Ron Artest believes they will push this series to 7 games.

The Score: “We started to turn the ball over, but we will adjust and be back here for Game 7,” said Houston’s Ron Artest, who was limited to nine points on 4-of-15 shooting. “That’s the great thing about the playoffs. It’s not just one game. If it was easy a caveman could do it.”

“It was a really terrific effort, a great win, but it doesn’t do anything but just mean we brought home a seventh game and guaranteed ourselves a home-court advantage in this series,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who logged his NBA- record 200th playoff victory. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Bryant, who shot 10-of-19 from the field, didn’t play the fourth quarter. The All-Star simple wasn’t needed since the Lakers were up 40 points going to the fourth quarter.

“Today’s effort won’t be enough on Thursday,” said Bryant. “Every game you have to rebuild momentum. This is not a chump team. They will not roll over.”

The Lakers and Rockets have quite the playoff history, meeting seven times since 1981. LA has won four of the seven series, including the last two but Houston won the only time the teams matched up in the Western Conference finals, a 4-1 triumph in 1986.

  • paulpierce_best

    thats right RON knock em out of the playoffs…. FAKERS are done…

  • lakeshow

    after the cavs are done with you i bet you and them celtics will need wheelchiars.

  • sketch

    Manhood Ron Ron, guess we took that from you on Tuesday huh? B.O.H.I.C.A. baby!

  • sketch

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    What’s the matter scared of facing us? I’m actually rootin for your lousy pudgy, gay, kripple team so that we can kick y’all @$$e$ in the finals! STFU! Your team is green… green with envy because you know that we’re a better team and franchise!

  • LakersFirst

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    You know Orlando is going to beat the Suckdics in 7. You guys can’t handle Dwight Howard. The Suckdics are going to get their a**es handed them tonight.

    As for the Lakers. When the Lakers head back to L.A. after Game 6, the Houston Rockets will NOT be following.

  • WifelovesLuke

    If Brooks is able to get into the lane for a score or a dish like he did in game 1 and 4, this series is going 7 games.

    I, for one, am really looking forward to a Denver match up. That series will make for a high scoring series.

    Bring on the bird man! LO’s got something for you! A Cage!

  • 123kid

    time to finish them off tonight! im tired of seeing battiers fivehead and aaron brooks daffy duck lookin face (no wonder he went to orgeon).

  • JC
  • LongDongMamba

    Lakers need to take care of business and end this series tonight.
    Just play with the same focus and determination of game 5 and we are winning this series tonight.

  • kobe8

    no way in hell the Lakers lose tonight. i expect the same thing from game 5. they have to off this team by half-time. Remember the team that wins the 1st quarter has gone to win the game this series. I hope the Lakers jump on them early.

  • Lakers 1

    bring on the nuggets!

  • xtro

    in your dreams ron-ron. sign w/ the lakers in the summer and get your ring w/ us next year.


    HAHA. Good one Ron, you were also telling courtside fans during game 5 that you were going to come back and win game 5 when you were already down by 20+ points.

    You were too busy flashing the laker ladies apparently.

    How does the worst playoff loss in Rocket history taste?

  • Makaveli3



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    Troll. no one really cares what a pr*** like u has to say

  • barry

    doncha just hate it when trash talking comes back to bite you in the shorts? or in artest’s case, love it when you back it up?

    i expect the lakers to come back at home, but they shouldn’t have had to.

  • barry

    also, kinda ironic that it was kobe who lost his cool and got hit with that technical.


    [Comment ID #71330 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Barry, Let me guess,
    …Are you a Lakers Fan?, who happens to NOT like Kobe Bryant so much???????