Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Anna Gonda

Anna Gonda has been the post-game editor for since the 2009-2010 season. Between post-game reports, she's a full-time advertising coordinator for an academic publisher and a part-time photographer. Favorite Lakers: Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher. Favorite Laker Moment: Game 7, 2010 Finals against the Boston Celtics.


“There’s no sense of urgency in this team right now,” a very candid Phil Jackson said to Bill MacDonald before the game. He also added, “And the coaches can’t push the stick hard enough up their butts to do it.” Talk about honesty...


No long winning streaks at the end of the season could do it. Being blown out of arenas wasn’t cutting it either. Inspirational talks by Derek Fisher? Check. The return of Kobe Bryant’s shooting prowess? Check. Exciting buzzer beating victories to highlight their season? Check. What is there left to do for this team to just play… well?


... What are you boys doing these days? Your team had found some momentum this past month, the Playoffs are eight games away, and you’ve both picked NOW to stop doing what has given you and the Lakers success this season?


Unpredictable, this season’s Laker team. At times, we marvel at their intelligence, their savvy and their will to win. Unforgettable road victories against rival Boston, a strong Utah squad and a veteran Spurs group were enough to keep the doubters at bay...


Well Lakers, you did something no one in L.A. thought you could ever do. You played WORSE than you did on Christmas Day...


The Spurs, this season, have been accused of being too old, past their prime, at times lost, and unable to gel with all their new players. They have struggled, it’s certainly no secret, but there has always been an air of confidence about them, from the coach to last player on the rotation, that keeps them in the rear view mirror of veteran teams who know them all too well -- like the Lakers.


In the first game without Andrew Bynum, whose absence can last up to two weeks (so far as everyone has been told), the Lakers started lethargically on the floor in the first quarter before finally picking up their game in the second quarter...


The thousand watt smile -- it’s been awhile since Lamar Odom’s flashed his infectious grin for everyone, but after nailing a fourth shot from...


“I was so tired,” Andrew Bynum told Stu Lantz in a post-game interview. “I thought I was gonna have a bad game.”


If you can’t kill them with your size, kill them with your speed. That’s what Don Nelson must’ve told his injury-ridden Golden State Warriors who ran the Lakers into playing at their pace so effectively that it produced 24 turnovers...


The Lakers have been a topic of conversation in the NBA lately, and not because of anything they’re doing right; mostly because of everything they’re doing wrong...


The Lakers must’ve forgotten what happened the last time they were in Orlando. They forgot that in their last visit with Dwight Howard and company, they played like the better team, the more experienced group of players, the ones who wanted the championship the most...


It’s called the “charity stripe” for a reason. It is an opportunity to score freely in a game; no arms flailing about to hinder your vision, no opponents chasing you down, little disturbance on the court while other players wait until your release before they make any movements, etc. Free throws are basically complimentary points...


If the Lakers were going to win this game, George Karl probably advised his team, they would have to do it with someone other...



It remains to be seen if the Lakers will be a playoff contender this season, but if anything, it will surely be the best...