rebsLakers Examiner: Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum has been stepping up his offensive performance in the last few games, but unfortunately it is having an adverse effect on his rebounding.

Bynum’s rebounding has been down all season, but recently it has fallen to catastrophic depths, lowlighted by a meager three rebound performance against the league’s best young center, Dwight Howard (meanwhile Howard snatched up 20 rebounds). It’s pretty sad that we got excited when Bynum pulled down six last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Two games before that, Bynum had one rebound against the Houston Rockets. Let’s take a moment to reflect on that.

Ok, have you gathered yourself? Andrew is 7-feet tall with a wingspan that’s off the charts. How could he not accidentally have more than one ball land in his hands? He’d have to be trying not to rebound, right?

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  • Milo

    Andrew Bynum took sideshow Bob to school last night he did a great jod and was very active we need to feed him the ball more and the same goes for Gasol they both need more touches…