Well, like we’ve all been saying, Ron finally realized he made a huge mistake in not opting out. He would have been a perfect fit with the Lakers…

ESPN: “I don’t see myself with [the] Kings beyond 2008-09.

“I think I made the biggest mistake by staying in my contract and I have to live with it,” Artest said. “I had some misleading information [in making the] decision on not opting out. [But] I still thank G-d for all his blessings and being able to play basketball and help people.”

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  • Sopi

    fukin stupid dumbass


    Is he drunk?! oO

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  • magicbalala245

    Wow he made a big mistake which caused the Lakers unlikely to acquire him now. Why would the Kings trade him to a division rival and our history with the kings just shows it and were in the same state with them if Kings trade Artest to the Lakers it will be honestly a miracle


    sorry ron your dumbass mistake. We’ll be happy to sweep you this year you sack of dirt.

  • daboss1848

    lunatics generally do not have a clear mind and often regret decisions they have had months/years to make

  • Freshh

    FUcck u for now.
    ur a queen..

  • gugy

    Artes you are too dumb. Maybe you are not a good fit for the Lakers after all.

    Well, we can always offer the Maloof brothers Vlad, Minh and Luke for Artest. That would be nice. :-)

  • Mitch Kupchak

    bahahahahaahaha! wow ron! wow! we’re really sorry man, but don’t say that we didn’t try!. THIS IS YOUR OWN DOING, AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO BUT TO LIVE WITH IT!

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  • lakerschamps08

    ell ima pissed off if that “mistake” costs us a ring in 09 finals

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    LMAO, dumb ass should of come to LA…

  • Smush Walton

    Maybe it is for the best.

    This guy sounds like a real dunce, and we have enough of those already.

  • Thuggishdeer

    el dumbass. the F##king agents do all the talking around here it seems. he says hes opting his agent says F##K that i aint taking a pay cut stay with the kings so i can get 10% of 8 million. wtf was so misleading? did they tell him they will win a championship with the sh*t they have? my lord! now bynum is getting sucked in to it. f**k it man i say trade luke and mihm for him i still want him. or just wait till next year. but seriously get luke the fu*k out of LA.

  • miguel

    hey guys chill out!! a couple days ago more than half of us wanted him in a lakers jersey and if you didnt read the article ill point it out ,” Artest said. “I had some MISLEADING information [in making the] decision on not opting out. Everyone makes mistakes and i would still love to see ron with the lakers

  • yellowpurplefever

    Wow what Nut. Def. drama Queen. Still a great defensive player. Just stay in Sactown & watch us goto the Finals again then salivate. “I wish I was with my boy Lamar and my man Kobe” Coocoo for cocopuffs. see ya next year when trade talks. but then again he might force a trade at the starting of season or middle season. This def. can happen. Lets crazywith Ron.

  • yellowpurplefever

    This was Ron’s plan all along. Crazy it might sounds, but its true lol

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    What a asshole! I was so frustrated when i read that! Even he also said “i’ll not sign for MLE” what it’ll le Lakers’ max offer for him.

    Let’s chase James Possey

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    Wait I dont understand. Obviously he made a mistake but he cant opt out anymore till his contract is over now? How come he cant just opt out now instead of yesterday?!

    Do you have to opt out before Monday 9pm to make it official??

    Need help with clarafying. Thank you!

  • Ira

    Ron Artest you are too funny, he should try stand up after his balling career, when you get to that insane asylum (after he retires) there is probably a comedy troupe he can join.

    If Ron had just listened to one of his multiple personalties that wanted to join the Lakers, we would be all good right now.

    Well, we shall see what the future holds for Ron and the Lakers, maybe there can be a connection in that future with many gold trophy’s!

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  • hows this

    fcuking retard. we don’t want you anymore

  • S-quire

    Yeah but because he didn’t opt out, he’s locked into his current contract which isn’t that high. If he opted out, he could have sought MORE money. He probably wouldn’t have taken the mid-level anyway so it’s probably a moot point. If he whines enough he can get traded, not sure to the Lakers though… It’s possible I suppose but I don’t think we have the pieces.


    Ask any woman,when you play you get PLAYED.

  • Lakers in 2009!!!

    It would’ve been interesting to see how Ron Artest would’ve fit in with the Lakers. But you gotta consider, this guy has some baggage and sometimes doesn’t carry the right frame of mind. Don’t get me wrong, when he is on his game and focused, this guy would seem to fit with the Lakers. But you can see he clearly doesn’t know what to do. One minute he says he would love to play alongside his best buds in LO and Kobe, then he decides not to opt out, and then changes his mind in wishing he didn’t opt out.
    Artest take a page out of out B. Davis’s book. Look at what just did. He made up his mind and decided to forego an $18 million contract had he stayed with the Warriors. He got out of situation he didn’t want to be in. Now it looks like he’s headed to Clips…taking “lesser” money. Artest could’ve done the same with the Lakers PLUS win the title. If the Lakes pull it off in 09, Artest will really regret his indecision. But at the same time, I don’t blame him, money (in the millions) talks.

  • Kobeyashi

    Artest’s judgement was wrong. He should have opted out. It wasn’t like he was making over $15 million a year. He was only making around $7 million and it was his last year.

    Artest has only himself to blame. Like others have said, WHEN the Lakers win the championship in 2009, Artest will deeply regret his “mistake”.

  • http://www.vladehasaposse.com Tim M.

    now… well, now, i’m just sick of him. he’s been knee-deep in the media with all of this for weeks now. it’s just funny now.

  • thevoiceofreason

    I love Artest but Im just pissed at him right now. He made a stupid decision.

  • e

    these few days just havent been good days for us

  • David

    I just listened to Artest on the Carmichael Dave show in sacramento. It was the most contradictory interview I’ve ever heard. He couldn’t even give a clear reason why he didn’t opt out and then went on to say he loves sacramento and still might resign with them. The guy has definitely got a few screws loose.

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #43162 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I expect to see him change his mind on the subject 365 times over the next year.

  • Laker4lfe

    Is it too late for him to change his mind?

  • LakerBeautty

    That’s too bad. His missing out on a great team!