Ron Artest wants to close out the season without losing.

ESPN: “We just want to win every game and hopefully just win out,” Artest said. “That would be the main goal, just not to lose anymore.”

  • KB24ForLife

    That’s the attitude!!!

  • Green Flannel

    Well Ron Let’s Execute And Get Away From The Rest Of Everyone In The West!


    He is the only one consistent defender on the team. I better not see Kobe on the First Team All Defense this year because he’s been gambling a lot on defense and leaving shooters wide open more times than not. Now if Ron can only inject that passion to the rest of the team then maybe it’s possible.

    • gus26

      kobe doesn’t even deserve second team all defense this year… he is always late on the rotations under the basket and his man is always hitting the open jumpers.. he gaurds everyone like they shoot like rondo… no defense from him except when the game is on the line… but the thing is the game WOULDN’T be on the line if he just played D right from the start..

      love kobe but everyone has to admit he has not played D this year…

      • Anthony

        He’s a great defender, but honestly just effortless at that end of the court. I sometimes just watch him and he is lazy going for rebounds (this last game in Phoenix he no attempt and they took the ball) and like you mentioned he is constantly leaving people open.

        We’re always ripping on Kobe, but if he’s going to be self proclaimed leader he must act like one.

        • hello world

          he’s injured but that should not be an excuse i hope he isn’trying to ruin his ankle before playoffs. as fans our excuse is we are just waiting for the playoffs but shouldn’t we be getting momentum into the post-season like the cavs, jazz, mavericks, bucks? just somethin to think about.

        • Lakers 24 7

          Kobe CAN play lock down defense, but, I don’t think he wants to. I don’t know why, it could be because he doesn’t want to waste energy so he can be able to score or he just doesn’t respect the other players shot.

  • highflyer

    i seriously think d lakers have d chance to beat d rest of their opponents by double digits, probably not denver but we shud go on a 20 some odd winning streak.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Looking at the schedule for the rest of March.. we can win all of those games if we come out and play with intensity every night.

    Like the attitude Artest!

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    how about shooting 50% ron, might help win some games.what do you think GAY flannel?

    • hello world

      oh am I getting to you now? Or are you just a little rusty today? Ahh its okay, you can only hate on the Lakers so much. Its Green Flannel, I’m not sure if your reading skills are above par. Oh well.

  • modenadude

    Um… who doesn’t want them to win out? Stories like this are stupid.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Just win the championship

  • 007

    shouldnt this already be the attitude of the entire team? did Ron just wake up all of a sudden and decide he wanted to win the rest of the games? couldnt he have decided this at the beginning of the season? or at least after the all start break? gimme a break if this team (or even if its just artest) is just realizing this now.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Yeah, dont’t we all.