Thursday, October 23, 2014
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After a rather disappointing off-season, the Lakers are forced to continue their rebuilding process.


Pau Gasol may have been one of the greatest Lakers to play for the team. His underrated playing ability and stats are something that people often look over, and his legacy should not be forgotten despite whatever team he chooses to sign with this offseason.

Tom Thibodeau


Although Tom Thibodeau is still a member of the Chicago Bulls coaching staff, the Lakers and Kobe Bryant may keep an eye on the defensive guru.


Kobe Bryant has yet to set a return date from his left knee injury, and he delves into how his injury is taking much longer to heal than he would like.


Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash have been battling devastating injuries all season long, and it now appears as if those injuries will keep them sidelined through the season's end.


Pau Gasol has clearly been frustrated under coach D'Antoni, and he let those frustrations be heard following Tuesday's loss to the Indiana Pacers.


Kobe Bryant is expected to miss at least two more weeks with a knee fracture; that begs the question, should he rehab the rest of 2014 and return next year?


Tanking. Something no team truly wants to admit to doing but in reality many teams do it to adequately prepare for the future.


Pau Gasol and Kendall Marshall earn co-honors as Players of the Week from last week.


Last week's POW:  Jodie Meeks Well Nation, this week was a rather eventful one to say the least.  Losing Kobe Bryant for another six weeks...


The Lakers have signed second-year point guard Kendall Marshall to help fill their injury-depleted backcourt.


This last week one player stepped up and really deserved to be the player of the week with his hot shooting performances against Sacramento and Toronto.


Today, Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi are two of the world's most revered athletes, and it makes sense to pit them against each other...


Last week's POW: Pau Gasol This was certainly an interesting week for the Los Angeles Lakers as they had a few key players dealing with injuries...



The Lakers' young players led the game and then went on to win it over the Damien Lillard-lef trailblazers.