Ron Artest has gotten into many battles with Kobe in the past. Now, his teammate, Artest reflects on what he loves about Kobe the most. “He always finds a reason,” Artest told the Press-Enterprise. ” ‘You looked at me the wrong way. Alright I’m giving you 40. You don’t want to say my last name. Alright I’m giving you 40.’ He’s unbelievable.”

  • JohnJohn

    Say my name biatch

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Goes to show how the team chemistry is working so far. And for those of you who said Artest was going to “explode” and destroy LA, well where are you now. Thats you too, Mark Cuban. Talking trash about players, KMART couldve had you killed by now for what you said about his mom. Anyway, if you see the pictures, there was one were Kobe had his arm rapped around Artest’s and they were laughing, and another where Kobe and Artest were standing side by side and Kobe was pointing out where he should go for a play. Also, there was a video of Artest and Kobe talking and Kobe explaining to Artest something, and in the training camp, they were stretching and Artest cracks a joke and Kboe laughs and cracks one back at him. Hahaha, Im enjoying this, I hope Artest really keeps this up with his great game.

  • Short Dog

    Hell mutha fukcen yeah. Game time tonight.

  • lakerman1

    Aman Marman

    I like the way Ron looks for Drew on the drive and the fact that he is not trying to take over the offense but is showing patience in how he can benefit this team the most. Ron is going to be the big difference maker with this team winning it again this Year and thats with Drew looking awesome on the offensive end. Look for a great & exciting year from these guys its going to be a nice ride.


  • WifelovesLuke

    Unplug Ariza and plug in Artest. It’s kind of like a Windows update for your PC.

    Lakerman1: The big difference maker this year is the evolution of Bynum. If you look at the success of Laker Championships teams you always see a dominant Big Man. We had Pau last year. This year we get Pau and Drew….I think I just wet my pants…be right back….lol