This is a pretty cool milestone for Ron to reach!

Yahoo! Sports: Lakers forward Ron Artest reached two career milestones during the team’s loss to the Jazz on Saturday night.  Artest scored his 10,000th career point and recorded his 2,000th assist in the game.  He finished the game with 16 points, two rebounds and one assist.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Congratulations Ron Ron. Im happy for you. Now you reach another milestone by winning the ring this year. With your help the Lakers can win it all again.

  • Chris Manning

    Ron played with heart the entire night and fought til the end. I like what I saw last night from Ron Ron. Disappointing loss? Sure. But it’s not really that big of a deal in the longevity of things; it happens, however.

  • Batz

    He was playing great till the refs popped a pill. Congrats ronny!

    • Ronin99

      Yup, Congrats to Ron-Ron! The refs must have been drinking the ol’ Hennessy before and during halftime! May be they should come clean.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    stats are only important to the KOBE ……and you loser all washers.

  • Real Dumb

    misleading title. I thought Artest did this in one game

  • NBAmazingkb24

    congrats! Ron-Ron