The Lakers center credits his improvement to Abdul-Jabbar’s guidance. Most improved player for the 2007-08 season? Anyone? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

ohyeah.jpgL.A. Times: Two young, ascendant centers — 20-year-old Andrew Bynum of the Lakers and 25-year-old Chris Kaman of the Clippers — were on display Sunday at Staples Center, and they didn’t disappoint.

Bynum, still baby-faced, still learning and growing in his third season out of high school. He played 31 minutes, had six blocks — one short of tying his career high — 14 points and nine rebounds, barely missing his 12th double-double this season.

Kaman, in his fifth NBA season after playing three college seasons, is one of the few bright spots on a team whose playoff hopes were effectively deflated when Elton Brand ruptured his Achilles’ tendon on a practice court in August. Kaman had 16 rebounds and 18 points Sunday but shot only six for 19 from the floor and had no blocked shots in just over 38 minutes.

Advantage? Pretty even.

But the nod ultimately goes to Bynum in this round because his team won.

Even Kaman acknowledged his adversary’s accomplishments.

“He’s so long and he’s got good timing in blocking shots. He got a couple of mine that I thought he wasn’t going to get. He surprised me a little there,” Kaman said.

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Bynum’s growth spurt continues

  • dj matt20

    one thing i heard that i have to agree with is when you get a good pick in the draft for a center you are very lucky because it’s rare to draft a good center. i’m really excited about Bynum’s potential of skill to see what is to come in the future, and i’m GLAD that we got rid of Shaq even though we had a couple of rocky seasons. only if we kept Butler…where would we be at now. contender for sure!!!

  • LakersFirst

    Big men are the keys to championships


    Jerry Buss and company know this. Only MJ was good enough win without a dominant center.

  • http://hhb PHANT0M


  • mplakers


  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19709 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Your comparing Bynum to Jeff Foster??? LMAO again ahhahaahahahha

  • daboss1848


    If you’re going to diminish or devaluate a player, the least you could do is get the stats right:

    AB: 11.1 ppg, 10.0 rpg, 2.0 bpg, 59.6 FG%, 67.8 FT%, 26.5 mpg
    JF: 6.7 ppg, 9.1 rpg, 0.3 bpg, 52.1 FG%, 58.3 FT%, 26.3 mpg

  • LA Forever

    Lol JF is the same as AB lol thats funny, look at there stats

    PPG 11.1
    RPG 10.0 AND ONLY PLAYED 2 years
    APG 1.5
    SPG 0.5
    BPG 2.0
    FG% 0.596
    FT% 0.678
    3P% 0.000
    MPG 26.5

    PPG 6.7
    RPG 9.1
    APG 1.4 Played for 8 years still Sucks
    SPG 0.6
    BPG 0.3
    FG% 0.521
    FT% 0.583
    3P% 0.000
    MPG 26.3

  • Nabil

    I think its pretty clear now that Kwame is expendable in a trade. But unfortunately the 15th has come and gone and no trade. I had my fingers crossed that they had something lined up and were just waiting for the 15th….grrr…

  • mplakers

    yes yes please look at those stats…people don’t be dumb like ab4sure….my point is don’t get TOO excited…andrew is a few bad games away from having jeff foster’s stats…that is my POINT….let’s not crown this kid anything yet. like i said in another post, i certainly appreciate his growing intensity and improvement. ask yourself isn’t it easier to slide down than to make the climb upwards? let’s be wary of his EARLY success…

  • lakerfan81

    Here is the problem, stats do not tell the whole story. First off Jeff Foster is a good player. A solid defender, he is not going to block a lot of shots but he is a good post defender and he is one of the best rebounders in the league. But if you are saying the Bynum is not playing any better than Foster you are seriously mistaken. Right now Bynum is the 2nd best young C in the league behind Dwight Howard. Yes its early and he could hit a wall like he did last season, but from watching the game Bynum looks like his conditioning is light years ahead of where it was last year. He is stronger,quicker and more explosive than he was last year. Plus Bynum seems to be getting better every game, particularly on the defensive end of the floor. He is learning to use his length to challenge shots without fouling. I like one of his quotes where he said that he is 7 ft tall and has a huge height advantage (speaking of penetrating guards) so he doesn’t have to come out to the ball he just has to make the players shoot it over him. He is averaging almost 4 blocks a game over the last 6 games. \ Yes he is only 23 games into his 3rd season but I think this kid has a bright future ahead of him.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19734 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Comparing Bynum to Foster is just Ridiculous!!!! Nice try in attempting to save your point, but your drowning even more. So your point was pointless.

  • SliqRiq

    You know whether anyone likes it or not Kwame is a beast inside no one can get good post up position on him and next to Shaq he is the strongest man inside just look when he’s healthy what he does to the opposing big man he makes them shoot a horrible percentage they cant back him down low and they always seem to get frustrated with him because they simply cant move him. I recall last year when we played Orlando with Dwight Howard who is supposed to be the manchild and 1 of the strongest players in the league and no doubt he is and is a great player I might add but Kwame was way to strong for him in the post and held him to just 1 dunk and completely manhandled him and outplayed him and held him to 7 points 7 rebounds 4 fouls in 39 minutes check the stats Phil was even quoted to saying after the game that Kwame was big for us tonite and I think Howard was quick to find out that he for once didnt have the strength advantage inside and that really bothered him out there. I know a lot of people here tend to hate Kwame cuz he’s not great offensively and does have terrible hands on offense but he’s got great hands on the defensive side of the ball especially against the gaurds on the pick and roll now Im not saying he is better than Bynum but he is much quicker on his feet and like it or not we need him because he is a great force with Bynum inside and together they pose a strong defensive tandem especially Kwame’s strength inside cuz no one I repeat no one moves him inside and outside his unlucky injuries he is our rock in the middle forget about his offense we dont need it were already 3rd in the league but pay attention and watch his defense when he’s out there and you’ll see that no big man pushes him around its always the other way around!!!!

  • mp or mplakers

    ab4sure you’re jacka$$

    the fact the you say,”nice try in saving your point” proves that i have one. don’t get too excited …he hasn’t accomplished ANYTHING significant of what we real laker fans expect from our storied team.

    now i know you’re a one minute dude because you get excited too fast. hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • ab4sure

    Just don’t make a comparison of Foster and Bynum. It will save you alot of grief on these posts. just alittle advice

  • mplakers

    that’s your problem you think too “little” and you get too excited.

  • ab4sure

    I am alittle sorry you got creamed on your argument. Better luck next time.

  • mplakers

    what was that? you like cream in your face? i think we all knew that already.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19784 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Make good arguments because childishness is very hard to respond to.

  • lakersfan17

    Yeah!Bynum for most improve player.Definitely he has been playing a lot better and I don’t know if you guys have notice but he wants all the rebounds he fight for them and wants them all which is good.I just hope he wont get tired like last year and start to slow down and miss all his shots.Hopefully he will continue.Great Idea to put Abdul-Jabbar to help him out.

  • mplakers

    oh oh..”childishness” somebody has been looking up words in the dictionary. it’s very hard for you to respond because you know my point was dead on. i win you lose. simple conclusion.