Photo Credit: Mark J. Terrill/AP

As Lakers fans, we always have a lot to be thankful for. Despite a 6-6 start so far this season, we Laker fans still have much to appreciate:

The Mamba: In his 17th season, leading the league in scoring and shooting 53%! With Nash out, the Mamba is even taking over point guard duties, and still scoring better than anyone in the league. Kobe has the second-longest tenure of any player with a single franchise. We have been lucky to watch the Mamba for as long as we have.

Andrew Bynum’s hairin Philadelphia: The Lakers not only traded their injured center…but they got the best center in the game from it! Which leads me to…

Dwight Howard: After YEARS of speculation and hope, the Lakers finally have the best big man in the game again. It still doesn’t quite feel real, but it is. With his hops coming back, Dwight continues to improve – and he looks good.

The Buss Family: Jerry is the greatest owner in the history of sports. Jeanie has been a great manager for years (and probably had a lot to do with Phil’s last stint in LA). Jim, meanwhile, has presided over many important Laker decisions: He was in charge when the Lakers traded for Pau; he held onto Bynum instead of trading him for Jason Kidd or Jermaine O’Neal, and two championships later, flipped him for Dwight Howard. He took the failed CP3 trade in stride, shipped out Odom right before he fell off a cliff (a very unpopular decision at the time), and held onto the trade exception until Nash became available. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, folks.

And never forget that…KWAME BROWN IS GONE! He is off to torture another fanbase.

Metta Being in Shape: After two disappointing years from World Peace, he is finally in shape, and playing well. Finishing dunks, and nailing threes, Metta looks good on both ends. Plus, he’s thankful for his teeth, and maybe we should be too.

No Lockout: This time last year, the only basketball news we had was of CBA negotiations. 6-6 is better than 0-0.

We now have a very obnoxious way to tell haters to “deal with it.”

Backstage Lakers: This show is amazing. In fact,  the entire Time Warner Cable Sportsnet channel is awesome. Very few teams have their own channels – Lakers fans are lucky to get the amount of quality content we do.

Gatsby: He may not be on the court yet, but Steve Nash provides plenty of entertainment from the bench. When he does return to D’Antoni’s Lakers, Nash should look amazing.

The Banners: We have 16 folks. That’s pretty amazing.

The Drama: Even with a slow start, this offseason and early season has had more incredible stories than many teams usually have in a decade. The Steve Nash trade on July 4th, Dwight Howard coming later in the summer…followed by an 0-8 preseason and 1-4 start…and an early Friday morning coach firing. Weekend at Bernies! We Want Phil! D’Antoni hired at midnight on a Sunday, and Phil being rousted from slumber to hear the news. Even with a rocky start, this team has been interesting, that’s for sure.

What are YOU thankful for, LakerNation?