Lakers Examiner: Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis had some choice words about his team during halftime of Wednesday’s 115-110 victory over the visiting Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers looked sloppy once again on both ends of the court, and Rambis was not afraid to let FSN reporter Michael Eaves know it at halftime:

Overall, our defense isn’t where we need it to be. Our aggression level, our intensity is not where it needs to be…

If this is a team, this Laker team, that wants to go where they say they want to go, which is back to the NBA Finals and win a championship, you don’t let those things become distractions, you got to fight through those types of things. Whether it’s fatigue, travel, you’re groggy from sleeping, you got to find a way to wake up and play with emotion and intensity. We didn’t see that in Sacramento, and we’ve seen it in moments in this ball game, and these are things that have to be corrected with this ball club.

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  • lyk13

    Apparently the blast STILL didn’t get into the team….Lakers need to wake up…FAST!!!!!!!! I’m tired of the performances of the last few games…any Laker Fan should agree with me and not produce excuses for the team.

    Arghz!!! If I’d rank em, they’d be 30 all the way bottom of the league right now. >.<

  • ShortDiezel

    they aren’t listening, but I applaud Rambis for saying something.. don’t know what Phil is doing

  • Geloman

    They have no sense of urgency. They feel like they can improve at the flick of a switch. This is not the Lakers team that won 3 straight rings. That team had battle tested veterans who accepted, understood and excelled at their respective rolls. That allowed them to “flick the switch” anytime. This team is young and individually talented who have not yet accepted their roles on the team. And as a result, they’re playing like individuals both offensively and defensively.

    They need to get tough and scrappy for all 48min and they need to do it fast. No more excuses of this is a young season crap, they gotta start now!!!

  • VidA

    Slap them.

  • SliqRiq

    Maybe they should stop trapping and double teaming all the damn time and start playing man up they’re always in scramble mode leaving guys wide open for shots(3’s) or someone free running to the glass for offensive rebounds.

    Hell we got the biggest front line in basketball there is no need to trap and double every damn time maybe coaching staff should start looking at that as well.

  • wowlakers

    [Comment ID #56587 Will Be Quoted Here]

    true that.

  • LakersLive FromDC

    Geloman,helluva comment.

  • Smush Walton

    The nucleus of this team is Kobe, Pau, Bynum, and Ariza. After that, the rest are expendable. If these players don’t want to give a consistent effort then maybe it’s time to get some who will.

  • xtro

    tell like it is, kurt! No D. No Rings. Defense is offens.