Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Ron Artest redeems himself from what would have been considered a poor game; etching himself into Lakers Playoff history lore. Game 5 is in...


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be hosting a live game chat with a few of his friends during tonight's game. James Worthy, Jamaal Wilkes, Rick Fox and Marques Johnson (just a few friends, no big deal), will be talking basketball while fans can engage and interact as they share Laker memories from the '85 Playoffs.


Tonight, we're looking at a 4 game sweep of the Utah Jazz. We did this during the last round, and we'll do it again...


It was announced today that Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol have again been given All-NBA honors. The panel of 122 sportswriters and broadcasters selected...


Kobe Bryant's made the NBA's All-Defensive first team for the fifth consecutive year. Again, for the fifth consecutive year, I don't think anyone is really surprised.


Think it might be worth a mention that today is our 3 year anniversary. Yeah, we're old timers. The site officially opened days after the Lakers were eliminated by the Suns in 2007. Since then, we've been a hub for Lakers fans across the world...


Yahoo: Just in case the Utah Jazz forgot how Kobe Bryant finishes games, he provided another painful playoff reminder. Bryant scored 11 of his 31...


Otherwise, known as the close-out game. [youtube] Pau Gasol game winner and postgame interview + Kobe postgame after the jump... [youtube] [youtube]


Tonight's Game 6 is a possible close out. In typical Phil Jackson fashion, the team will be watching the following clip from 1992's Glengarry...


Without further ado, here's the logo for the NBA's upcoming All-Star weekend in Los Angeles. Thoughts? Everyone looking forward to All-Star weekend here in L.A.?...


Kevin Durant couldn't believe what he was hearing every time he turned on the TV or radio or what he was reading every time he picked up the paper or went on the Internet. Kobe Bryant was getting old, he was past his prime; he was finally breaking down.


These big wins never get boring. [youtube]


The five time NBA champion, and former Laker is calling out seemingly ever player not named Kobe Bryant. Justified? Yes. Will Lamar, Ron, and...


If there's one thing I know about Lakers fans, its that when things are bad -- half our fan base is either overly confident, or overly unconfident. There is no in-between. Here's a Game 5 video made by one of the confident ones. Video credit to Lakers fan/mixmaker, Silo.



It remains to be seen if the Lakers will be a playoff contender this season, but if anything, it will surely be the best...