurs Tonight's Role Model of the Game is Pau Gasol! Early tipoff tonight -- anyone think Machine get in fight with...

TLN Live: Lakers @ Rockets Tonight's "Role Model of the Game" is Derek Fisher! Learn more about the contest, and don't forget to leave your email. Or...

NBA vice president Stu Jackson decided Tuesday that Lakers forward Trevor Ariza would not be penalized further for his hard foul against Trail Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez...

Never have I been so lucky to not get a speeding ticket. We're starting off 8 minutes late, but we begin... Tonight's Role Model of the Game is Luke Walton!

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