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TLN Live: Lakers @ Rockets Ron Ron is talking a looooootta trash...

The NBA really went all out on this one.

Luke Walton, who missed Game 1 with a left ankle injury suffered in Game 4 of the Utah series, practiced and will play on Wednesday in Game 2 against Houston.

TLN Live: Lakers vs. Rockets

Basketball fans often groan when they open the NBA page to find that a sports writer’s ad hoc statistical gymnastics have the Jazz favored for the championship, or the Bucks with a higher power ranking than the Spurs.

Lets close out this series.

Lets win this one for Tex!

Hey everyone, I'm in LAX with Shane waiting for our flight to Utah today. The Lakers currently hold a 2-1 series lead over the Jazz, tonights game is surely important to hold any momentum we may have in this first round. Lakers have lost 8 of the last 11 games in Salt Lake, Kobe is 1-8 in the Playoffs.

The TLN Live crew is taking a breather tonight from the live action. But you guy can keep up with all the live talk on TLN's Gametime Discussion!

TLN Live: Lakers vs. Jazz

Alex McKechnie the Athletic performance coordinator for the Los Angeles Lakers has worked for years to perfect his Core X System...

And so it begins! Sorry Utah, the music stops here.

Here's the upcoming first round schedule you've all been waiting for -- please adjust your life schedule accordingly.

Poppin' campaign with a tear rolling down our eyes. Another regular season has come and gone.

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