Ron Artest is taking the responsibility quite seriously. I love this guy already.

Picture 4CBS Sports: Ron Artest says that if the Los Angeles Lakers don’t repeat as NBA champions, fans can point their fingers at him.

Artest made the statement Monday during a visit to San Diego to promote the Lakers’ exhibition game against Denver at the San Diego Sports Arena on Oct. 23.

The Lakers open training camp Sept. 29 at their headquarters in El Segundo.

Artest wore an all-black Kobe Bryant jersey as a tribute to his new teammate.

  • Reggie


    Dis yr’z gonn be Hella fun…

    Cnt wait 2 see ron n kobe brawl wit ray ray n Pee Pee Pierce LOL

  • rizzo

    can’t wait for Ron to jack up mr. wheelchair paul pierce. Here comes the pain!

  • Doc_aka_UNBorn

    Considering the known ridiculing Gay Payton received when we lost to the Detroit, falling short of our fourth straight title, that is a very bold, brave, and accurate statement of where the finger would be pointed. Granted, NO ONE would be happier than Trevor Ariza, no matter where Houston ends up when this year is said and done IF we don’t go back to back. I am quite sure, even though the rest of the league won’t admit it, they are literally shaking in their boots to what this coming year will bring. That was made evident by Steve Nash’s salty and “cry-baby” like gripes over the Pau Gasol trade (still going on today). Nash, get over it – your window is closed, BEEN closed, and will not open again in your career. Man up and stop actin like a bitch.

    Anyway, Ron’s approach to the situation and embracing the fans the way he has, has turned every Laker fan who once HATED the ground he walks on, to supporting and embracing him back just as much. NO OTHER NBA PLAYER EVER has reached out and been so approachable than Mr. Ron Artest. This year is going to memorable to say the least, and I am willing to bet every penny I have, his addition to the mix is going to give the rest of the league a reason to shake like wet chujuwas on a vibrating bed in the middle of a San Fransisco earthquake; quote me.

  • TonyFisch

    Ron, is talking serious. He has been smart in reaching out to young fans and bonding with them, but he still needs to show us all that he is serious on and Off the court, that he wants to win enough to control his impulse issues. He appears to have a big heart and he really works hard. Technical fouls, temper tantrums are hopefully something of the past for him, time will tell shortly. With the Lakers he should not have time for silly stuff on the court. I do not think he will get bored and there is enough positive attention to go around If you perform in LA, If not it can get ugly. If he schmears out the NBA will quake

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?


    • OaklandLakers

      There’s a No- B1tch-A$$-Ness policy here.

  • Mr.E

    That’s what we want to hear RunRun,let’s go get that #16!!!

  • Grammar Patrol

    Ron’s addition to the Mitch–I mean mix–will make for a very interesting season to say the least.

  • lakerman1


    Oakland must have a Laker team with two guys named Ron & Kobe

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    Ron dude chill out dont make predictions. Sometimes a jenks can happen, Plus you need to prove yourself,
    I like your energy hopefully you will kick bynums ass to play like a 7 ft center with balls.
    I will buy you dinner Ron Ron if you can motivate this piece of shit.

    • desecrator93

      Please, just kill yourself already….

  • WifelovesLuke

    “Artest wore an all-black Kobe Bryant jersey as a tribute to his new teammate”

    Now that’s what I call “knowing your role”. lol

    Let’s hope Ron’s toughness rubs off on Bynum and then we will be scary sick!

  • The Spector

    man more than anything, i hope artest’s defensive work ethic rubs off on bynum. i’d rather see bynum grab 12 boards and block 3 shots a game rather than have him avg double figure scoring.

  • Short Dog

    We got the next couple of years on lock. kobe is going for 7. maybe even 8.

  • Robert

    Proof that Artest is gonna kick a$$. We’re in for a killer year. You think last year was great?? Run-Run is taking it up a notch. LN – what happens with the Lakers this year is going to be unbelievable. Kobe has never had an ‘equally intense’ player on the same team (well, not counting ‘moments’ of Shaq). Lakers will be tough to beat this year – maybe we’ll win 80 games.

  • JohnJohn

    Damn, cant wait to see RonRon, Kobe, Pau, Bynum and oh yeah Lamar Kardashian….Look for LA to have one of the best defensive teams in the NBA next 5 years.