Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Kam Pashai

Kam Pashai is a co-founder and creative director for LakerNation.com.


The Lions Den. It's the name commonly referred to the crowd at Staples Center in Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals. Arguably, the loudest crowd for a game in Staples Center history. It's almost no question that the crowd lifted the team when it needed it the most, throughout the entire game, going into the fourth quarter with a big deficit, and turned that into a victory.


Although Andrew Bynum says that there's a 100% chance he'll play in tomorrow's Game 5, in the longhaul, L.A. can't win this series without Lamar Odom giving some sort of consistent effort. BasketballBreakdowns helps explain Odom's trouble -- we'll at least they try. I don't think its entirely possible to explain the Odom mystery... we've tried to solve that puzzle for six seasons now.


At this point, it should be one of the Lakers worst kept secretes. Since taking a seat next to Phil five years ago, Brain Shaw's been groomed as a possible heir apparent. With Phil Jackson's career coming to a possible end (whether it be this season, or two seasons from now), we're all wondering if Shaw is ready.


On the days following a major Playoff loss, the mood tends to be negative. But it might be a good idea to take a step back for a second and look at sports from a different perspective. The 4-year-old Ezra Frech was born with a birth defect which now makes it necessary to use a prosthetic leg. If you think that you don't have anything in common with him, you're probably wrong -- Ezra is an avid Lakers fan. Here's his story...


Coach John Wooden died today at 6:45 p.m. at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.


We're giving out another Only Kings Have Rings shirt courtesy of The Forest Lab!


It seems like you guys were into the 'Beat Boston' sign idea -- but what you really wanted was another particular chant. As always, we listened to you guys and are giving you what you want. So here you go, "Boston Sucks" signs for all!


The creative Nike ad group have a new Kobe spot for this years NBA Finals. Players from past and present are witnessing Kobe's quest...


Going to a Finals game? Want to show your hatred for the Celtics? You've got just the thing for you! We've put together 'Beat Boston' signs for all.


There’s one every year we make it this far, so you knew to expect it. Last year, Jay Rock dropped his Lakers verse, after Snoop Dogg & Kurupt did theirs in 2008. This year, DJ Felli Fel (of our friends at Power 106) got together with Ice Cube, Ray J, Chino Xl, Roscoe Umali, Lil Rob, New Boyz to support our team.


It seems that Pau feels that there's a chip on his shoulder going into this Finals series. Gasol recieved much of the heat following our elimination in 2008, when his "soft label" reach its peak.


The focus on this years Lakers Playoff run has taken a sharp turn. What we were calling our road to repeat's become our road...


The Los Angeles Lakers have closed out the Phoenix Suns in 6 games, winning the Western Conference Championship for the third consecutive year.


Tonight, we're looking at a 6 game close out of the Phoenix Suns. We did this during the last two rounds, and we'll do...



Lakers rally in the second half to overcome Jazz lead, and win the game.