Anna Gonda

Anna Gonda has been the post-game editor for since the 2009-2010 season. Between post-game reports, she's a full-time advertising coordinator for an academic publisher and a part-time photographer. Favorite Lakers: Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher. Favorite Laker Moment: Game 7, 2010 Finals against the Boston Celtics.

The Lakers lived by the three and only the three in the nation's capital, and the result is a defense-less game that cost them another victory.

Led, again, by Pau Gasol, the Lakers defeat the Kings and start a winning streak.

No Kobe, No Nash, no problem against the Warriors.

Jordan Hill dominates game to help the Lakers get their fifth win.

The Lakers are in desperate need for a closer, as they lose to the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Lakers were within striking distance for the majority of the game, but the Nuggets had the altitude and attitude advantage when it came time to close the game.

Jordan Hill thrives in the starting line-up and helps the Lakers' blowout of the New Orleans Pelicans.

They kept it close until the end, but the Lakers were no match for Anthony Davis and the Pelicans.

In their first meeting with former teammate, Dwight Howard, the Lakers show they can win on the road.

For the second time in this early season, the Lakers are dominated by their opponent. Tonight it was the Dallas Mavericks, led by Monta Ellis.

Lakers lose a 21-point lead, but manage a close win over Hawks.

Led by sharp-shooting Klay Thompson, the Golden State Warriors completely outwork Lakers into a lopsided loss.

Lakers take the first game against their opponents from across the tunnel.

After a long pre-season, the Lakers defeat the Utah Jazz and look forward to the season ahead.

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