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With Gasol recently struggling to find his game, point guard Steve Nash has said he would like to get him more involved in the offense and try to get him back to his old self.

Chemistry is no longer the class you're struggling with at school, it's is now something to worry about on the basketball court. Without it, a team such as the Lakers cannot succeed.

Matt Barnes was recently interviewed regarding his former Laker team. Let's just say his comments weren't necessarily something for Laker fans to smile about.

Dwight Howard was ejected late in the 3rd quarter for a flagrant 2 foul. Will Dwight's ways continue to hurt the Lakers title chances? Or will he figure it out and play like the player we all know he can be?

Pau Gasol has not been his typical self this season, and that's becoming clear to everyone, including Mike D'Antoni. This past week, the two sat down for a meal to discuss how to improve Gasol's usage on the court and to bring him back to full form.

Mitch Kupchak is the mastermind behind the new look Lakers, but no one expected the result to be sub .500 basketball midway through December.

With all the talk focused on Steve Nash and his return, we have to wonder if that return will truly help as much as fans everywhere are hoping for.

Nash's injury is more serious than it seems, and he may be out much longer than fans would have hoped for.

Will the Lakers acquire Josh Smith, or will they let this one slip away? I weigh in on the benefit of trading for Smith and how much it could help the Los Angeles Lakers.

WIth the Lakers bench struggling, one has to ask if the Lakers are cursed to forever have a poor bench squad to back up their phenomenal starters.

With the All Star ballot voting getting changed up a bit, some players are not fully ok with it, Howard, most notably, the biggest opponent.

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