Friday, October 24, 2014
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Okay, I know this isn't real -- but seeing Kobe completely dominate just about every player in the league within a 30 second span has to put a smile on your face.


Today's "Wow, I can't believe I just heard that, let me go back and watch it again just to make sure" award unanimously goes to Lamar Odom. Seems like Candyman's diligently done his basketball research this off-season, and he's found the key to success... becoming a Pony. Ponies, candies, and Kardashian's, gotta love LO.


To wrap it up, here are some exclusive shots from Lakers media day 2009. Fair to say you've officially had your media day fix...


Click Here To Watch Live Feed live steam has ended For the first time ever, will stream live the 2K Sports NBA Real Training Camp,...


We've got some raw audio interviews from today Lakers media day. The vibe from El Segundo was great -- obviously the Lamar Odom situation was a stand out, but that doesn't begin to scratch the surface of all the storylines going into this upcoming season. Listen for yourself...


We’ll be on top of all of today’s media day coverage. Join us for a live blog where we’ll discuss the upcoming season and get you as much info from El Segundo as we can!


Well, that was quick. We tried to stay away from this story, we really did. But now I bring to you the latest Hollywood couple, Odashain. I'll collect royalties off that name. Question is, does Khloe get the Jessica Simpson treatment if Lamar under performs? Before things get out of hand, let's remember that he isn't exactly known for his consistency on the court. Either way, we like to congratulate the both of them!


We'll give him an 'E' for effort. Here's the music video for Ron's latest track, 'Workout.' [youtube]


Gleabale had one of his bigger games against us a couple seasons ago. It will be interesting to see if he makes the team. HoopsHype:...


Let's take a step back from the team and look at the league as a whole. This could become a major issue. New York Times:...


UPDATE - $300 package added for purchase! Depart: Thursday, Oct. 15, departs LAX at 1:10 PM PST. Return: Saturday, Oct. 17, departs Las Vegas at 1:00...


Per Eric Pincus of, Jordan Farmar will be switching jersey numbers this upcoming season.


Former Seinfeld Writer/Producer Peter Mehlman, sits down with our very own Derek Fisher for a... unique interview. Just sit back and watch this!


He's getting up there! He's been in the league since the age of 17, how quickly does time fly by? We want to wish our MVP a Happy Birthday! May the following year bring you another Larry O'Brien Trophy, and any other individual accolades that may come with it.



After another setback during the pre-season, the Lakers announced today that Steve Nash will miss the 2014-2015 season due to ongoing back issues. Via Lakers: EL SEGUNDO...