Sam Amico just wrote an article on this. Take it with a grain of salt. Hey, also, it mentions the Lakers wanted KG last year – I don’t remember that… In all seriousness, the article DOES CONFIRM THE LAKERS INQUIRED ABOUT ARTEST in a phone call.

Pro-Basketball News: A high-ranking Western Conference official familiar with the situation told Pro Basketball News that Sacramento forward Ron Artest “isn’t likely to be traded to the Lakers anytime soon,” despite a report in the Sacramento Bee that the teams may be trying to negotiate a deal.

According to the Bee, which cited a league source, “the Lakers have already contacted the Kings regarding Artest and are believed to be offering forward Lamar Odom.”

But the Western Conference source, who spoke to PBN on the condition of anonymity, said, “A lot of teams have contacted the Kings (about Artest) in the past few days. In fact, the Lakers are just one of about 27 or 28. And I can tell you right now that the Kings have little interest in obtaining solely Odom.”

The source added that any discussions between the Kings and Lakers were “strictly preliminary” and the Lakers were merely calling to “gauge (Kings general manager Geoff) Petrie’s thoughts” on a possible deal.

“The Kings aren’t entirely against moving Artest, even to the Lakers,” the source said. “But again, they’ve made it clear they’re not in the business of helping someone else with their title aspirations. They’re not Memphis (which traded Pau Gasol to L.A. midway through last season).”

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  • Freshh

    is this that sam amico article?

    The guys a joke.

  • lakerschamps08

    well i would artest if we keep LO… OTHERWISE I LOVE OUR CHANCES WITH THIS TEAM…


    Same old thing no trade then trade no trade then trade
    the trade rumor came from sacbee then this no trade thing comes from porbasketball hmmmm……. again same old thing

  • xtro

    Oh well.

  • LD2k

    ESPN’s Rich Bucher just said Lakers interest in Artest is “sincere”


    Only Marion or T.Prince is worthy of THE PURPLE’N’GOLD if LO is Traded.

    Now,let’s see what he can get for Vlad.

  • VoiceofReason

    Its okay guys. We still got a hell of a team. Bynum will put us over the top. Were good either way. So don’t be disappointed. I do got my money on the Lakers next year.

  • LAKing

    I believe it’s still possible for the Lakers to land Artest. As much some don’t want to admit it, the Lakers will be a much BETTER team with Artest replacing Odom at the SF position. We need a lock down defender and Artest is the answer. Bynum and Gasol can do all the rebounding along with Kobe and Artest contributing. I want somebody on this Lakers team that will bring it consistently every night. Ron Artest for Lamar Odom, I’m all for it, I hope they can make it happen. Kobe, Fish, Artest, Gasol and Bynum, that’s a complete NIGHTMARE for the entire league for years to come.

  • Michael_23

    They don’t want LO? Then give em Vlad Rad and Luke. = )

  • tony scott

    bye lamar!

  • kb24 4life

    hoopsworld is just reporting that
    a deal involving artest to the lakers
    is LIKELY … :S… ??
    im confused…

  • sclakerfan

    My prediction is that Artest finishes out the season and Queens lose him to free agency. Then Sacramento gets nothing, which is exactly what that loser team deserves. Sacramento will not make the playoffs in the next 10 years.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Its a win situation for both teams, but Sac Queen does not want Lakers to Reign so we need to do some courting. Dr. Buss should go to the Palms and do his pokerthing with the Malouf. We need Artest to toughen up, we need someone who’s Crazy on the court, not off court. Just don’t beat up girlfriends or wife. LA is huge, we have S&M clubs, strip clubs, you name it. As long you pay for it. OK come on down Artest. Also Best Damn Sports is here in town. What are you waiting for!

  • west213

    fuk noooo give em vlad and luke….never ever trade LO his a perfect fit with GASOL AND BYNUM up in d frontline.

  • sclakerfan

    Good idea yellowpuplefever. Buss should play one poker hand with the Magoofs. If Buss wins, the Lakers get Artest in a trade for Luke Walton. If Magoof wins, Sactown gets Odom for Kenny Thomas and other garbage players.


    How about getting a trade partner in Milwaukee….Vlad for Charlie Villanueva and………Desmond Mason?

    …Michael Gelabale? JJ Redick? for Vlad.

  • sclakerfan

    I would trade Vlade and Walton for any expiring contract or draft picks or anything if anyone would even take these guy’s salaries off the Lakers roster.

  • ricky

    this trade would be awesome for the lakers. i dont see it helping the kings too much though.

    the kings get another shooter with radmanovic, mihm who can play behind miller/moore, and walton who could help their forward situation with passing along the perimeter.

    the lakers of course get the gem in artest who would put the lakers over the hump and into definite contention again with his defense, scoring, and tenacity. we would take on thomas’ big contract but it does even out since they took our undesirable contracts too. and thomas would help us with veteran experience to fill the void ronny left behind.

  • magicbalala245


  • magicbalala245

    I want Artest on this team ASAP

  • rei24mamba

    dont get artest hes troubled guy always want the ball ,,, get marion ODOM < MATRIX………DO DAT MITCCH KUPCHAK! PLS or get DENG

  • yellowpurplefever

    SDAKERFAN, I’m will you bro. I just wish some GM dumb enough to take V-lady and Fluke off our hands. Let Ariza and other SP come in and contribute. Trade Fluke to Bucks so he can be with his bud Jefferson, we get Charlie Villa. Then we trade V-lady where ever Shash ends up at (Euro-twins). I doubt Lakers can afford him. This might given Coby Karl a chance to have more playing time and experience. This kid can shoot, he just needs time and he will get his confidence. He will NOT let Ray Allen do layups I guarantee it! Resign Coby! dont forget he has hops at 6’5″ def out jump Fluke!


    For all of the innocence beguiled (Ignoramuses) comments and opinions coming out of the recent saga of Soap SactoLand…. Think about this! … Ron-Ron’s agent; Mark “Paid-off” Stevens vigorously recommended Artest not opt-out of his final year at a whopping 7.4 Mil. Why you say? … If Artest truly is, as many NBA experts proclaim to be, one of the top 4 or 5 players in this league, then don’t you think Artest would command comparable compensation, or even at a bare minimum given his so-called head case scenario, a salary of at least 50% of his true worth… I for one surely believe so! The Maloofs are very savvy business people, and know that if Artest opts out, it would be a LOSE-LOSE proposition for them…. If Artest would have opted-out, The Kings would not be able to replenish their roster with a comparable player commanding 7.4 Mil. … They would not even come close, not to mention, having Artest possibly become an instant rival! … Having him under contract this year, they now control his services, and can trade for comparable talent, which comes with a higher price tag, and at the same time, because of this same scenario, they can dump any and maybe all their bad contracts on someone else, in order to make the deal work. … The worse case scenario that can happen to The Kings now, is that Artest stays with Sacto at a bargain price, his entire final year, while they are rebuilding… After that with more contracts coming off of their books, he (Artest) would be fair game at a level playing field to everyone else, including Sacto. … So, if you are just as savvy, you would understand how Stevens could easily have been paid, a secret compensation to exceed any compensation he would broker on any deal outside of SactoLand this year, therefore, his vigorous recommendation to Artest not to opt-out, followed by the subsequent fallout of Ron-Ron soon thereafter… Stay tuned for the next exciting episode and saga of: A day in the life of Ron-Ron; TO BE OR NOT TO BE-That is the stupid question.

  • http://fsd gfxdgfsd

    Artest is the BEST for our team !!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers 4 life

    odom is only good for rebounds but not for points trade him now for artest and if you don’t get him then get deng or marion