Kam Pashai

Kam Pashai is a co-founder and creative director for LakerNation.com.

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And today we face DAAAAA BULLS.

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WSJ: Kobe Bryant has earned millions from celebrity endorsements with Coca-Cola Co. and Nike Inc. Now, a small Swiss watchmaker wants in on the...

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... We're starting off the game with multiple fouls to give.

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New NBA Playoff ad.

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We're proud to present a special St. Lakers Day edition of TLN Live!

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With all due respect to Irish people everywhere -- I cannot wear green, and if you're reading this, I know you can't either.

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TLN Live: Lakers vs. Mavericks

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Were you wondering what exactly the Kobe/Artest exchange was about?

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Trevor will become the third Laker SF to get a run as a starter this season. He can bring some defensive tenacity to the starting lineup, but will bench production suffer?

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TLN Live - Lakers @ Spurs Tonight's Role Model of the Game is Pau Gasol! Early tipoff tonight -- anyone think Machine get in fight with...

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TLN Live: Lakers @ Rockets Tonight's "Role Model of the Game" is Derek Fisher! Learn more about the contest, and don't forget to leave your email. Or...

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NBA vice president Stu Jackson decided Tuesday that Lakers forward Trevor Ariza would not be penalized further for his hard foul against Trail Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez...

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Never have I been so lucky to not get a speeding ticket. We're starting off 8 minutes late, but we begin... Tonight's Role Model of the Game is Luke Walton!