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Kobe Bryant recently said something that may surprise you.

Kobe Bryant's most impressive moment has nothing to do with a basketball.

Where does Kobe rank? Who came in as the #1 most hated athlete this year? STNTV's Kevin Figgers runs down the list 10 through 1.

Bryant talked about Jerry Buss' historic 34 year run which included 16 trips to the NBA Finals, and 10 championships:

We get it. This has nothing to do with the Lakers. However, are you really going to complain? Countdown #10 all the way to #1 as we celebrate Valentines Day here on LakerNation.com

Rapper Lil Wayne was in South Beach rooting for the Lakers during the Miami Heat game... and apparently got thrown out by police.

During the ABC telecast against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, ESPN color analyst and former NBA coach, Jeff Van Gundy had some harsh words for Dwight Howard.

It's official, Laker Nation. The Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, has officially joined Twitter. Follow him here: @KobeBryant

Dwight Howard wants your help in saving Centers who have been taken off the All-Star ballot in this Sarah McLachlan-inspired PSA.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmAOWZsXnEE] After a collapse in Houston, the Los Angeles Lakers are 8-10 on the season and just 1-5 on the road. What is wrong?...

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ackLmsIWOvk&w=640&h=360] Dwight Howard takes over the PA system on the team plane and pokes a little fun at Kobe Bryant.

SportsAgentBlogs.com After the Lakers win on Sunday night, Dwight Howard was asked about his electric dunks that had the Lakers bench going crazy. No...

With Mike D'Antoni running the show, can Pau Gasol survive as the Lakers starting power forward or will they trade him for a big man that can play a more fast pace game?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko0Saev3HZA?list=UUCgzaZOEr5MM_Vnw5P2PMuA&hl=en_US&w=650&h=400] Phil Jackson released the following statement after the Lakers announced that they have hired Mike D'Antoni. What do you think? Make sure to...

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